Reaper of the Martial World
859 Third Trial 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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859 Third Trial 3

Dyon didn't respond to the system, instead he watched silently as a three-meter-tall lion roared with all its might toward him. The most devastating part was that it was actually of the meridian formation level, yet Dyon cultivation was still being suppressed at the foundation stage!

A wave of earth spikes charged toward him, filled with a bloody light that matched the red soil beneath his feet.

Dyon quickly dodged, giving the system the only answer it needed.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Dyon's feet surged, causing him to jump in surprise.

With a swing of his heavy sword, his feet planted on its side, blocking the spike beneath his feet with a finesse that sent him flying in through the air toward the roaring lion.

Dyon was well aware that this lion, coined the Earthen Lion, was on an entirely different level as compared to the Metallic Rhinos. The rhinos relied on their physical defense and spike horn, but the Earthen Lions had a character reserved for mid level earth martial beasts and above: the ability to use wills… Even worse, the lion itself was actually a high level earth martial beast!

In addition, its defenses, due to its thick skin and Earth will, were far higher than that of the metallic rhino. Not to mention the fact its maneuverability was on a completely otherworldly level in comparison.

Dyon couldn't help but have his anger flair up. This damned beast actually thought of him as nothing more than food. If that wasn't the case, how could its spikes so perfectly send him flying towards it. Dyon knew that his anger was almost irrational, but after having so many things fall out of his control just a few weeks ago, he wasn't willing to sit idly and allow any slight against him to slide.

Dyon's body flew in a perfect parabolic arc, but his expression was completely cold as he closed the distance toward the lion's gaping mouth.

He raised his arm above his head, holding his massive sword like a God descending from the skies.

In that moment, his Presence erupted with a majestic and royal aura, completely stamping out the roar of the lion.

In the mortal realm, Lions were scene as Kings, however in front of Dyon, it was no more than a whimpering kitten.

Dyon's sword fell on the inside of the lion's mouth, forcefully overextending its jaw far past its limits.

An audible snap resounded through the world as the earthen lion's massive lower jaw hung loosely from its mouth.

Blood flew, followed by a painful cry and shattered teeth.

The head of the lion collapsed to the ground as though it was ready and waiting for Dyon's second swing.

In too much pain to call upon its earth will to protect itself, and too scared to do so even if it could, the head of the lion was bashed in without remorse, causing its body to disappear in a flurry of lights.

The last of the rust on Dyon massive sword disappeared, leaving behind its charcoal-like existence.

However, Dyon rage hadn't settled down yet, nor had it in the months he had been fighting already. Before the two earthen lions who appeared could even react, Dyon was already swinging his enormous sword down on them.

Dyon mindlessly pursued the path of slaughter. He had already lost count of how many he had killed, nor could he tell how much time he had spent in this second trial. But, what he did know was that his injuries never seemed to be able to truly heal. Whether it be the blistering heat that only increased and seemed to not effect the beasts at all, or the fact he was constantly overexerting his already heavily injured body, none of it was good.

The trouble was that while his Energy Core had primordial energy, primordial energy in and of itself wasn't capable of healing. When Dyon was fighting for the Angel Clan, it was life essence energy from the spiritual vein that he used to heal himself, it was just that the primordial energy was also filtered in by him in order to strengthen his body.

But, now, there was no spiritual vein because the Energy Core hadn't had nearly enough time to create one. Not to mention the fact it would take much longer since these were no longer ancient times.

So, Dyon body was relying on its own healing abilities, while primordial energy was actually constantly making Dyon's body more and more difficult to heal because it was actually strengthening his body to unprecedented levels.

The only good news was that Dyon's body was now approaching his 4x state with Demon Emperor's Will, while still in its base form. Although this made his body many times more difficult to heal, it still raised his strength.

That said, he couldn't access any of this strength now because he was being constantly suppressed by this third trial.

By now, a year had passed and Dyon had finally reached the final wave of the earthen lions, making this his 40th wave total.

His body blinked in and out of existence as he constantly dodged spikes in the earth. His Presence fell, calling the raging lions to immediately become docile, allowing their heads to be obediently bashed in.

Even as the last one fell, and the motes of light gave Dyon's massive sword a slight bronze sheen, another ear splitting roar resounded through the world, causing Dyon's eyes to narrow.

Ignoring the system's question once again, he instead looked at the enormous worm bursting through the ground before slamming down into it.

Its body was at least a hundred meters long, while its diameter was easily twenty. Its mouth was completely circular, in fact, it didn't seem to have a head at all since it was completely replaced by a revolving meat grinder of teeth.

Dyon could even tell that his Presence's abilities were negated partially. When he looked through his master's memories, he suddenly understood…

This massive worm actually contained a faint trace dragon blood within it. As such, it was actually known as the Wyvern Worm and had an air of arrogance to it that was normal for dragons and their descendants.

However, that just pissed Dyon off more.


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