Reaper of the Martial World
885 Errand Boy 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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885 Errand Boy 3

'Hmph. Don't be ridiculous. Even between half-step Sovereigns there are differences. My full strength Dragon Soul is easily two times more powerful than this clown's.' An ancient voice Dyon hadn't heard in a long time reverberated in his mind.

Dyon rolled his eyes. Although he could use the Dragon King's Dragon Soul, it was limited by the number of unlocked seals he could handle. Before, the Dragon King's domain was able to freeze Elder Daiyu only because the Daiyu Clan only had lower bronze reverse scales, so, even in a weakened state, the Dragon King was still able to heavily affect him. But, right now, Dyon's Presence was far more powerful than the pressure the Dragon King could emit.

The old man suddenly interrupted Dyon's thoughts, 'How about for your next treasure, you take the weapon from the third and fourth trials?'

"What a scam, taking a weapon that I caused to grow up counts against me as a treasure taken?"

'Stop complaining about everything,' In the next instant, a massive broad sword appeared before Dyon.

It looked completely different from before. Its metal body like finish was gone, replaced my a sleek black body coursing with red veins. It had dark chains riddled across it, clearly meant to act as a harness while also doubling as a tool for combat. Additionally, the obnoxiously long handle was wrapped in a powerful leather Dyon was sure he would have no chance of breaking.

The blade was blunt as always, but definitely made up for it in ridiculous size and weight. A 7 foot long body and a 2 and a half foot long handle was truly pushing it, but Dyon was still inexplicably drawn to it.

'You have no idea how many people would kill for a Life Stealing weapon.

'Not only is it powerful, it's also the mark of the top 100 God Trial finishers because only they have the right to take this weapon away from the tower.

'In addition, although the Life Stealing aspect is useless to many others for cultivation, since you have understood death intent, it will definitely help your comprehension. A warrior capable of comprehending the Life Stealing path is one that will be feared across the cosmos.'

"Oh? It's a matter of status? Then, of course I have to take it then." Dyon said with a grin.

'It's also a weapon that cannot be stolen. No matter how greedy a person is, once they recognize the origin of this weapon, they wouldn't dare to. This is because a person who steals this weapon will forever be unable to enter the tower.'

"I see… That's convenient."

'Do be careful though. Unless you use the Life Stealing ability, all anyone will see is a supreme level weapon.'

Dyon nodded, "I understand."

Dyon could immediately tell what his grand teacher was thinking. He had some things to do that required hiding his identity, so he couldn't very well use the Life Stealing ability liberally, or else it would be very obvious who he was. But, he still wanted to use the weapon. In that case, he would likely be hunted down for his treasures.

That said, Dyon wasn't too worried about it. Fists spoke louder than words.

Taking the sword and strapping it diagonally across his back, Dyon thought of something else, "I think I should boost my energy cultivation talent. Currently, it's too poor, and I don't plan on absorbing the energy kernel."

'I was going to suggest that as well. There are quite a few herbs here capable of doing this. Although, keep in mind, that such treasures only work once. That said, because there are so many different kinds here, you wouldn't have to take the same one twice anyway.'

"What are your suggestions?"

'Cultivation talent is split into grades by the abilities of your meridians. Although your current meridians were of the third grade, within your body, they're only capable of functioning as the equivalent of the ninth grade since they were transplanted. Much too pitiful.'

From ninth through first grade, lowest to highest, talent of meridians was ranked. Usually, only meridians of the third grade and above can withstand tempering by Gama energy. Lower grade meridians can't handle the pressure.

Those with God constitutions have first grade meridians by default, although it was also possible for those with God constitutions to also have first grade meridians, it was less sure. This level is the second highest tier for meridians. This was because above first grade meridians were Deity meridians.

Unlike first grade meridians, one isn't born with Deity meridians, it can only be trained up. Only those with third, second and first grade meridians have a chance to do so.

In order to train up to Deity level meridians, one needs either a faith seed, faith of a Legatee, or a True Deity bloodline. Of these three, the last makes upgrading the easiest, while the first makes upgrading the hardest.

As for Dyon, these were things far outside of his reach. Although his transplanted meridians were originally of the third grade, it was "lost in translation", so to speak. Currently, any talent evaluation would have him and the mere ninth grade.

'The good news is that since these meridians were originally of the third grade, it'll be slightly easier to upgrade than a true ninth grade set of meridians. It will still take some time, though.'


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