Reaper of the Martial World
838 Second Trial 157
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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838 Second Trial 157

The poison dao on Dyon's blade didn't stand a chance. He could send Elder Conli flying with the help of three, but now that he only had one, cutting through his defenses was nothing more than a pipe dream.

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Dyon's body was sent flying. In a mere moment, his entire body became a bloody ball of meat, flying through the skies.

Mountain ranges collapsed as his skin burned through the air, making him looking like a red comet leaving his mark in the clouds.

Dyon didn't even have a chance to cough up blood. If someone were looking at him right now, it would be impossible to tell where his head was, let alone his mouth. If Elder Conli hadn't been holding his strength back, Dyon would have been vaporized in an instant, leaving nothing for anyone to look at, at all.

Amphorae's heart clutched with pain. She hadn't even been able to see Elder Conli move, but she could see Dyon's sorry figure smashing through mountain after mountain.

"NO!" Amphorae's shriek threatened to burst the hearts of anyone who heard it. Filled with nothing but pain and endless hatred, her voice affected everyone, unleashing the truth power of a music will expert.

Never had the world seen such a will before, as it was birthed because of Amphorae's own genius. From youth, Amphorae had always been fascinated with the product a group of specially chosen sounds could create together. After Dyon broke her heart, she spent her days basking in those feelings of sorrow, testing and studying whatever she could in order to convey what she felt inside. To her, her only means of venting was her music.

Amphorae created all sort of instruments, many of which she destroyed so that no one would ever find them, but the one she couldn't bear to was the very instrument she had created with Dyon.

In her younger years, when her every day was filled with joy, happiness and anticipation, the only person who she ever told about her hobby was her future husband. Even her own mother had no idea.

On one particular day, Dyon was listening to her play on a flute she had created out of makeshift bamboo when he became lost in thought looking at her hair. In that moment, while he was overwhelmed by the beauty of her red and gold streaks, he had made an off-hand comment that shook Amphorae to her core.

"They look like they have a story to tell… How beautiful would the sounds of your hair be? Locks of red and gold… Is it the tale of a bloody massacre or an unyielding queen…?"

Maybe even Dyon had forgotten he said those words, but Amphorae never forgot. That was when she began to try and create music with her hair, and it was the very product of that that Dyon found when he visited her cabin on that day.

It might have been the will of the heavens, or maybe it was just by coincidence, but it wasn't until Dyon and Amphorae worked together that she finally perfected the lyre… Dyon gave her the structure, while she elevated it to a level never before seen in this world.

And now, that unyielding queen was feeling an anger she had never felt before!

When she learned about Luna, she wasn't angry. When her love left her, she wasn't angry. Even when the life and death of her clan was in the balance, she never felt anger.

But, now? As she watched the man she had given her everything to be willing to fight and die for her, something snapped.

Wings of pure white burst from her slender back, spanning more than two meters each and blowing away anyone who stood near her.

In the next moment, a lyre of pure gold appeared as the roar of a Dragon descended from the skies.

In the distance, Dyon's eyes no longer existed. In fact, even his ears had been completely blown away from existence. If someone were to come by and see him now, they would mistake him for a bag of meat prepared by a butcher that was terrible at their craft. And yet, she could feel Amphorae's rage as her soul resonated with his own.

He no longer had the mouth to speak, but if he could, he would be pleading with Amphorae to run, to not do anything stupid… To survive…

But, his Queen was thoroughly enraged now. Her red-gold hair burned into a pure white as her oppressive aura only grew. The lyre in her hand expanded to ten times its size, becoming a harp of epic proportions that was easily double Amphorae's height. The Dragon embroidered around it snapped to life, erupting with golden streaks of lightning as its roars continued that made all those who saw it tremble with terror.

"Maiden's Song!" Amphorae's lovable voice, laced with grief called out, tears streaking down her delicate cheeks. "First Verse: Love's First Sight!"

A massive dao array appeared behind Amphorae, once appearing a pure white before lightning coursed through its runes. It expanded again and again, blotting out the whole sky as her small hands reached for the strings of her harp.

Against all logic, when the first note was played, there wasn't a single sound. The world was completely silent. If it wasn't for the resounding vibrations, so fierce they could be seen by the naked eye, reverberating from the harp's strings, one might even believe that Amphorae hadn't attacked at all. But, that was when it happened…



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