Reaper of the Martial World
862 Ten Years 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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862 Ten Years 3

Aside from the stupidity and arrogance of the martial world geniuses who were trying to console themselves by assuming Dyon had failed, Dyon's wives were taking their own trials now, so they didn't have the time to worry. However, even if they weren't, they wouldn't worry anyway. Unlike those fools who didn't under Dyon, they knew him very well. If it wasn't for the fact Dyon was so intelligent, they might have been fooled into thinking he was a battle genius instead. Of course they weren't worried about their husband's battle sense.

The truth of the matter was that Ri, Clara and Madeleine, even Delia, had already blazed through the Duchess trials. In truth, it was far too easy for them. In fact, it took them less than a year to fly through it. Unfortunately, despite understanding this, they had no choice but to choose this trial first, and that was because they weren't key wielders.

Since only key wielders could choose one of the top three trials as their first trial, their hands were tied. But, luckily, according to the rules of the tower, if you passed the Duke trials, you could then take the King trials, and if you passed the King trials, you could then take the Emperor trials. Unfortunately, the God trials were reserved for key wielders, but even if they could take the God trials, they would be unlikely to do so. This was because God trials took centuries to complete normally and they weren't willing to leave Dyon for so long.

Delia chose not to take the King trials, instead wanting to stay by Eli's side, feeling bad about the few months she had left him. But, Ri, Clara and Madeleine all decided to forge ahead.

For now, aside from Madeleine, they all had to hide their affiliations to Dyon. Even Madeleine wanted to thank the Flaming Lily Sect for their taking her in, so they all took their trials under the names of different quadrants.

Within 4 years, Ri, Clara's and Madeleine's names resounded through the cosmos as their names tore up the rankings of the King trials, each of them placing within the top 20 of every trial without fail. Clara performed far better on the first two trials which heavily relied on soul talent and intelligence, while Ri and Madeleine performed far better on the third and fourth trials, which required battle prowess. As for the fifth trial, they all performed exceedingly well.

When the exited, they realized that Dyon name still hadn't appeared on the third God trial rankings, but they weren't worried. Instead, they knew their husband was working very hard, so they insisted on doing so as well.

With barely a month's rest, they stormed the Emperor trials. By the 6th year, the current 10th year of Dyon's, they had already completed the first two trials, each managing to find a place within the top 50 on both.

Unlike the second trial of the God trials, the second trials of the lower tiers were based on completion speed as they armies they faced were far easier to handle. In addition, the trial setting was completely different from the God trial Dyon underwent as well.

What no one had yet to notice was that the moment Dyon completed his second trial, it disappeared from the world forever.

The only person to realize this was Saru because just a few days after Dyon completed his trial, she entered her own. Although she didn't manage to complete the first trial perfectly, within the ten year limit, she was only a few months over. But, instead of being transported to the second trial as per usual, she was actually shown to the third trial instead.

It was suffice to say that the Shruti clan celebrated for weeks when their Princess managed to rank second, only behind Dyon on her first trial. But, it was still bitter sweet because they realized that they were just a decade shy of having the glory of being number one.

This, of course, put a heavy amount of pressure on the Kitsune Clan. Now that their enemy had such a great seedling, they had to come up with a plan for the future, lest they start to decline.

Unfortunately for them, their poor treatment of their most powerful faith seed wielder had caused irreparable harm to the relationship between them and Ri.

The top three Kitsune powerhouses in their history were the Void Kitsune, the Heaven Kitsune, and the Time Kitsune, and each of these Kitsune corresponded to the top three families of their overarching Supreme Kitsune Clan.

When Ri decided to return to her Snow family in order to alleviate the pressure on her mother, and also learn to wield the Snow family blood within her, the Void family immediately detected her faith seed.

After years of waiting for their faith seed to reappear, only to see it appear in a bottom rung family, the Void family flew into a rage, leading to a series of events that would cause Dyon's blood to boil even more than it was now. There was no question that the moment Dyon learned of what happened, the very first thing he'd do is storm the Supreme Kitsune Clan, leaving blood and gore in his wake.

In the end, the Void Clan was forced to stop by the Heaven and the Jikan family. However, because they three clans had lived harmoniously for so long, they allowed the Void Clan to take certain advantages of Ri that completely crossed the line in hopes of appeasing the Void Clan.


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