Reaper of the Martial World
874 Final Trial 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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874 Final Trial 1

Walking out of the fourth trial, Dyon was once again greeted by a treasure room filled with rewards, much like he had been at the end of every trial. But, he planned to ignore them once again. By now, he could see the finish line and was more interested in seeing his wives again as quickly as possible before going out in search of Amphorae than these trials.

However, Dyon knew that finding Amphorae couldn't be rushed. Not only might she not share the name of her past life, she might not even necessarily look the same. Even worse, there was a possibility that everything from the second trial was just a dreadful nightmare, which would mean that he would never find her because she never would have existed to begin with.

Despite the possibility of this truth, Dyon refused to believe it. Even if he didn't find her until he lay on his death bed, he still wouldn't believe it.

That said, Dyon would never abandon or neglect his wives for the sake of seeking out someone he might never find in his lifetime. Clara, Ri and Madeleine were too important to him and they deserved better than that. So, he was already sure that the first thing he would do after the fifth trial was seek them out.

After so many years without their husband by their side, Dyon was sure that they had become the apples in the eyes of many. That truth made him proud, but it also made him want to let the world know that they were his and his alone. Although he couldn't publicly announce that Clara and Ri shared the Sacharro name for now for various reasons, he wouldn't hold back with Madeleine at all. Then, when the proper day was reached, he would proclaim Clara and Ri his as well.

For now, his priority other than his women would be the various plans he had already laid out. The scheme Clara was undertaking was likely the most important, but it was also the most dangerous. Dyon didn't want to have to put her in such a situation, but he had no choice. Because his name was already so well known, this plan couldn't be implemented by him.

Other than that scheme though, the plan Dyon labeled as the second most important was residing within Zabia's universe.

For this one, Dyon planned to handle it mostly alone. It wasn't that he was arrogant, but it was mostly because Zabia's quadrant was ranked in the low 90s. From Dyon's research, such a quadrant was technically even worse off than his own.

Although Dyon's home quadrant, the Celestial Deer Quadrant, was ranked 100th, formerly, that was only because its Epistemic Tower had been neglected and forgotten, and thus there were no elite members available to fight for higher rankings.

If this was ignored, and purely the power of the elites were taken into account, the current Celestial Deer Quadrant would rank near the mid-level rankings.

This may sound odd considering the Dukes and Duchesses of an unnamed quadrant were able to so easily handle their younger generation, but there were a few important points to consider here.

For one, although Zabia assumed those Dukes and Duchesses were from his quadrant, Dyon deduced that he was likely wrong.

From the Celestial Deer Quadrant's position, there were two other quadrants near enough to allow travel between them without the use of the Epistemic Tower. One of those quadrants was Zabia's, ranked 97th, and the other was the much higher ranked 30th, Kitsune-Shruti Quadrant, where Saru is from. This, of course, makes sense, considering Zabia's clan and Saru's were the only ones to react to the apparitions of Dyon's birth, thus causing them to be drawn to Dyon's quadrant.

In continuing with this logic, the reason Dyon was sure that Zabia was wrong was because of the power of the upper echelons of quadrants by ranking.

The Emperors of the Ragnor and Pakal clans, as well as the King of the Uidah clan, were all powerful peak lower dao formation experts. This corresponded to about the 4th to 6th stage of dao formation.

In comparison, the upper echelons of Zabia's universe might have one 1st stage dao expert, with most of the more powerful characters being at the peak celestial stage, namely the 9th to 12th stages.

This wasn't too surprising, really. Even without the Epistemic Tower, Dyon's quadrant has the energy density of a quadrant that used to rank number one. Because the entity was only draining Dyon's universe of its energy, the remaining 99 universes were completely untouched. In reality, if the Celestial Deer Quadrant once again began to use their Epistemic Tower, it would only be a few thousand years before mid level dao experts appeared, and only a few more ten thousand years before high level dao experts appeared.

In comparison, the energy density of Zabia's quadrant was far poorer. As such, their peak level existences reflected that. Without the help of the Epistemic Tower, they would likely be capped in the same way as the experts of Dyon's home universe.

After learning of the power levels of various peak experts of the Celestial Deer Quadrant from Dravil Uidah during their negotiations, Dyon was able to piece together that there was no way mere Dukes and Duchesses of a 97th ranked quadrant would be able to defeat Loki and the like. Therefore, the only conclusion was that they were from the Kitsune-Shruti quadrant!


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