Reaper of the Martial World
877 Bald Head 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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877 Bald Head 1

Dyon appeared in the treasure room once again, and undisguised fury flaming in his eyes. He didn't feel happy or content, instead, he felt like destroying everything in his path. There was nothing he hated more than a feeling of powerlessness, yet that was exactly what these trials forced him to feel again and again.

In truth, Dyon didn't know that technically speaking, he was likely the least the powerless in the history of the trials. To take first place in four rankings, and place 11th in a fifth that was only due to the scum-like actions of a supposed supervisor, it could be said that the number of individuals to accomplish such a feat could be counted on one's hands.

Even the current top three geniuses, separated even within the renowned ten, didn't have more than a single top one finish. And now that Dyon had taken their spots in the third and fifth trials, only one of them still retained such an honor.

Dyon's grand teacher, however, was once again surprised beyond belief. He had a vague idea of what happened, but understanding didn't make the situation presented before him any easier to accept.

The clone supervisor had been teetering on the edge of insanity for a long time, and after being humiliated by Dyon in the fourth trial, something within him snapped. Although only millions of years had passed to the outside world, to him, it had been hundreds of billions. Even for a transcendent existence like him, such a period of time was much too long.

Transcendents didn't have normal life spans like experts of this plane did. Instead, a transcendent's life span was contingent upon their mental state. As long as a transcendent remained steadfast and solid in their dao heart, theoretically, they would never die. In fact, even the deadliest of injuries would only take them time to heal. This was the meaning behind being a true transcendent.

That said, from the beginning of time to now, reaching the age of hundreds of billions of years old was completely unheard of. No one's mental state could last for so long, it was impossible.

So, one might wonder just how the clone supervisor had lasted for so long. In truth, he had mentally broken down hundreds of times already. It was just that every time he reached such a point, the Tower would forcefully revive him, almost like refurbishing his mind to a previous state, and keeping him alive for longer.

But, this was the very first time Dyon's grand teacher had witnessed this break down being the result of a test taker. Usually, the supervisor would find enough entertainment in messing with and killing young trial takers that he would be able to ignore his own death's door. However, Dyon appearance had thrown him into the depths of hell, swamping his mind with his worst memories and shattering his dao heart once again.

This was quite ironic, actually. The goal of the fifth trial was to test the upper limits of one's dao heart. In fact, it was the most direct test for potential to transcend. Usually, those capable of withstanding 10 or so deaths without breaking down had about a 10% likelihood of transcending. This number might seem low and an easy mark to reach, but this was a thought many young geniuses had until they too experienced their first death…

Dyon's grand teacher sighed. Even for him, experiencing a hundred or so deaths would be nearing his limit. Coupled with the fact he was already nearing the end of his life, and it would be a miracle if he withstood any more. Because of this, he was keenly aware of the depth of difficulty of the fifth trial, so he couldn't help but grumble that Dyon was angry.

'So unconcerned with Heaven's gifts. This test is difficult even for transcendents, and you're worried about revenge. The clone isn't going anywhere, don't you have important things to do?

'Your personality has only gotten darker over the past decade or so. If you don't handle it soon, eventually you'll do something you'll regret for the rest of your life.'

Originally, Dyon's grand teacher wanted to say that this anger might affect Dyon's dao heart, but after seeing Dyon's performance in the fifth trial, he didn't dare to say this.

Although Dyon might have not bothered to count the number of times he had died, and the clone supervisor was too maddened to do so either, Dyon's grand teacher had clearly seen the number, and it was frightening.

However, the most awe inducing part was that he was clear on the fact that Dyon's dao heart had only grown stronger with every death. He simply couldn't understand it.

He speculated that it might be due to Dyon's chosen path of sovereignty for his death intent, but with Dyon's wills sealed, how was he able to take such advantage of it? It just didn't make sense for such a strong will to exist in the world, let alone in a little boy.

Seeing that Dyon didn't respond again, Dyon's grand teacher shook his head, lamenting youth. 'If you respect me as your grand teacher, you'll listen to me.

'In the Drago-Qilin quadrant, within the lands ruled by the Crystal Dragons, there lies a spring disguised as a volcano. You probably know this already, but the Crystal Dragon race has a special attribute within the Dragon Souls that allows their experts to be capable of cleansing and replenishing mental energy, this ability is actually as a result of this spring. I think it could do you some good if you could manage to find a way to sneak in.

'Despite the fact your dao heart is incomparably strong, a calm disposition will do you good.'


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