Reaper of the Martial World
865 Destiny 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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865 Destiny 2

Just like that, Dyon secretly cultivated hundreds of Dukes, almost two thousand Kings, and a few dozen Emperors without the world being any wiser. In fact, they wouldn't learn of this until the individual quadrant rankings were made viewable after the fog around their corner dissipated with Dyon's exit. Unfortunately for all those waiting for that moment, Dyon would make them wait quite a long time.

However, once the truth was known, it would rock all 99 quadrants…


Dyon breathed heavily while kneeling. He had stuck his heavy sword into the ground and was leaning on it to regain his strength and consolidate the motes of light that were still flying toward him, but he was shocked to find that he still couldn't sense any more beasts coming. Could it be the trial was over?

Thinking this, Dyon shook his head. Although it had taken him 10 years to reach this point, and it could count as difficult, he didn't believe that a God Trial would be so easy. So, where was his next trial coming from?

For the past few waves, the beasts had stopped letting him absorb the motes of light before attacking. The result was that he had the residual energy from at least a handful of waves still lingering within him. It was lucky that it didn't seem that the trial allowed the wastage of the motes of light, which was nice of it… In comparison to this hell hole that is.

However, it was clear that this was just another test. The motes of light were forms of energy, and it benefitted you to have the talent to absorb them faster. Unfortunately, Dyon's energy cultivation was locked, and even if it wasn't, his ability to sense and manipulate energies was piss poor. So, he could be considered to be ridiculously slow in his integration.

Although the idea of \"a handful\" of trials seemed simple enough, to Dyon, they represented months at a time without fail. So, the fact he hadn't fully integrated that energy in all this time... It was truly too pathetic.

Suddenly, Dyon's thoughts were completely interrupted by a voice filled with disdain. \"So, this is the kind of trash they allow into the God Trials in this generation?\"

Clearly, this person could see Dyon struggling to absorb the motes of energy and accurately judged him as a person with horrendous energy cultivation talent.

Hearing this, Dyon didn't have any particular reaction. He only steadied his breathing as stood. It seemed that after clearing beast waves, you would then have to deal with humanoid cultivators. So, Dyon decided that now was as good a time as ever.

His wings appeared again, but this time, they appeared in full force. They were no longer their black and white color, but instead a blinding and metallic gold. In addition, he didn't call out a single pair, instead, he called out three, flapping all six of his wings with a power far outweighing the restrictions on his body.

In that moment, the motes of light that had lingered in Dyon's body surged toward his wings, coursing through their beautiful veins, before allowing them to be refined and injected into Dyon's body.

In the blink of an eye, stamina that was meant to have been absorbed by Dyon over months was used in a split second, causing all of Dyon's fatigue to disappear in a flash. His wounds healed at a visible pace, while his silver-bronze sword became a clear and bold silver, even showing hints of gold.

Dyon's cultivation which had been stalled at the mid meridian level, sky-rocketed to the peak meridian formation level.

Although his massive broad sword seemed odd, as though it had been carved out of a single slab of silver, Dyon could feel that its power had reached a new level. It now approached ten thousand jins in weight. It should be comparable to a lower master level weapon now, with still plenty of room for growth.

It was kind of disconcerting that it took the motes of light from millions of beasts to reach that point, but it had to be considered that many of those beasts were at the mere foundation stage and meridian formation stage, they simply weren't worthy of upgraded a Life Stealing weapon any further than they already had.

After Dyon was done, he retracted his wings, re-establishing his handsome and domineering bearing. His eyes slowly locked onto the shocked figure of his opponent.

In reality, this opponent of his looked quite generic. There was nothing special about him. Black eyes, black hair, and delicate skin that oddly looked like it belonged on a female, coupled with his scrawny appearance, and even about him was begging to be underestimated. However, Dyon's Perception was far stronger than that.

Not only was this person clearly displaying the power level of an essence gatherer, Dyon could tell that his cultivation was being suppressed from the saint level, that meant his battle prowess for exceeded normal essence gatherers, and now Dyon had to face him with his peak meridian formation cultivation.

Truly difficult indeed…

Snapping out of his surprise, the genius smiled, \"At least this will be more interesting.\" In that moment, a golden lance appeared in his hand. It was a vicious looking cone shape, with a point as sharp as any sword Dyon had ever seen. \"I'm obligated to tell you that unlike the past waves, you're allowed to quit whenever you want from now on. But, if your lips move a little too slowly, don't blame my lance for turning you into minced meat before you can.\" The sinister glow in his eyes radiated a dense killing intent… And then, he erupted with the first Presence Dyon had faced…


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