Reaper of the Martial World
853 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 8
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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853 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 8

In truth, the Flaming Lily Sect was a women's only sect. So, many of their best disciples remained unmarried. However, this wasn't a rule, it was just how things happened to occur.

Because the disciples of the Flaming Lily Sect were so talented, obviously, considering they could hold their own in the 4th ranked quadrant, it was often difficult for men to impress them. This was because even if a man was more powerful than you were, or even more talented, that didn't mean they could capture your heart. As a result, the ladies of the Flaming Lily Sect had an ingrown arrogance that made them turn their noses up at men.

However, it wasn't all of them that were like this. Almost hilariously, there was a steep divide that split the Sect into two even factions. One side refused to marry, while the other side had entire reverse harems of men. It was truly a funny twist.

Luckily, unlike those disgusting Ice Sects which forced women to seal off their emotions, a fire based sect like theirs did no such thing, allowing their women to be free as long as they helped the sect in their times of need.

This was why Dyon chose this sect for Madeleine after going through ridiculous amounts of information provided by his grand teacher. Not only would Madeleine be welcomed with open arms because of her Amethyst faith seed, their relationship wouldn't be barred. Dyon did this because he knew if he had one other bullshit clan try to stop him from seeing his Madeleine, he might rage to the point of even uprooting that clan's innocents.

That aside, despite being a female only sect, its members having powerful male counterparts was very good for them. This was because there was heavy competition within the 4th quadrant. In fact, there were exactly 4 Emperor God Sects within their quadrant, splitting their 100 universes into even shares of 25. As such, many were vying for the upper hand constantly.

In times of struggle, the Flaming Lily Sect relied on the powerful husbands of its members to maintain its position.

In truth, it wasn't that they didn't want to admit men into their sect, but rather that their legacies were tailored to the female body. If men practiced it, not only would it be slow, it would be detrimental to their vitality.

After understanding all of this, and knowing that they weren't just a bunch of men hating, closet nymphomaniacs, Dyon felt much better about sending his first love there. At least there, she could grow stronger in peace while also subtly laying the floor for his plans.

At the moment, though, Madeleine wasn't thinking about any of this. Instead, she was beaming as the women around her praised her husband incessantly.

"Aiyah, Madeleine, where did you find this one. I can't believe the both of you came from that pitiful quadrant."

"He's definitely one man I'd consider joining the harem of. If an angel like Junior Sister Madeleine can fall for him, he has to be a good guy."

Currently, Madeleine was wearing a long red dress that was exceptionally tight around her chest, torso, and waist, but through to her legs and arms, it flared out with an elegant unreservedness that made it look exactly like a mage's gown. Coupled with her violet hair and eyes, she gave off the feeling of a woman who had descended from the skies to bless the world with her beauty. In fact, even with women of the Flaming Lily Sect found themselves getting lost in Madeleine's plump bottom and outrageously proportioned chest and hips.

That aside, Madeleine only listened without responding. She could only imagine how shameless Dyon would be acting if he were here right now. He might actually directly take them all as concubines.

Thinking about it, Madeleine couldn't help but giggle. But, she was also worried on the inside. She knew how difficult God level trials were from asking around about them. The fact Dyon was placing first didn't necessary mean he was having an easy time. In fact, he might be in a lot of pain right now…

Maybe the only reason she hadn't gone to take the King trials yet was because she was still so worried about Dyon. But, she knew she would have to put that fear down soon, or else when Dyon came out, she wouldn't be there to greet him. She would hate that even more than what she was feeling now.

"Ugh, maybe I should just divorce my harem of men. They're all so useless." Another lady chimed in. However, if her harem were to hear her words, they would probably cry themselves to death. Remembering all the trials they had to pass to join this core disciple's harem, they were sure that they were in the top percentile of men in all of existence, and now they had somehow become useless. It was much too shameful.

"You're all saying such unimportant things," Another lady chimed in, sliding beside Madeleine and happily groping her chest, "Tell us Little Maddy, how good is he in bed?"

Madeleine's beaming mood suddenly became one rife with embarrassment. Her cheeks flushed a deeper red than even her dress as she ran away, completely ignoring the chorus of giggles around her as she escaped.

Madeleine disappeared in a flash of violet flames, appearing behind a door and tapping her large chest as she caught her breath. She smiled lightly before lightly touching the necklace around her neck.

'Are you doing okay, Dyon? I hope you are?' Madeleine spoke softly to herself, but something inside her was telling her that Dyon was in more pain right now than she could imagine.

In fact, Madeleine was perfectly right. After Dyon completed the second trial, he realized that all of his worries had come to reality… His feelings for Luna and Amphorae hadn't disappeared at all…
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Although his grand teacher tried to speak to him, Dyon didn't say a word. He didn't even look at the treasures he had earned, he only directly entered the third trial with his body still as injured as it had been on Planet Haven.

Usually, trial takers would be allowed months of rest, even years if they so chose, in between trials. However, this was the second time now that Dyon had completely ignored such a provision…

The problem was that with his body as it was now, even Dyon's grand teacher, who saw Dyon's heaven defying means in the second trial, had no confidence in his grand disciple even surviving the third, let alone passing it…

Dyon's state of mind had truly put him in a world of danger this time…


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