Reaper of the Martial World
843 Second Trial 162
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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843 Second Trial 162

Seeing Dyon ignore her, Luna didn't feel wronged, nor did she feel dissatisfied, in fact, she only felt that it was right. After all the pain she had caused, the fact that Dyon hadn't come here to kill her personally was gratifying enough. But, she couldn't help but feel anguish over the fact Dyon's last words to her were "Thank You"… And yet… She betrayed that in the end…

"I know that there's nothing I can do to make this up to you, however, I will personally guide Amphorae into reincarnation." Luna said quietly. "I'll also make sure that she doesn't lose any of her memories, as long as she sees you once in her next life, she will remember everything… That is the least I owe you…"

Dyon's dead eyes looked up when Luna said this, causing Luna to feel a raging killing intent crash into her. However, Luna could tell that this killing intent wasn't aimed toward her, it was as though Dyon wanted to destroy everything in existence and tear the heavens apart.

But, when he heard Luna's words about reincarnating Amphorae with her memories, his heart which had just about stopped beating, suddenly startled awake.

The truth was, even if Amphorae reincarnated, Dyon had no idea how he would find her. In fact, if she reincarnated right now, wouldn't she be dead or have transcended by the his modern era came into being? On top of all of that, the cosmos was massive. Each long universe had trillions of people, let alone the fact this ancient era had a near infinite number of them, while his own still had ten thousand.

Finding Amphorae under such circumstances was a fool's errand. But, Dyon no longer despaired. He wasn't the type of person to be daunted by the odds, if there was a way, he would find it.

He had long since given up on his parents, but that was only a means of maturing for him. He could never give up on Amphorae. Not because he loved her more than his parents, but because, to him, she was his companion for life. They had a deep seeded connection Dyon couldn't explain, in fact, he had this very same connection with every one of his wives. It was a feeling that made him understand that he never wanted to leave them in this life time.

When Dyon told Madeleine that he didn't need a second wife, he had been serious. At that moment, he had seen so many women, even beautiful ones at that, but he hadn't batted an eye. Whether it be celebrities from his human world, Delia, Ava, or even Evelyn's little sister. That didn't even mention those like Venus and Tammy. And yet, he felt incomparably content with only Madeleine.

Although it was true that Madeleine was far more beautiful than them all, something deep inside Dyon was telling him that that didn't matter. He knew there was something else, something unimaginable connecting the two of them.

But then, Dyon met Ri. And at that moment, it was like all those feelings Madeleine had stirred within him had awakened and bloomed again in almost the same way for someone completely different. It was at that point that Dyon was sure that it had nothing to do with beauty because Ri's appearance was truly as normal as it got when he first met her.

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That moment with Ri then trudged up the feelings he had buried long ago for Clara. He could tell that Madeleine's place in his heart was exceptionally special because only she could force him to be unable to bury his feelings for her, and yet she also made it impossible for him to reject all others he felt this connection with.

The fourth woman to give him this very same connection was Amphorae. He simply couldn't let her go… Although a child must eventually grow up and leave the house of their parents, it's their wives and husbands that they should never leave. Dyon, for as long as he lived, would never give up on finding Amphorae. She would stand by his side as he looked down on the world with disdain! He would never allow this to happen again!

As for Luna, Dyon had no idea if his feelings for her were even real. He was very clear on the fact he was manipulated. As such, could he really place her in the place he reserved for the loves of his life? In fact, even though his Perception allowed him to see Luna's intentions, he didn't even say a single word to stop her… Maybe deep down, he resented her existence as much as she did…

Although Luna could sense this, and it filled her with an indescribable hurt to the depths of her soul, she didn't blame Dyon in the least. She found it better this way. Since the only person who had wanted her to live, her mother, was dead, there was no need to stay any longer…

She knew the Angel Clan wanted her dead for her betrayal. She knew that her own elder sister hated her to the depths of her soul. And, even her own husband refused to see her as his wife anymore. She was truly a great existence as the mysterious clans said, wasn't she? How laughable.

Luna choked on her laughter as an endless stream of tears fell from her eyes.

Her foot shifted backwards, causing small bits of pebbles to fall from the edge of the cliff, only to be instantly obliterated by the raging winds below.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Elder Conli raged. He flashed forward, but he had forgotten about something very important: The Flower in his chest.

In that moment, a fountain of blood fell from the chest of a half-step transcendent as he fell from the skies, dead.

Luna's hand waved as a stream that only her eyes could see appeared before her. The stream was filled with endless souls, floating through time and waiting to be reincarnated.

She delicately placed three souls within, flooding them with endless good karma. She was doing something completely Heaven Defying without batting a single eye, and yet the universe didn't dare to raise even a single word of complaint.

The bundles of her mother's, Amphorae's, and Laura's souls nestled in, reverting to the form of small babies wrapped in golden light as they bobbed along the stream of reincarnation.

Having finished her task, Luna smiled her final smile. "Goodbye," She said softly.

When Dyon heard these words, he finally woke up. "LUNA, NO!"

However, having heard this, Luna only smiled. In fact, she was incomparably happy that Dyon decided that he cared for her life in the end enough to put aside his anger and call out to her, but, she had already made her decision and Dyon no longer had the power to stop her.

With that final thought, Luna slipped of her own accord, closing her eyes as her body was enveloped in raging winds. In an instant, her petite body was shredded to pieces, not leaving even blood behind.


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