Reaper of the Martial World
836 Second Trial 155
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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836 Second Trial 155

Dyon's body turned to absolute mush. If one looked into his body, they would be absolutely horrified. His organs, muscles and bones had become a disgusting and vile soup. Even his brain, which he had protected the most, had shards of bone sticking out of it. If his soul hadn't reached the point where it could separate from his body, meaning the celestial level, he would have definitely died! Although his soul was sealed, he was still capable of thinking with it. Using it, he was able to remain conscious for long enough to flood his body with Life and Primordial Energy.

In an instant, his deflated body became far more powerful. If he hadn't suppressed the energy to focus on tempering his bones and muscles to a stronger level, his height would have easily shot up by at least a meter!

The only reason Dyon's skin hadn't burst apart was because he was constantly flooding it with energy. If his body didn't have a vessel to hold it, there would be no hope of healing him at all.

This kind of body tempering was ridiculously terrifying. To shatter everything in your body, only leaving the skin behind, wasn't that just asking for death?! However, Dyon did it without batting an eye. Even as the pain ravaged through his body, the cold killing intent within him never faded.

However, it was all worth it. After only two rounds of complete tempering, Dyon could already feel like his body would be comparable to when he used second stage of the first act of Demon Emperor's Will in its base form. That meant a 4x increase in his prowess already! That said, he also noticed that the second tempering, although much more thorough, was also only as effective as the first. But, that was to be expected, it would be foolish to think that Primordial Energy could increase his strength infinitely.

What truly made Dyon happy, though, was that fact that this tempering also made integrating the Demon Sage's blood essence hundreds of times easier! Because his bones were completely destroyed, he no longer had to pierce through them to drill the Demon Sage's blood essence into his true blood essence. He had actually found such a short cut, albeit a very painful short cut.

Dyon knew he had to take advantage of this. He didn't know when he would find a life energy source like the spiritual vein again, and without one, using this method was only asking to die. Although the Energy Core had only taken decades to build up this store, that was in the ancient era, the energy hear was hundreds of times denser than in Dyon's time. What took decades here would definitely take millennia there. He couldn't waste this opportunity.

Amphorae could only watch in horror as Dyon's body constantly inflated and deflated. She knew exactly what was happening, she wasn't stupid. Although Dyon seemed incomparably valiant right now, so much so that it made her heart throb with love, she also knew that he was facing a ridiculous amount of pain right now.

Elder Conli blasted his way out of the mountain range he had fallen into. His entire right arm was blackened, boils filled with puss were growing along it without reserve, giving it a disgusting contrast of brownish-green and black.

With great pain and rage in his eyes, he didn't hesitate to chop his arm off. When a cultivator reached his level, each limb was incomparably important. There were only 108 meridians in the body. 36 of them were centered in the torso and head, however, there were 18 in each limb!
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18 meridians were the equivalent of two grades. Meaning, the difference between a peak first grade expert and a peak third grade expert was exactly 18 meridians.

The difference between two grades was no joke. A first grade expert could look down on third grade experts with complete impunity. Elder Conli losing his arm was the equivalent was losing more than 60% of his combat prowess.

In addition to this, energy path battle techniques relied on how many meridians you could circulate them through. Meaning, a lower-class technique required less activated meridians. This topic is actually quite complex, but the main point was that it was impossible to use even heaven class battle skills to their peak with 99 meridians. As for divine class battle techniques, to train them to their peak, it required 108 meridians.

With the loss of his arm, Elder Conli was basically restricted to using Earth class battle techniques.

This was without a doubt a devastating blow. Although it was possible to regrow an arm, the higher realm you reached, the higher the pill requirement was. For someone at the level of a half-step transcendent, even a normal Star level pill wouldn't work. With the limited power of the mysterious clans, even if Elder Conli sold all of his possessions, he still might not find a suitable pill.

"THIS DAMN ANGEL CLAN!!" Elder Conli looked like a mad man who had lost his mind. He flashed forward with such speed that had Dyon not been ready to teleport, even it might not have been fast enough.

Dyon completed coated his surroundings with dao level poison, however, Elder Conli was ready now. Before, the only reason it worked was because he hadn't thought to use his energy to protect himself. He had simply underestimated Dyon's ability to harm him, and he had suffered greatly!

"GIVE ME YOUR HEAD!!" Elder Conli was thoroughly enraged. His eyes bulged with a bloody redness. He was even more determined to steal Luna away, maybe only with her otherworldly means could he have a chance to have his arm back.

As Dyon flashed about, dodging the madman that was pursuing him, his mind was actually on something else entirely. In order to control these energies, it should have also taken mental energy, after using it for so long, he should have felt at least some signs of fatigue. So, why was he perfectly alright? In fact, he felt like he could go on forever. What was going on? Did draining his mental energy temper it as well?

What Dyon didn't know was that he was only half correct. Although his mental energy was tempered, there was also another much more important reason. In fact, if his nerves weren't so focused on dodging elder Conli and healing his body when it practically burst apart, he would have already noticed that just a few miles away, looking on as the battle raged on, was a violet eyed girl with heaven shaking beauty.

She sat at the edge of a valley so deep that the bottom couldn't be seen, but what could be felt was a wind so powerful that even a dao formation expert would be torn apart with a thought. This was the Angel Clan wind abyssal core!

Dyon would soon find out that the reason wielding all these energies took no effort on his part was because Luna was constantly pouring her will into his formation, making the once unruly energy completely docile and obedient.

Despite the fatigue on her face, she wiped her brow with a smile on her face. For the first time in her life, she felt good about something she had done.


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