Reaper of the Martial World
880 Bald Head 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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880 Bald Head 4

"Oh?" Dyon stared fixatedly at the mask, captivated by its name.

'The Lightning Willow is a special tree that grows in lightning dense areas. Unlike most trees made of wood, it actually has a dense metal attribute.

'Normal Lightning Willows have a black exterior that make them difficult to distinguish from other more common trees. However, their insides gradually turn a silver color as they age.

'In actuality, Lightning Willows that have undergone nine revolutions of ten thousand years are highly sought after because that is the point where they can begin to store tribulation lightning, albeit the weakest saint tribulation lightning.

'After nine revolutions of a hundred thousand years, they become capable of housing celestial tribulation lightning.

'After nine revolutions of a million years, they can house dao tribulation lightning and can be listed as the equivalent of the second highest level, dao level abyssal cores.

'As you know, materials like these are very expensive because they're one of the known counters of Presence, which is highly important in the cultivation world.

'That aside, once a Lightning Willow begins its tenth revolution of a million years, it begins to evolve toward its first revolution of ten million years, and thus begins to exhibit those golden veins you see on the mask there.'

"You mean?" Dyon's eyes shone.

'Yes. This mask is made from a Lightning Willow that has undergone nine revolutions of ten million years.'

Dyon breathed out a turbid breath, "How could such a treasure still be here? No one has taken it before?"

'Well, for one, treasures of this level are plentiful within the tower. However, I guess you could still say that this is among the best.

'The reason it's still here is because just like you, others saw it as a mere 4th grade supreme treasure. But, unlike you, they didn't see how special it was. Your sensitivity to weapons has truly helped you out here.'

"I see…" Dyon's brow furrowed. "How do I fix it?"

'There's nothing to fix, per se. The mask is just running low on quality lightning. In addition, the lightning it needs to raise its grade must be of the tribulation grade, and it also needs to be a dao tribulation. Until then, it will remain of the 4th supreme grade.'

"Are you saying this mask can make my tribulations easier?"

'Not only that, it can store the tribulation lightning to allow you to temper your body slowly, something you wouldn't have the time to do normally.

'It should make tribulations easier by about 30 or so percent. Although, currently, your tribulations would be pitifully weak considering your energy cultivation talent. So, cutting it by another 30% would be beating a dead horse.'

Dyon almost felt like laughing at that joke, but he rolled his eyes instead. Was this old man really a supposed legendary transcendent? How lack luster.

"I'll be needing a mask anyway," Dyon said, "Might as well make it a high-level one."

'Normal masks are quite useless in the cultivation world. If you chose a normal plastic or metal one, it would be easily seen through. Only with a high-level mask could you truly hide your identity.'

Dyon nodded, "I probably won't wear it most of the time, I just need it so I can visit Ri and Clara without anyone knowing who I am."

'You don't have to worry about that. The mask assimilates with your face, which is why it doesn't bother with the nose or eye holes. So, it can appear and disappear with a thought.'

"I'll take it then." Dyon's hand stretched out, causing the mask to fly toward him of its own will.

Dyon's grand teacher couldn't help but shake his head at this. Dyon didn't use any energy to this, obviously, considering his energy cultivation was sealed. Rather, a Supreme level treasure had a will of its own and it was clearly begging to go with Dyon.

'You don't even know its other abilities.' Dyon's grand teacher chided with unconcealed disdain.

Dyon waved his hand, placing the mask on his face and allowing it to brand him and form a connection.

"Well, now I do." Dyon smiled. "There's about a 10% boost to speed. There's a lightning shield it can generate as a life saving measure. It makes me immune to lightning based attacks that don't contain tribulation lightning. And there's also a movement technique inheritance within it. It also seems that this movement technique is far more suitable for me as compared to my other one.

"Oh? It seems the movement technique inheritance isn't alone, there's a whole lightning inheritance in here. It also looks like it can raise my affinity and comprehension of lightning based techniques and wills.

"In addition to all of this, anyone who tries to pry into my true appearance or aura with their sensing abilities, would be in for quite the bit of damage to their soul."

Dyon was completely enraptured by this mask.

It seemed that using the lightning shield function was actually the reason the mask was 'damaged' to begin with. Depending on who was attacking, the shield could completely drain the mask completely. As of now, it seemed to have enough energy left to block a full strike from a lower dao formation expert. But, after that, it would lose all of its abilities and become a normal mask.

Dyon wasn't too depressed about this, though. After all, a treasure that could do such a thing was rare beyond belief. So, he was quite content as the mask dissolved into his face, disappearing without a trace.


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