Reaper of the Martial World
852 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 7
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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852 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 7

Just as Clara was in shock, the news reverberated around the cosmos, causing even quadrants within the top ten to begin to take this Dyon Sacharro seriously.

After a single top 1 finish, although it was shocking, especially considering the margin of victory, displacements of the first place on one ranking were rare, but not to the point of being completely shocking.

Every so often, there would be a genius who excelled in one particular facet of cultivation, and was thus highly suited to passing a given trial. As such, they might do well on one ranking, but not even place in another. It was only true geniuses that placed well on at least three rankings… As for those that placed first one multiple… It had never occurred before in the history of the Epistemic Towers!

Even then, maybe it would be acceptable if the margin of victory was within reason, but in both cases, Dyon completely obliterated the record!

On the first ranking, he was the first to gain a "perfect" completion, with referred to finishing in ten years or less. Yet, Dyon did it in less than two!

On the second ranking, he completed a trial no one had ever completed before! Maybe others had come close, but even then, it took them decades within the second trial world to do so. Yet, Dyon had done what they couldn't do in 7 days!

Even worse, if those who took the trial remembered correctly, the 7th day was the day the opposing army attacked. Which means Dyon waited for them to attack, before annihilating them in a single day! What kind of ridiculous concept was that?!

If all of this wasn't shocking enough, this young man wasn't from any of the top ten quadrants. In fact, he was from the quadrant that had been ranked at the very bottom for the last several thousand years!

They normally wouldn't know this, but it was too obvious by now. Every time Dyon's name shot up a ranking, the Celestial Deer Quadrant also shot up the rankings.

Before, it had gone from number 100 to 81. But now, it directly went to the 67th spot.

What all of these people didn't know was that over the next few years, it would continue to climb to ridiculous levels. This was because the Demon Generals were still taking their own trials! In addition, Ri, Madeleine and Clara had yet to take theirs.

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Within the Epistemic Tower inner world, on the peak saint floor, there was a Palace bathed in white snow and made of pearls stood tall. Its white gates almost blinded those who looked upon them, while its ice sculptures had a certain dignified elegance to them that made the space otherworldly.

This was the domain of the Snow Family young geniuses, members of the Kitsune Clan, and from the 30th ranked quadrant. It also happened to be the place with Alexandria Sacharro was currently residing.

Much like many weaker quadrants, the 30th ranked quadrant wasn't monopolized and was thus shared by two power-house clans. The Kitsune Clan and the Shruti Clan. They had been enemies of many years, but they still cooperated on occasion when it came to the safety of their quadrant as a whole. This was because if the didn't work together, they wouldn't have the power a 30th ranked quadrant should have.

That said, if only the Kitsune Clan was taken into account, they would still have the power of a quadrant ranked around the 40s to 50s. This was because as you shot up the rankings, the strengths of them would grow exponentially. This was why although Dyon's first, first place finish shot him up 19 places, his second, first place finish only shot his quadrant up 14.

Within a room of the Palace sat an otherworldly beauty wearing robes of white. Her blue-silver hair lay gently down her back, but her eyes were covered in an opaque visor. Despite the blocking of her eyes, everything from the delicate curve of her lips, to the adorable point of her nose, and the slender slant of her cheeks, reached the utmost perfection.

Behind her, ten tails radiating a pure white aura lay quietly, only subtly moving occasionally and Ri sat in meditation.

Suddenly, a necklace on her neck glowed. It was subtle, but Ri could clearly feel it. After a moment, the one tranquil Ri smiled brightly before it vanished and she returned to her meditation, the fierceness in her hidden eyes growing.


Much like her two sworn sisters, Madeleine Sacharro had set off on her own adventure as well, entering the 4th ranked Quadrant and joining the Flaming Lily Sect.

This quadrant was one known for its fire cultivation and it was rumored that the Golden origin flame was also somewhere hidden within its realms. This was the very same flame that the Aumen family of Dyon's universe hoped they would one day find, but that was a story for another time.

Because of the nature of Ri and Clara's missions, they knew it was smarter for no one to know that they were the wives of Dyon as that would only be detrimental. Although they both made it clear they had a husband, they didn't give any more information other than that. However, Madeleine's goal was slightly different, as such, from the very beginning, she made it clear that her name was Madeleine Sacharro.

As expected, this filled the Flaming Lily Sect with great excitement.

At first, that last name didn't mean much to them. However, after yesterday, when Dyon's name resounded through the quadrants, many of the elders convened with Madeleine to find out if they were connected. When they found out that Dyon was actually Madeleine's husband, their moods soared!

This was truly the chance for their Flaming Lily Sect to rise.


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