Reaper of the Martial World
882 Bald Head 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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882 Bald Head 6

"What do you think? Is there such a treasure here?" Dyon asked after explaining his thoughts to his grand teacher.

'To balance out the Demon Sage's blood essence?' The old man spoke thoughtfully, sinking into his own mind.

The very first time he had met Dyon, he had sensed the Demon Sage within him. Remembering the rampage the Demon Sage had gone on due to losing himself to the demonic path, Dyon's grand teacher couldn't help but worry for his little grand disciple. After all, Dyon's personality was much too similar to the Demon Sage.

However, after time passed, and he observed Dyon more, he began to see the error in his previous thinking. Although their personalities were similar, Dyon never despaired.

In truth, the losses the Dyon had suffered weren't any less than the Demon Sage already. He had lost his parents at a young age, he was forced to endure shame and misery at the hands of powerful clans, his entire world was quite literally destroyed by a menacing old lady. Yet, unlike the Demon Sage, Dyon didn't break.

Honestly, that was partially due to Dyon's master sacrificing herself to bring Dyon's mind state back from an unchangeable depth, but something told the old man that Dyon would have eventually climbed back out of those hells before anything too terrible happened. He just had too much confidence in Dyon's dao heart.

That said, it wouldn't be too bad of an idea for Dyon to mitigate the risk of the Demon Sage's bloodline. But, this would be a highly difficult thing to do.

For one, the Demon Sage was an incomparable talent, and his body cultivation reached the peak possible in this plane of existence. To find someone matching in this talent was nearly impossible.

Secondly, body cultivators tended toward the demonic path to begin with. So, not only was it difficult to find a matching talent, it was even more difficult to find a matching talent of a counter path.

Thirdly, there was the matter of quantity of essence. It was simply too rare for an expert to leave all of their blood essence back in a single place or to a single person. Usually, they would leave a drop or two in order to give their descendants a boost in talent or affinity. It was rarely enough to boost cultivation like what the Demon Sage had done for Dyon.

These three problems were a great hurdle to leap. There were definitely blood essences that might work here, but the quantity they were left in simply wasn't enough for Dyon who had already assimilated 32.2% of the Demon Sage's blood essence.

'Maybe…' The old man started, but suddenly paused. Shaking his head.

"What is it?"

'It's not possible for you right now… But it could be in the future.'


'Although there aren't any blood essences of this plane capable of countering the Demon Sage, a drop of blood from a transcendent would be more than capable of countering it a thousand times over. It would definitely fulfill your needs. It's just that if you tried to absorb such a thing now, even to let it rest in your body, you would die in an instant.

'I'd only allow you to do something so stupid if you integrated the Demon Sage's blood essence to at least 90%.'

Dyon raised both brows.

According to his calculations, 55% was enough for him to be considering a dao level body cultivator. 90% would definitely correspond to a high-level dao body cultivator. A single drop of blood essence was worth such caution? Transcendents were quite amazing…

'However, this reward is something only to be found on the dao floors, for obvious reasons. You little kids have no business absorbing such a thing. In addition, it's very difficult to earn, easily as difficult as the God trials, although that's apparently not difficult to you.

'That said, you should keep in mind that it's not certain that you'll have the opportunity to earn it. Remember, you need to be a part of an Emperor God Clan to climb to those peak floors. Not just that, but you need to be a member that carries the faith of your clan, or else you won't be recognized by the tower. Because of that, although the actual mission to earn the blood might be easy to you, the actual qualifications needed make it hundreds of times harder.

'To climb from no clan, to an Emperor God Clan in a single life time is ridiculous, even for you.'

"You're beating around the bush, old man. What is it that you're trying to say?"

Dyon could almost feel the sly grin on his grand teacher's face. 'I can reserve the drop of blood for you right now, but it's worth your remaining treasure picks, how about it?'

Unexpectedly, Dyon didn't even think about it. Instead, he snorted. "Don't be ridiculous. Within a millennium, I'll be ruling over my own Emperor God Clan. Within ten millennia, I'll rule over three quadrants. I'll get that blood on my own time, don't worry your pretty little bald head."

'I am not bald, snot nosed brat!'

"What was that? I can't hear your over the shimmering of all these treasures I'm going to take. Or, was that the light reflecting off your head? I can't tell."

If anyone entered treasure room at this point, they would hear a mixture of cursing and laughter they would be shocked to find out that it came from their highly respected Tower Entity.


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