Reaper of the Martial World
840 Second Trial 159
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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840 Second Trial 159

Dyon knew exactly what Amphorae was thinking, and seeing Elder Conli didn't fill him with any joy, it only filled him with endless pain.

Unlike Dyon, Amphorae's soul had yet to cross the celestial barrier. Not everyone had the same overwhelming soul talent as Dyon, so soul cultivation almost always lagged behind their body or energy cultivation depending on the type of expert they were.

Amphorae was no different. Despite being an otherworldly talent, Amphorae was from a race of body cultivators. Although her own talent far outweighed that of beasts, and was actually better in comparison to many humans as well, it was completely unheard of for someone to reach the celestial level of soul cultivation in less than a 100 years.

If Amphorae continued, she would die!

However, Amphorae didn't seem to care.

"Seventh Verse: Persephone's Misery!"

Black blood flew from Amphorae's mouth, but she forcibly suppressed the next surges, resolutely plucking her strings again.

Her pure white hair became bathed in a violet light, dripping from the skies and coating it in blood. Even her wings were affected, turning into a dark burgundy.

The Earth split open, causing tongues of flames to envelop Elder Conli's screaming body even as the hellish notes continued to pound his heart into minced meat.

'It's not enough, it's not enough.' Hatred filled Amphorae's eyes. Even her parents were fighting in the distance felt their hearts tremble. Was this really their daughter? Was her love really so deep?

In that moment, Dyon finally realized he had made a mistake. If he was there, if he was by her side now, why would she have to go so far? She may have dealt with a small burden, and most definitely would have ended up injured, but he would have been able to heal her directly, as well as protect her soul.

But now, he was a mangled mess. He couldn't even move!

Amphorae coughed up another mouthful of blood. But, she wiped it away on her sleeve, looking off in the distance at a particular direction.

Her delicate features were covered in blood, her purity was matted in an endless aura of murder, and yet, there was nothing but love in her gaze when she turned her head in that direction.

Suddenly, a blaze of white flames erupted around Amphorae.

What was left of Dyon's heart, clenched. 'NO!'

However, it was too late. Amphorae's soul burned brilliantly, releasing wave after wave of pure energy, causing the dao array behind her to rumble, expanding to a size that could even encapsulate the entire planet.

Wings of gold burst from the meat sack that was Dyon. Ignoring the excruciating pain, he trudged through the air slowly, unable to reach even 1% of his max speed. He had to cover hundreds of miles, and yet, he felt like he was already collapsing after a single one.

The angels and Laura raised their hands to their mouths in shock. But, there was nothing any of them could do anymore…

'CONLI, I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!' Dyon's mind raged as he spurred on his wings as fast as they would go.

Dyon fell from the skies, tumbling into the dirt as his wings threatened to flicker into non-existence. Pain racked what was left of his body even as a trail of meat, bones and blood collapsed as he rolled forward.

Amphorae extended her hand. What once was a delicate existence, unblemished by the world, was now completely mangled. Her nails were cracked and filled with dried blood, her skin was blistered and cracking, she couldn't even move her fingers freely anymore, she could only force them to stay in place as she moved her body to pluck the strings.

"Eighth Verse: Pomegranate Seed's Bloom!"

Elder Conli roared as his chest was blasted apart. In that moment, the poison he had suppressed erupted once again, he no longer had the ability to continue to suppress it, or else he really would die to Amphorae's attacks!

Dyon forcibly kept his wings corporeal. He wasn't even able to summon three pairs, in fact, the single pair he could summon wasn't even golden. Instead, it was a mangled and faded black and white, the color of his original set of wings. To say that he was drawing on his final strands of vitality was an understatement… The only thing keeping his muscles moving was Dyon's runic flames, which infiltrated his wings to force them to contract and expand.

By this point, Amphorae was nothing more than a skeleton. That one attack had already taken everything she had… But, she still raised her arm again.
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Amphorae's mother's eyes reddened even as her father roared into the skies. For dao experts to lose control of their feelings, it could be said that only something that affected them to the depths of their hearts could do so… They both only had one child, and now they were watching her give up her life all for the sake of protecting them all…

"Ninth Verse…" Amphorae's voice sounded out weakly as she looked down at Elder Conli's mangled body.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Elder Conli roared. Did they think he would really keep holding back his power if his life was on the line?

Dyon fell from the skies again, but he didn't give up. Using his wings almost like legs, he pierced them into the ground, dragging his body along as he finally crossed back into the range of his formation.

"… Summer's Last Wither."


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