Reaper of the Martial World
850 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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850 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 5

Within the weapon's pavilion of The Sapientia Quadrant, in a luxurious forging room decked out with the most pristine equipment, shining in golds and silvers, sat a young lady with beauty beyond words.

She had long flowing black hair, shining with health. Her skin was flawless, a beautiful caramel that looked almost like sweet honey. Her eyes were cold and piercing, such a pale shade of blue that they were often mistaken for grey.

Currently, she wore a silver robed that only barely hid her immaculate figure. If anything, the subtle ripples in the wind that caused it to wrap around her large chest made her all the more enticing.

As of now, her silver robes had a total of 12 golden bands on her baggy sleeves, 6 for each arm, representing a grade 12 grandmaster. For this robe to be on a lady so young, it was truly unprecedented!

Black bands were for the common level, bronze was for the practitioner level, silver was for the master level, while gold was for the grandmaster level. There was truly no questioning this young lady's talent.
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However, if it was Dyon that heard stories bout this lady, he was die of laughter. And if he was in this very room, he was only man in existence she would allow to wrap his arms around her. In fact, she was longing for such a thing right now.

This young lady, was, after all, someone who saw Dyon as her one love in life. Clara Sacharro!

Suddenly Clara sighed, looking around the room with a look of loss in her eyes. 'I've finished our plan so early on, but how are you doing?'

Almost two years ago now, Dyon had set in motion a few plans to make their future smoother. One of those plans was to make use of the Sapientia family.

While the Sapientia Family didn't like the idea of not knowing something, Dyon hated the idea of a single family controlling all of the information in the world. In fact, it disgusted him. The Sapientia family simply had too much power.

The truth was that anyone intelligent understood this, only those who were naïve thought that the Sapientia controlling everything was for the good of everyone. In truth, Dyon couldn't blame them too much. The fact of the matter was that the Sapientia played their role as the 'innocent scholar', too well. However, Dyon didn't buy it.

In typical Dyon fashion, he had more than just a simple feeling to go off of. In fact, his proof was his very own universe.

Many years ago, an unprecedented war shook the Celestial Deer Quadrant, causing their position as number one quadrant to come tumbling down. As a result of this war, supposedly, the information about their quadrant's Epistemic Tower was completely lost.

On the surface, this made complete sense. Since all the high tier clans of their quadrant were wiped out, and the lower tier clans didn't have the prestige to know about the Epistemic Tower, it was only right that it was completely forgotten.

However, there was one massive problem with this… What about the Sapientia Family? Could it be possible that even they didn't know where the Epistemic Tower of their quadrant was located?

Since the Sapientia aren't allowed to participate in wars, they should have survived the confrontation by being neutral. And, even if they were completely wiped out anyway, all Sapientia branches were connected. Something as important as the location of the Epistemic Tower would most definitely be shared, without a doubt.

One might wonder at this point if it was possible that the Sapientia were never a part their quadrant until after the demise of the Celestial Deer Sect. After all, the top three quadrants refused to allow the Sapientia entry, and technically, the Celestial Deer Sect was also an ancient clan of their level, especially considering they used to be ranked first.

However, even if that was the case, the Sapientia would most definitely have information on the location of the Epistemic Tower. The reason was simple: the location of every Epistemic Tower was, without fail, the location of the main clan of a quadrant. This was the type of information the Sapientia would know without a doubt!

As if to prove this point even further, despite not being in the top three quadrants, The Sapientia knew their main clan locations, and thus also knew the locations of their Epistemic Tower.

So, the question was, why would the Sapientia ignore the fact they knew this information?

Because of this, Dyon simply didn't trust them. From the day he entered the Focus Academy library and met Libro, he had had a terrible feeling about this Sapientia family. And, the fact that Connery Sapientia pissed him off definitely didn't help.

But, maybe what completely assured him that he shouldn't trust the Sapientia was the face that when Madeleine earned Amethyst's faith seed, Amethyst took it upon herself to destroy Madeleine's glasses. That in and of itself might not have meant much, but not only were Madeleine's necklace and spatial rings completely fine, the Sapientia family bloodline that made her eyes gold was completely burned away, turning her hair purple and her eyes violet.

'I guess since I'm done here, I have a bit more freedom and can go visit them.' Clara smiled. If anyone of the weapon's pavilion saw this, they would surely think they were dreaming.

Just as Clara was lost in her thoughts, a petite apprentice suddenly rushed in. She looked only about 16 years old, but the truth was that she was older than Clara by a few decades.


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