Reaper of the Martial World
837 Second Trial 156
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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837 Second Trial 156

Dyon's body flashed around the sky, skirting by the raging Elder Conli with ease.

At first, Dyon felt that controlling too many daos at once would fry his mind too quickly, so he started with just one. But, when he realized that it was a lot easier than he assumed, he had increased it to three immediately. It wasn't until he wanted to trick Elder Conli into losing his arm that he summoned the fourth poison dao.

It was suffice to say that for an expert like Elder Conli, the same trick wouldn't work twice. In fact, despite losing 60% of his combat ability, the truth of the matter was that he hadn't become any easier to fight. That was because he was restricting himself to less than 10% of his ability from the very beginning for fear of destroying Planet Haven. So, Dyon never relaxed, even for a moment.

"DO YOU THINK I WON'T DARE TO KILL THE WHOLE OF YOUR ANGEL CLAN?!" Elder Conli felt like he was losing his mind. In the beginning, he was a bit apprehensive that he couldn't see Dyon's cultivation, but with his experience and after fighting so long, he could tell that Dyon's usual peak battle prowess was at most the mid-celestial level, and that was accounting for that intelligence of his, not his raw power. If it was about raw power, Dyon could just barely stand up to normal geniuses of the lower celestial level: meaning peak 2nd grade to lower 1st grade celestials. That was, of course, because Dyon's soul and wills were sealed, so he was only worth that evaluation.

However, after time passed, he noticed that Dyon's body was growing stronger and stronger. He could somehow completely reform his insides?! How could he bear such pain?!

Elder Conli could only watch with a look of disgust on his face as Dyon basically used him as a training dummy. When he saw Dyon had stopped tempering his organs and bones, and instead diffused Elder Conli's attacks directly to his skin, something in Conli's mind snapped. He had never felt so humiliated in his life!

Watching Dyon's caramel skin burst apart, leaving nothing but a bundle of muscle and bones, only for it to regrow stronger, was truly maddening.

Dyon sneered. "Sure, go ahead and kill them." Dyon's words stunned the angels, but when they heard his next words, they couldn't help but feel the level their King's intelligence reached had lapped them all. "Just know that Luna is disguised among them, so if you accidentally kill her, that'd be something you'd have to bear on your own."

Elder Conli's eyes turned scarlet hearing Dyon's words. He had been looking for Luna this entire time, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't lock onto her signature. The worst part was that he knew this would happen well before hand, however they all thought it hadn't mattered since they controlled the life and death of her mother and sister.

Because of Luna's energy control abilities, finding her through divine sense was impossible. If she really wanted, you wouldn't be able to tell she was there even if she was standing right in front of you. Dyon had deduced this to be a heavy possibility because he was able to communicate with his Ministers even in battle and even they couldn't find her location right now.

Of course, Dyon assumed that she was still in the dungeon. It wasn't because he hadn't thought of the possibility of her escape, but it was more so that the smarter decision would be to stay put.

'Wait… Energy Control?...' Suddenly Dyon thought of a possibility that made him involuntarily look at his glaive with a complicated expression.

"Thank you." He said softly. Although it seemed like he was talking to no one, a petite figure in the distance couldn't help but tremble when she heard those words.

Dyon's blood essence integration approached 34%. Although this seemed slow considering it was only a 2% increase, other than taking a beautiful maiden's virginity, Dyon's integration had never increased so much in a single sitting. The more poignant point was that it also became harder the more he integrated.

"LUNA GET OUT HERE NOW OR DO YOU BELIEVE I WON'T KILL YOUR SISTER RIGHT NOW?!" Elder Conli's voice pierced right to Luna's most fragile weakness.

"I'd like to see you try." Dyon replied coldly.

However, Elder Conli no longer bothered with him, immediately flashing toward Veles who was holding Laura hostage.

In that moment, Dyon felt a piercing pain in his mind. Suddenly the burden of using daos multiplied by hundreds, immediately sapping his energy at an alarming rate. In an instant, 90% of his mental energy disappeared, forcing him to undo all of his activated daos except for the poison fog around him.

He popped yet another pure white pill, a look of clear fatigue suffusing his features. Dyon breathed heavily, ignoring his pain and teleporting in front of Elder Conli without regard for his own life.
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Dyon raised his glaive, roaring with all his might as he focused his poison dao to the bladed edge. The move that had once been simple drained him of almost all of his remaining mental energy, but he swung down anyway, a look of pure and unbridled fury and determination on his features.

Elder Conli smirked to himself when he saw this. 'As expected, without her help, there was no way this ant could control such energy. Look at how tired he is after only a brief moment alone.'

"PATHETIC!" Elder Conli's hand became the focal point of an accumulation of energy. "OBLITERATION!"


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