Reaper of the Martial World
841 Second Trial 160
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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841 Second Trial 160

Elder Conli's power erupted, but Amphorae had already began falling from the sky.

Her wings weakly flapped, trying to slow her descent, but every attempt ended with a rain of red feathers… It was truly a bird's last song…

Amphorae's last note resounded through the air, piercing toward Elder Conli at a speed that shouldn't be possible for sound. However, unlike the other 8 verses, Elder Conli's heart was being fiercely protected by an aura that could only be produced by a half-step transcendent.

The earth was obliterated in an instant. Under the power of such a being, even a planet of the ancient era could hardly withstand just the simple release of his power.

A crater spanning thousands of miles appeared in an instant, leaving only Elder Conli's presence for as far as the eye could see… It was truly a power that shocked everyone, if one looked at Planet Haven from the sky, it would look as though a God had reached his hand out and removed a large chunk of it.

The large dao array in the sky disappeared, without Amphorae's power to keep it in existence, it could only fade away, unable to continue supplying much of anything.

Elder Conli roared with laughter, "Do you think you think your life is worthy enough to be exchanged for mine?! Die knowing that you did so in vein!"

Even if Amphorae wanted respond, she simply didn't have the energy to. However, before Elder Conli could celebrate for too long, he noticed a seed growing on his heart. In the blink of an eye, it grew into a sapling, and then it became a stalk, then it bloomed into a blood red flower.

The hole in his chest that he had only just healed burst again. What horrified Elder Conli was that the more power he put into healing himself, the faster the flower bloomed!

In that moment, he realized just how foolish he had been. Each of the first eight verses of Amphorae's self-created Maiden's Song were a direct stamp on the heart. Every note felt as though it was reverberating from the very depths of your soul and had it been anyone but Elder Conli withstanding her attacks, their heart would have long since burst apart into nothingness.

However, the ninth verse was different. Its attack was no longer simple vibrations, but had stepped into a level of music dao that Dyon couldn't fathom. To beget life from song…

Maiden's Song was the culmination of Amphorae's life. Everything from her love, to her pain and resignation. In the end, no matter how angered she was by her love, it would still bloom… And no matter how angry Elder Conli was, he would only fuel his own death…

The blood red flower clenched Elder Conli heart, restricting his very soul and making his every breath as difficult as ascending the heavens.

Dyon's roar finally broke the infernal silence. He had only just managed to cross back into the area of his formation, but before he could fully heal himself, Elder Conli had blasted the earth apart, taking with him a large portion of the formation he had created.

By this point, Dyon was, at the very least, no longer a bundle of blood meat held together by only his will power, but he was still a bloodied humanoid mess in agonizing pain. He only had the faintest layer of skin, barely covering the outline of his muscles and skeleton. He was so weak that he could only drag his body through the air, but he still moved as fast as he could, catching Amphorae just before she hit the ground.

They both tumbled. Dyon was far too weak to bear her weight, and Amphorae couldn't lift a finger.

Tears fell down Dyon's cheeks as he held Amphorae's body with his last bits of remaining strength. Her body was so weak that he felt as though the slightest bit of pressure might cause her to scatter into the wind.

"Don't leave me…" Dyon's voice was completely broken. His body trembled, forgetting his own pain, his only focus was the beauty in his arms.

Amphorae's closed eyes fluttered open when she heard Dyon's voice. Her nerves were complete fried so she hadn't even been able to distinguish hitting the ground and being in Dyon's arms, but the pain in her husband's voice called out to her slowly fading soul.

She tried to lift her hand to touch Dyon's cheek, but it could only fall weakly to her side, without the strength to lift up again.
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Her lips were cracked and bleeding, unable to open to say her last words…

But, her fading soul still held a connection to Dyon and it conveyed her last wishes perfectly…

"A King can't cry before his people, stay strong… I'm glad that I could fight by your side in the end…"

No matter how hard Dyon tried, he couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

He tried to pour life energy into Amphorae, but Elder Conli's eruption had completely destroyed the formation.

He weakly got up with Amphorae in his arms, trying to drag himself and her to the large crater Elder Conli had made. With how large the spiritual vein was, even to the point where it wrapped around the planet's core, Elder Conli had to have exposed it right? Maybe he could save Amphorae like that.

Dyon grunted, holding Amphorae's body close to his chest as he practically crawled his way forward. The Angel army, which had just been watching, had been completely blown away by Elder Conli's rage. Even if they wanted to help, they were on their last legs as well…

However, it was all for naught… Before Dyon could even make it half way to the edge of the crater, Amphorae's soul sounded out with one final message before her body fell completely limp.

"Goodbye Dyon, My King… I love you…"


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