Reaper of the Martial World
849 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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849 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 4

After that event, no one dared to bother the young lady about her choice in husband anymore. Even though many thought she might be lying, after all, how could such an alchemy talent fly under their radar, they chose to let it be. With the young lady's talent, they simply didn't have the right to question her decisions, and clearly, even if she was lying, this romance of hers hadn't affected her focus on her craft at all, so they didn't have any right to complain.

That said, many thought she just made up this husband of hers entirely. It wasn't rare for young women, especially as beautiful as she was, to be harassed constantly by young masters who saw themselves as more important that the heavens themselves. Maybe she thought this imaginary husband of hers would alleviate some of the pressure on her.

However, after that day, those young geniuses itching to prove themselves to the beauty didn't even get an opportunity. In fact, she spent all of her time forging, hardly resting at all. That was, until yesterday, when she came to a her master with the very idea that caused this meeting of theirs.

Old Man Baker laughed uproariously, thinking about the day the azure robed elder's disciple got slapped so resoundingly.

"That's enough." A green robed elder spoke out. "I hope you called us all here for more reasons than to just brag about your disciple."

Unlike the other elders, this elder hardly cared about this young genius. That was because he was a runic vein master. Considering that truth, high soul talent was useless to him. In fact, those with high soul talent were usually the least talented in his faction.

Hearing this, all of the surrounding elders agreed, and looked toward the silver robed Old Man Baker. However, they instead found him looking at the elder that headed them all, wearing white robes. He looked particularly handsome and had piercing golden eyes.

This meeting of elders was one that could only be called by the heads of the various factions, and they were limited to only a single one per century. For Old Man Baker to use his privilege, one could understand that it was highly important to him. But, the fact he looked toward the current Sapientia Clan head made them realize that this was even more serious than they thought.

The truth was that this wasn't the true Sapientia Clan head, but one appointed to look over these meetings. However, his authority was absolute. After all, this quadrant was owned by Sapientia and it was a holy land for craftsmen like them. If they remained in their own individual clans, they would be treated extremely well, but they would never be able to progress. That was because this was the hub of knowledge, resources, and wealth, here they could take five steps for the energy it would to take one elsewhere.

The handsome Sapientia smiled as everyone's attention turned to him. "Elder Baker's disciple is truly a genius among geniuses." He sighed. "If she wasn't already married, I would have invited her to choose among our Sapientia Clan geniuses to join our family."

Hearing such words of praise, the surrounding elders couldn't help be shocked.

To the outside world, the Sapientia were magnanimous, especially in comparison to the other ancient clans. However, here, they were seen completely differently. They were the overlords of this quadrant.

While it was relatively simple to join branch clans of the Sapientia family, joining their main family was completely unheard of. For this Sapientia head to suggest such a thing… This meeting was about something bigger than any of them could even imagine.

However, when they heard him mention the young lady's marital status, they couldn't help but have odd gazes on their features.

They knew that this Sapientia Head didn't actually care about the young lady's marriage. What he cared about was the fact their Sapientia family actually knew nothing of her. Nothing angered the Sapientia family more than when they didn't know or understand something. For such a genius to appear out of nowhere, they couldn't stand not understanding her origins.

It would have been one thing if she was from the top three quadrants, after all, those were the only quadrants without Sapientia family branches, but all those who came from those three quadrants had very easily identifiable bloodlines that would be very difficult to hide.

That said, it seemed that this young woman had somehow contributed something that made the Sapientia completely forget their hate for her.

"I won't hold you all in suspense." The Sapientia head continued. "As you know, Elder Baker's disciple has been in seclusion for almost a year now. After her contest with Elder Mist's disciple, she has hardly appeared. However, it seems that that's because she's been working on something that will benefit my Sapientia family greatly. In fact, if her invention works as advertised, her contributions to my Sapientia family will rival even our highest ranking elders."

The eyes of the elders widened, before they all inadvertently turned their gazes toward Elder Baker. But, all they found was a grin so wide that his cheeks threatened to rip apart.
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However, they all couldn't help but feel that this had to be some sort of exaggeration. Maybe the Sapientia Head was only saying these things to pull the young lady into his family?

"Trust me." The Sapientia Head continued, seemingly reading their thoughts. "If it wasn't at least this important, I wouldn't call you all here." Smiling, the elder continued. "Let me introduce to you the invention that will lead us into a new age: The Internet."


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