Reaper of the Martial World
863 Ten Years 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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863 Ten Years 4

In the beginning, they thought they were doing the right thing. To them, stopping the Void Clan from killing and forcefully stealing Ri's faith seed was already a service to her. She should be grateful.

The truth was that they didn't really care what happened to Ri. They knew very well that if Ri instead had their own clan's faith seed, they would react the same way the Void family was reacting. However, they were also dissatisfied with the fact the Void clan had their faith seed, but their faith seeds were nowhere to be found. So, they wanted to make sure that the power of the Void Clan remained on the same level as their clans, so the forced the Void clan to allow Ri to keep her faith seed.

However, they made a big mistake.

The original plan was for them to allow the Void family to punish Ri, then for them to swoop in and \"save\" Ri. In this way, although Ri might have an irreconcilable hatred with the Void family, she would at least have a good impression of their families.

This was a mistake many stupid clans had made in the past. Who cared if you forced a genius to join you in their youth? If they kept that hatred in their hearts as they grew up, once that genius became strong enough to ignore your power in the future, wouldn't you be courting disaster?

This was why Dyon looked down on the Sapientia branch clan like they were absolute fools. Once Madeleine surpassed them all, who's to say she wouldn't eradicate all those who wronged her in the beginning?

So, the Heaven and Jikan families took this \"good cop, bad cop\" approach in hopes that Ri would have a good impression of at least the majority of the Kitsune. That way, even if she suppressed the Void Clan in the future, it wouldn't be to the point of eradicating them due to her being concerned for the fate of their Kitsune clan as a whole.

But, who would have known that not only was this young lady exceedingly intelligent, she also had a fiery temper to rival any they had ever seen.

After the Void Clan's bullshit punishment, and then their attempts to force her to marry into their clan as an even further compensation, Ri's rage had reached an all time high.

With words as venomous as acid, she tore apart those supposed elders. Not even the Heaven and Jikan elders were safe as she had long since seen through them. Even as the faces of those elders were turning red and white in anger, Ri cut off her ties with the Supreme Kitsune Clan, stating that the day when the Snow family reigned was the day she'd return.

The elders of course, sneered. Did this naïve girl really think that they would let her go just like this?

But, what they didn't know was that Dyon would never allow his wife to go anywhere without protection.

The Demon Sage's Tower immediately protected Ri as she looked down on them all with disdain. And then, it flashed away to the Epistemic Tower.

Even though the Void clan were space will masters, they were completely unable to lock down the space and could only watch as Ri disappeared.

Of course, they had sent their younger generation to chase after Ri and bring her back since they could no longer enter those Epistemic Tower floors since they had already reached the dao floors and because of the rule that those who ascended could no longer descend.

Unfortunately, the key wielder of their quadrant was a member of the Shruti Clan. And who would have imagined that even though they tried to provide ridiculous amounts of compensation in exchange for Saru kicking Ri out, that Saru would actually state that Ri was her big sister and no one was allowed to harm her!

The Supreme Kitsune Clan could only mash their teeth in anger at their own incompetence. They had truly underestimated this little girl. They had assumed that she was easy prey and easy to manipulate, but who would have known that she had such a power backer. What they didn't know was that her powerful backer wasn't Saru, but rather her husband!

Days after Ri learned that the Kitsune clan had tried to bribe Saru into kicking her out, as this was a power the key wielder held, she sneered, inwardly praising her husband for seeing so far ahead.

At that point, she couldn't help but touch her opaque visor with her delicate hand, trembling in rage. There would be a day where she eradicated the Void family, or else she would never be able to settle this grudge.

After that, taking the name of the Snow family temporarily, Alexandria Snow sent a clear message to the Void family higher ups. It was simple: 'Wash your necks.'

As much as Ri wanted to keep the Sacharro name, she knew she couldn't. This was because the Snow family had searched for her mother previously, as such, they knew what universe Ri came from and could thus find the Epistemic Tower in this way.

If Ri was to make her affiliations clear, the Void family would connect Ri with her 'traitor' mother.

Currently, the Snow Clan was hiding this truth because Ri and her mother were the most talented young women in their history, they couldn't have a falling out with them. In addition, they knew that this was the chance for their Snow family to rise up. If they angered Ri by putting her home universe in danger, what was stopping Ri from cutting ties from their Snow family as well?

So, the Snow family hid the relationship between Ri and her mother. This was very easy because despite being a comparatively weak family, the Snow family still had millions of members. As long as Ri didn't make her relationship with Dyon and their universe clear, their home would be safe.

Then, when the time was right, she would storm the Kitsune Clan with her husband by her side!


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