Reaper of the Martial World
878 Bald Head 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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878 Bald Head 2

Dyon's brows furrowed when he heard this.

It was true that he knew about this already. During the second trial, when he needed to create that white pill to quickly replenish his mental energy, it was one of the legends he had stumbled across. Hearing that it was true stirred up feelings that the second trial world was more real than he could imagine.

But, soon, that made him relax. It was good thing if the second trial world was real. Even though he would never see Luna again, he would at least be able to find Amphorae. And, if what Luna said was true, her memories would reawaken when they met again.

"Alright, I'll listen to you, old man."

Dyon's grand teacher snorted, but he felt better when Dyon joked around with him like this, 'It's not an easy endeavor by any stretch, mind you.

'The Drago-Qilin lands aren't like other quadrants. They don't have a central Emperor God Clans. In fact, their most "powerful" clan is at the mere King God Clan level.

'Dragons and Qilins are arrogant beyond belief, so they often break off from their original clans and start up new ones. This cycle is vicious and continuous. To become even a King God Clan in that quadrant means that you have power beyond imagination in this plane.'

Dyon nodded. This was the actual reason why the Drago-Qilin lands were ranked number two, and not one. They never acted as a cohesive whole and the competition between them was fierce, and this was also true of their younger generation.

As a result, many promising Dragons and Qilins died early deaths by fighting battles they shouldn't have.

That said, the largest reason they were ranked second and not first was because of the matter of faith. No matter how talented the younger generation of the Drago-Qilin lands were, they would at most be the Legatees of King God Clans. Often times, their most talented would be so arrogant to the point of cutting off all ties to their clan entirely, resulting in them not being Legatees at all. This would put them at a disadvantage while fighting the Legatees of Emperor God Clans, but even then, they still manage to rank second! Such was the prowess of the Legendary Dragons and Qilins.

However, Dyon still respected this quadrant more than any other, and that was because no Dragon or Qilin, no matter which clan or family they were from, would ever lay a hand on someone not of their level. The pride in their bones ran far too deep. As such, despite the savagery of their lands, their quadrant was actually the most morally upright, which was why Dyon finally decided on sending Little Lyla and Little Zaire there.

Dyon didn't believe that there were any 10-year-olds on the level of his little brother. And, even if there were, at most, they would be on par with him. Since he didn't have to worry about the older generation bullying him, it put him at ease.

Unlike humans, beasts weren't so fickle with their personalities. This was because they were created by the universe to embody certain paths, and as such, these paths would be engrained into their very souls. As such, Dyon believed that every Dragon and Qilin in existence would rather die than do something that would be shamed by others.

Likewise, this was also why Dyon's grand teacher suggested Dyon go, even while cautioning. Even if the dragons wanted to kill Dyon off after finding out about him, or the Dragon King, they would only send younger generation members after him. And after seeing Dyon grow up before his eyes, an indescribable faith and been borne within him for the young man.

Of course, there was the matter of the Dragon King to take into account. In the eyes of the Dragon King, he never bullied anyone because he would start his cultivation from scratch every time. However, in the eyes of the other Dragons and Qilins, a transcendent, even if they started from the beginning, was still above those of that level. As such, this fueled the hatred the Drago-Qilin lands had from the infamous Dragon King.

'I won't bore you with the details, since I know you've studied the ins and outs of every quadrant to death, but the Crystal Dragons do happen to be one of the King God Clans of the quadrant, so it's best to be incomparably careful. This is doubly true because one of the ten geniuses originates from their clan. Meaning, just because they'll only send younger generation members, and just because they'll likely fight you one on one as well, doesn't mean you'll be safe.'

Although Dyon knew the first part, he didn't know the second, although he could have probably guessed it.

Among the ten geniuses, 5 had King level Presences, but the other 5 had half-step King Dragon Souls. So, obviously, they were either Dragons or Qilins. For one of them to be from the lauded Crystal Dragon Clan, made perfect sense.

"I got it." Dyon waved his hand, not putting the danger in his eyes at all. Since he had decided to go, he would go. It was just he had some other things to do first, then he would go and check on his little brother and sister, before heading to the Crystal Dragon den. "But, I have something more important to discuss with you, old man.

"The fog will disappear after I step out of this treasure room, but I'd rather it not just yet, since the Tower cheated me, not once, but twice, don't you think it owes me the ability to bend the rules a little, hm?"


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