Reaper of the Martial World
875 Final Trial 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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875 Final Trial 2

This made perfect sense. If the Dukes and Duchesses of Zabia's quadrant came, once they sensed the energy density of the various universes of Dyon's quadrant, they would have immediately turned tail and run. How could they be a match for existences who grew up in such an environment?

All of this said, Dyon questioned if Zabia's quadrant was ranked 97th purely due to energy density. Such a quadrant might not even have a single faith seed, wasn't that too exaggerated?

It wasn't that Dyon didn't believe a quadrant could be so weak, but rather because their history was a bit too odd. The wars between the soul and energy path Zabia described had many points that grabbed Dyon's interest, especially the parts even Zabia couldn't bring himself to describe.

Zabia had made it a major point to remind him that he should never go to his quadrant. He said it was because anyone with soul talent, especially soul talent as overwhelming as Dyon's, would be dealt with.

Dyon couldn't understand why such a weak universe would go out of its way to stamp out talents. Weren't they shooting themselves in the foot? If they never rose in the rankings, their rewards would be continuously lack luster, and they would thus always be weak. Did they enjoy being walked all over by the other quadrants that much?

Dyon shook his head, heading for the entrance to the 5th trial, when he suddenly heard his Grand Teacher's voice.

'You should be careful not to anger the supervisors of the tower so much, kid.'

"I'll kill him for good one day."

Dyon's grand teacher sighed, 'There are many spirits within the tower. Some have been here since the tower's inception, while others are simply the soul strands of young geniuses of the past, if you go around pissing them all off, your time in the tower will be a living hell.'

Dyon seemed to not hear his grand teacher's warning, instead, he was interested in something else entirely, "Do my master and the Demon Sage had soul strands here?"

Partially taken aback by the question, Dyon's grand teacher paused. Because of The Seal, he was no longer able to read Dyon's mind, so he was even more surprised when Dyon cut to the source of a point so easily now.

'They do. Your master has a statue in a place called the Valley of Geniuses within the saint levels. The Demon Sage, however, is on a much higher floor because he achieved more than your master. You won't find him until the dao levels.'

"Oh?" Dyon felt a small weight lift off his shoulders. He had always felt terrible about being the reason both of the master's soul strands were eradicated. Now that he knew there was another, at least Zaire would be able to meet his mother. "That's good… What's this Valley of Geniuses?"

'It's just one of the more popular training and cultivation sites of the Tower. As for exactly what it is, you'll see when you get there. Since your own master has a statue there, you'll have a bit of an advantage. Lucky you.

'Although, I should warn you. This soul strand of your master's is from when she was much younger. As such, she won't have any memories of you, so I'm not sure if this advantage will be all that beneficial to you. Truth be told, many of the statues, even on the saint levels, are ridiculously arrogant. That said, you master followed the purity path, so she's comparatively gentler. How a bastard like you managed to gain her favor, I'll never know.'

Dyon glared at empty space before walking into the fifth trial.

Although Dyon couldn't see it, there was quite a complicated look on the face of Dyon's grand teacher. If it was anyone other than Dyon, maybe he would have told them that they might regret their actions due to the nature of the 5th trial. However, Dyon's grand teacher knew that telling Dyon this wouldn't change anything. In fact, even if Dyon knew the truth, he would have still acted the same exact way in the fourth trial. So… He said nothing.


In the next instant, Dyon appeared in a world of darkness. The only source of light was an eerie solar eclipse that hung in the skies, surrounded by a shroud of grey clouds.

The fifth trials world was odd. There didn't seem to be any solid ground below. Instead, numerous mountain peak with jagged edges made up the world. They had peaks so tall that it was impossible to the bottom even with the eyesight of a martial artist.

Unlike the third and fourth trial worlds, there were other life forms here as well.

Large birds that looked eerily reminiscent of crows flew through the air, blending into the darkness, only to call out with loud caws, ensuring that anyone witnessing the scene would feel their presence.

Despite looking like crows, however, their size was anything but.

Their wings spanned three meters, while their sharp, dark peaks were two feet in length alone. If it wasn't for the lack of light, those beaks would reflect with a bright light, making them seem like treasured weapons.

When Dyon awoke, he found himself chained to the peak of a mountain, completely unable to move. He could only frown, what the hell was going on?

Just when he finished that thought, a familiar voice filled his ears.

"To be so arrogant," There was clear anger in this voice. In fact, Dyon could sense the unbridled fury. "We'll see how long those arrogant eyes of yours last."

Dyon's eyes narrowed. It was the clone!

In the next instant, a piercing pain filled his chest. Looking down in shock, he saw his heart being slowly pulled out, before it was squeezed to nothingness.

And then… His life force faded to nothing.


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