Reaper of the Martial World
879 Bald Head 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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879 Bald Head 3

Dyon's grand teacher rolled his eyes. This young man really never wanted to take a loss. Even in the case of being cheated he, he still wanted to take advantage of his old limbs.

'How did I end up with such a shameless grand disciple…'

"None of that old man, you saw me getting cheated and did nothing. If you don't help me out, when I conquer and take this tower away, I'll put you in the same endless cycle as that clone bastard."

'Pft,' The old man snorted like he just heard a hilarious joke. 'Why are you pretending as though you weren't going to force me to help you even without being cheated? You think that just because you have The Seal, I can't see through you? You're too naïve.'

"Maybe so," Dyon shrugged, "But now, I have a legitimate reason. If I ever find the dick that structured these tower rules to be so easily circumvented, I'll be sure to advise him on his shoddy craftsmanship."

'When did you become so sure it wasn't my creation? You should be so rude to me, or else I can make your life a living hell.'

"Let's skip over the obvious cons, shall we?" Dyon ignored his grand teacher, instead looking around the treasure room.

He hadn't had a chance to before, but now that he took a breath, these truly were outstanding treasures.

There were herbs capable of increasing energy cultivation talent. There were supreme level weapons. There were all sorts of high-quality ancient pills, even some capable of giving special constitutions like Dyon's Queen Fairy pill. Dyon even noticed some small dosages of blood essence from high-level experts.

Of course, most of these treasures were exclusive to God trial takers, and even then, many wouldn't be able to earn them. Dyon was among the few who had the privilege of choosing from any of these presented treasures not once, but 6 times. The sixth time being compensation for his grand teacher trying to cheat him out of his reward.

Truth be told, it wasn't that Dyon's grand teacher tried to cheat Dyon. At that point in time, Dyon's body couldn't handle anything more than meridian formation level tempered meridians. If he tried to take a higher-level reward, say, essence gathering leveled or higher, he would have died without a doubt.

In addition, it also wasn't Dyon's grand teacher's fault that the meridians were quite low leveled. In fact, geniuses would never choose them as a reward. That was because changing your set of meridians also changed your energy cultivation talent, and because the meridians weren't originally yours, they would always end up being lower in quality. This was why Dyon's energy cultivation talent was still poor despite replacing his meridians.

In the end, this was why Dyon wasn't truly angry with his grand teacher. The old man had done everything for his sake, so why would he be angry?

'What an irritating little bastard.' The old man muttered. Of the Epistemic Tower participants, the only ones with the rights to speak to him were Key Wielders. However, even among them, Dyon was the only one he spoke to consistently. The rest might hear his voice once or twice, and even then, they would be highly respectful. Nothing like Dyon's nonchalant words at all.

Suddenly, Dyon's eyes landed on a beautiful silver and gold mask. It was perfectly oval, and didn't seem to have any other distinguishing structures aside from the exquisite patterns that covered its face. It didn't even have a protrusion for one's nose or eye holes, it was truly odd.

However, the moment Dyon's eyes landed on it, he knew instantly that this mask was a 4th grade Supreme Treasure.

This greatly moved Dyon. The Demon Sage Tower was a supreme treasure, but it was only of the 1st grade. Aside from the Demolition Cube Dyon had stolen from Elder Daiyu, and his treasures of the 33 heavens, in addition to the Dragon King, of course, this was the greatest treasure he had ever seen.

Supreme treasures, much like every ranking before it, were split into 12 stages, with stages 9 through 12 being classified as pseudo weapons of the 33 heavens like the Daiyu's Demolition Cube.

Dyon had no idea what grade the Dragon King classified as, but he knew that the Demolition Cube was a 9th grade supreme treasure. His spatial ring, which he took as the inheritor of the Celestial Deer Sect, was also a 9th grade supreme treasure. Dyon wasn't making full use of it because its grade was earned due to the quality of its soil and ability to grow spiritual plants and fruits, so he left it with Eli.

From his grand teacher's words, it seemed that the ring was earned by his master during these trials, and seeing the treasures around, he definitely believed it.

If people knew that Dyon alone had so many treasures, it would definitely cause an uproar. But, this was just the benefit of being the sole heir of a sect that once ranked first among all quadrants in existence. And Dyon would take full advantage of it.

"Old man, what's this mask? Is it special? Why am I so drawn to it?"

'Your eye is actually quite good,' The old man snorted. 'Although the aura of this mask is only of the 4th supreme grade, that's because it has some internal damage despite its outward appearance being so pristine.

'It was once of the 10th supreme grade, its name is actually quite pretentious and long winded, but given its abilities, it's quite deserving of it.

'It's called: [Swallowing Lightning Willow's Dance].'


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