Reaper of the Martial World
851 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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851 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 6

"Clara! Clara!" The petite apprentice rushed in. She wore golden robes, unlike Clara's silver ones, and had two golden stripes outlined in black to make them clear. Clearly, despite her appearance, this young lady was actually quite the Magic's Master prodigy, being only a few decades old, yet already a second stage grandmaster.

Clara smiled lightly, although it was colder than her previous smile, it was still something very few people here got to see. "Don't run around like that May, or else people will really mistake you for a little girl. If that happens, the only men you'll attract are perverted lolicons."

May pouted, but since she was already used to Clara's foul mouth, she quickly forgot it.

Seeing May bubble over despite her words, Clara could only shake her head. At that moment, she couldn't help but remember Penelope, her long time friend from the mortal realm. Thinking of this filled Clara with sadness, and her cold eyes grew even colder. It hurt every time she realized she would never hear Penelope's voice again.

When May saw this, she couldn't help but sigh inwardly. She knew that Clara was hiding a deep pain within her, but since she wasn't willing to talk about it, May didn't press the issue. Instead, she decided to bring some exciting news, maybe it would take Clara's mind off of whatever she was worrying about.

"Not all of us can have a holy man as a husband like Big Sister Clara."

A genuine smile spread across Clara's lips as a subtle sheen of pride glowed in Clara's eyes. Although May might act naïve, she was actually quite sharp and had many years of wisdom under her belt. Because of this, she was one of the few people sure that Clara wasn't lying about having a husband, because those reactions of hers couldn't be faked at all. There was too much genuine love in her eyes whenever her husband was mentioned.
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What Clara didn't understand was just who this young man was. Maybe a year ago, when Clara came here, May might have thought she was just a frog at the bottom of a well who didn't know what a true genius looked like, but after so many months had passed, by now, Clara had seen too many geniuses.

Despite being in seclusion, Clara had the obligation to complete tasks for her pavilion in order to keep her status. Because so many rumors of her beauty had spread, often times, the young men of particular prestigious families would request her to create weapons for them.

It was actually quite ridiculous if you thought about it. But, they did so anyway in hopes of maybe gaining Clara's favor. May had already lost count of how many spectacular acts had been put on in front of Clara in order to gain her attention, yet she never showed the slightest bit of interest. In fact, after all this time, the love in her eyes for her husband had only grown. It was truly baffling to May.

May simply didn't believe that such an outstanding man could remain so unknown, so by this point, she just assumed that Clara's husband was an already well-established genius and that they just hadn't made their marriage public yet. There was simply no other explanation.

Clara finally snapped out of her stupor and waved her hand, "Did something important happen? Why are you so excited?"

Suddenly remembering her purpose, May happily jumped up and down, "It happened again! If I can't marry that Demon Sage Dyon Sacharro in my lifetime, I swear I'll stay single forever!"

Clara burst into a fit of laughter, hearing her husband so fiercely praised by someone else filled her with pride. But, she was also confused. It had only been a day since the last piece of information about Dyon was given to her by May. If Clara remembered correctly, the second trial was one about survival. Knowing Dyon's intelligence, she expected it to be at least another decade before she heard anything, which was why she was so depressed about everything.

Because of the nature of the second trial, time flow within it was different, at practically 10 to 1. The record for survival, currently, was 97 years, 244 days, 14 hours, 48 mins, and 13 seconds. That was about a decade of time… So, what did it mean for there to be information about Dyon in a day? No, in fact, it was less than a day. What was going on?

Seeing Clara's confusion, May only got more excited, but she then stifled it. "I know that your chest is bigger than mine, but you definitely can't fight me for my Dyon!" May said sternly. "I call dibs!"

Clara giggled, but she still nodded. "Okay, Okay, tell me what happened. I wasn't here all day because I was in a meeting with master."

"Remember your promise!" May said, clearly feeling good about herself. "If you can believe it, he only spent a day inside of the second trial, yet his name was still placed first!"

A look of disbelief spread across Clara's features.

"But?... What was the time by his name then?"

May clapped happily, "There was no time at all! For the first time in the history of the second trial, it was cleared completely. This Demon Sage Dyon Sacharro is a God amongst men!"


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