Reaper of the Martial World
842 Second Trial 161
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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842 Second Trial 161

Dyon powerlessly fell to the ground, roaring into the skies.

Tears fell from the eyes of Amphorae's parents as their attacks against the mysterious clan dao experts grew fiercer. If only they were stronger, if only they had finished their opponents off faster, maybe, just maybe, their daughter would still be alive.

In the distance, Luna's face was so pale that she directly coughed up mouthfuls of blood continuously. Her once glowing complexion was nowhere to be seen, replaced by tears and endless grief.

Luna had done too much wrong in her life. She had caused her own sister so much pain that she fell for their disgusting father. She had ruined almost 30 years of Dyon's life and even led to the destruction of his clan. But, maybe the person she had harmed the most was Amphorae.

Not only had she forcibly taken Amphorae's love through underhanded means, she had caused her years of misery.

Michael, the man who had supposedly fallen for Amphorae was just yet another manipulated by Luna. In her attempt to make it up to Amphorae, she had sent off another man to his death.

Amphorae, who had blamed herself for Michael's death, had actually not been responsible at all.

Then, Luna didn't bat an eye when she decided to eradicate the Angel Clan, thinking that this was what she owed her sister, but she had only ended up causing endless misery to a group of people who had done nothing wrong.

And in the end, even Amphorae's death had been her fault.

If she hadn't hesitated in helping Dyon, how could he have been blown away so decisively? If she had supported him to the end, Amphorae would have never needed to step in at all, and she could still be living…

"I don't deserve to live…" Luna, for the first time in her life, felt clarity. She simply didn't deserve to be on this earth. Her every attempt to "help" ended in disaster, and even when her decision was correct to begin with, she always ended up somehow making the wrong choice in the end.

Her powers shouldn't exist in this world, and neither should she.

Luna looked back toward the valley of the wind abyssal core, yet even in the face of her own death, she only felt like this was right. However, before she left, there was something she had to do…

Elder Conli lay limply in the middle of the crater, anger lighting his gut as he raged inwardly. How had he been put in such a state by a mere child?!

His heart contracted again. Elder Conli could tell that if he output power any more than a saint, this flower would immediately crush his heart to smithereens. Although he was angered beyond belief, he had to think of a solution. He couldn't allow this to continue.

Slowly, he raised himself out of the crater. He would have to gamble. However, the moment he reached the top of the crater, a voice called out to him, causing his head to snap quickly toward a certain direction.

"Elder Conli!" Luna stood up with a streak of red blood flowing down her white dress. Her feet were bare, and just barely creeping toward the edge of the valley. As long as she willed it, she would fall and die before Elder Conli could do a thing. Although energy attacks had no effect on her, that was only if she didn't wish them to. If she fell and allowed the attacks, she could even force the wills to attack her with greater ferocity than they would anyone else.

Elder Conli's eyes narrowed. "So you've finally shown yourself! Good, Good. As long as you come with me, I promise to not kill anyone else."

He looked toward Dyon, but Dyon didn't seem to have heard anything. He only continued to hold Amphorae's withered corpse in his arms, unable to muster the strength to do anything else.
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"You've tormented me and my family for so long. You've caused so much suffering and heart-ache, and yet, you're still a far better person than I am." Luna's voice rang out resolutely.

"In my own life, I've harmed two sisters and a husband who all loved me dearly, and I have nothing to pay them back with other than my own worthless life.

"Today, this all ends. You'll never get what you want. You can simply wait for the day where my former father in law cuts off your head!"

Elder Conli's expression changed, "Wait! Do you really think I can't still kill your family after you've died? Are you so naïve?!"

Luna sneered, "Even in the end, you're still threatening me. Look around you! You've destroyed a fourth of the planet! Any moment now, Planet Haven will be no more. You've already killed my mother in your rage," Luna's words choked when said this. After Elder Conli's aura erupted, the first thing she had done was sense for her mother's aura… But… The fourth of Planet Haven Conli had annihilated included the Moon Clan territory…

As for her sister, although Luna couldn't bring herself to say it, she truly thought that death might be a sort of release for her sister…

The moment she had decided to kill herself, she felt a certain clarity that opened a world of new abilities to her. Now, all she wanted to do was guide her mother, Amphorae and Laura into reincarnation, and then she could die in peace… Wasn't it ironic that during her own final end, she had learned to manipulate the energies of life and death?...

Luna looked toward Dyon's disheveled and pitiful figure. She felt her heart clench as tears fell from her eyes.

"I'm sorry," Her voice traveled directly to Dyon, not allowing anyone else to hear. However, Dyon didn't seem to have noticed anything…


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