Reaper of the Martial World
864 Destiny 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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864 Destiny 1

As Dyon was sure he was breathing harder than he ever had before, unbeknownst to him, the ranking of the Celestial Deer Quadrant was sky-rocketing.

Although Ri, Madeleine and Clara didn't list their trials under their home universe, Delia, along with the 3000 Demon Generals definitely had. In addition to that, Dyon allowed Thor to undergo his trials alone with the youth of the Daiyu. He now treated the Daiyu as slaves, but that didn't mean he wanted incompetent subordinates. But, Dyon kept Vidar in chains.

In truth, Dyon had irreconcilable hatred with both Vidar Ragnor and Daiyu Chenglei. However, because of his promise to the Daiyu ancestor, he decided to keep Chenglei on a short leash while also nurturing him to a certain extent. However, Dyon felt no such obligation for Vidar. Instead, he allowed him to rot in a holding cell until he could play his role in Dyon's plans.

Because the Ragnors only had four faith seed wielders in all their history, they would without a doubt place heavy importance on Vidar. This importance was something Dyon knew he could take advantage of.

Of course, in order for his plan to work, he still needed to find a way to remove the restrictions on Thor's faith seed to truly allow him to be free, but that was a problem for another day.

This aside, it wasn't a surprise that the Demon Generals performed well. Considering they were absolute geniuses plucked from their original times and taken to the modern world, it was no wonder their performances were so perfect. As for Chenglei, Zabia and Thor, their potential has already long been seen, of course they performed well as well.

The vast majority of them became Dukes within a year, while the rest finished before the end of the third. Afterward, all those who finished within a year proceeded to the King trials, and just as Dyon was completing his hundredth beast wave, the first of them were beginning to come out, causing the Celestial Deer Quadrant ranking to inexplicably go up once again, causing the quadrants who had become complacent to once again feel as though they were walking on egg shells.

Within the first few months, they shot up from the 67th spot, to the 61st.

When people rushed to the third-place rankings to see if Dyon's name had appeared, they were shocked to find out that there were no changes to the God tier rankings at all. What was going on?!

It was only at that time they thought of a frightening possibility: maybe geniuses other than Dyon…

They were all aware of the fact that the only tiers that could make such drastic changes in a quadrant's ranking were the King, Emperor and God rankings. And, the fact that no new names had appeared on the top 100 for any of their 15 ranking stones, that meant that it was multiple geniuses passing at once!

The scariest part was that, if they all assumed that everyone from that quadrant had begun their trials at the same time, after accounting for the years non-key wielders would have to spend taking the Duke trials, there could very well be more ranking changes to come!

Finally, those spectating had jumped to the correct conclusion.

After Dyon left, the Demon Generals had to restart their cultivation from scratch so that they could all practice the Inner World: Sanctuary technique. Although they had little experience in the martial world outside of battle, they understood that cultivation techniques were precious. In fact, they were so precious that for most of their lives, they had to create and experiment with their own. It wasn't that the Demon Sage didn't have cultivation techniques for them, it was rather that he had sealed all of his possessions in the Chaos Universe. So, they had no choice.

That aside, it made them very grateful toward Dyon. They could all see just how amazing Dyon's cultivation technique was, yet he shared it with them all without reserve. Dyon's kindness was engraved in their hearts, so the cultivated with all of their might.

As one might expect, even for geniuses like them, cultivating [Inner World: Sanctuary] was difficult beyond belief. However, they weren't known as geniuses of their times for no reason.

Unlike Dyon who took months to reach the peak of the foundation stage, even the slowest of them only took a few weeks despite how thorough and taxing the technique was. However, also unlike Dyon, they didn't receive a meridian implant short-cut. As such, in order to reach the peak of meridian formation, they labored for months before they eventually all filled 108 meridians. It was only after that, that they began their trials.

Unfortunately, although they were all worthy of being easily within the top 100 rankings of almost every trial they took if they had been at their full power, they couldn't manage to perform as well as Dyon had because unlike Dyon, they didn't have the Demon Sage's blood essence to boost their body cultivation. As such, they ranked fairly poorly as compared to their full potential due to their wills, soul and energy cultivation being sealed.

However, this was within Dyon's plans as well. He wanted his universe to be dazzling and overbearing, but to be too much so would only result in them being stamped out before reaching their full potential. In the past, Dyon wouldn't have cared and would have boldly faced off against any opponent willing to come, but he was also trying to grow up and see the bigger picture.

In order to protect everyone behind him, Dyon would take the full brunt of the public eye, while he secretly cultivated his Empire to become the greatest that had ever existed.


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