Reaper of the Martial World
847 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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847 Clara, Ri and Madeleine 2

Within The Sapientia Quadrant, there weren't only the Sapientias. There were, in fact, many other family's who installed themselves within this quadrant in order to focus on their crafts. In fact, many of them gathered during this current meeting.

"Old Man Baker, that grin on your face hasn't faded for almost a year now. You old lecher, you're not doing anything indecent, are you?" An elder wearing robes red berated another wearing a silver robe who seemed to be absentmindedly smiling.

The one called Old Man Baker awoke from his thoughts, but didn't seem to disappointed. Instead, his grin grew more perfuse. "If you had a disciple as unquestionably spectacular as mine, you would be smiling all the time too. And for someone who visits Violet's Bloom Pavilion so often, you sure are quick to call others, lechers."

The red robed elder nearly choked on his tea, glaring at old man Baker for being so unbridled with his words. But, that only make the silver robed Old Man Baker laugh louder.

"Aiyah," Another elder chimed in, wearing golden robes, "For such a beautiful young lady to join your faction, the heavens must be blind."

Another silver robed elder, sitting behind Old Man Baker responded, clearly displeased. "What is that supposed to mean?"

The golden robed elder was actually a beautiful middle-aged woman who looked no more than 40 years old despite the fact the reality was far from that. In truth, for her to look even that old meant that she must have lived the majority of her current lifespan, or else she would look no older than 25.

However, because of her beauty and the clear brutish nature of the silver robed elder, she thought her meaning was quite clear and only giggled like a teenage girl instead of answering.

Old Man Baker harrumphed, "Who said that beauties can't join our Weapon's Master faction? Do you think they're all destined for your Magic's Master faction? Don't be ridiculous."

The golden robed elder sighed, "Just the idea of such a delicate girl spending all day in front of a burning furnace fills me with pain. She deserves better. With her soul talent, she could join almost any of us. How did you manage to snatch her up?"

Although energy control talent, and not soul talent, was necessary to join the Magic's Master faction, the golden robed elder's statement was still true. This beauty could have joined almost anyone, but it was especially rare for women to join the Weapon's Master faction. In fact, it was almost an oddity for it to occur.

Usually, the women who joined the silver robed, or Weapon's Master faction, were women born with what the golden robed elder looked at as cursed constitutions. The truth was that they weren't really cursed, they just forced the delicate female body into a giantess state where they had much more muscle mass than the typical woman. However, to the golden robed elder, this was definitely a type of curse.

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Hearing the question, Old Man Baker grinned, "She came to me, saying that she wanted to become the greatest weapon's craftswoman in existence, how could I refuse?"

An azure robed elder snorted. "You old codger. Don't bullshit us. A young woman with a peak grade innate soul wanted to become a Weapon's Master? Ridiculous."

Old Man Baker shrugged, "Whether you believe me or not isn't my problem. You should have a few understandings of how arrogant she is, you think she'd allow me to manipulate her into a decision?" By the end, he sounded almost bitter.

The azure robed elder had an ugly expression on his face. He had indeed seen the overbearing side of this young woman.

It didn't take long for everyone to realize the talent of this young lady. In fact, it had only taken a few weeks because she kept breaking records time and time again. She was already a grade 12 Grandmaster Weapon's Master, it defied all logic for someone so young to reach such a level. All of her peers were at least a few hundred years old, but she wasn't even 20 yet!

If it wasn't for the fact their factions had methods to confirm soul age, they would assume that some shameless old fox had taken over the body of that young beauty.

Maybe the most shocking part was that when she got here, she was only a master grade weapon's master. Such improvement made no sense at all!

That aside, when rumors of this young woman spread, countless elders flooded the weapon's pavilion to try and take her as a disciple. This was because things worked differently in The Sapientia Quadrant.

Every faction was divided by robe color. Red robes signified Formation masters, Golden robes were magic's masters, azure robes were alchemy masters, silver robes were weapon's masters, so on and so forth.

However, there was a special robe reserved for geniuses. These geniuses had such talent as craftsmen that it was a shame for them to box themselves into only a single discipline. These geniuses often learned two disciplines at once, some of the more overwhelming ones learned three! For them, white robes were reserved.

Obviously taking this tradition of geniuses into account, the elders were eager to have the young lady join their factions. However, they knew they had to be quick because even the greatest genius in their history could only learn three disciplines at once.

But… The ending was something none of them could imagine. The young lady rejected them all!


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