Reaper of the Martial World
835 Second Trial 154
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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835 Second Trial 154

A spine-tingling wave of killing intent came from behind Elder Conli, causing his eyes to widen. He actually didn't dare to ignore the attack!

Elder Conli turned abruptly, only to find a world splitting glaive falling down.


A miserable figure flew out, slamming into the earth and burrowing into it hundreds of meters. That figure was actually Elder Conli!

In the skies, Dyon vomited a mouth-full of blood, unable to withstand the impact. His arms even directly shattered, however that was when he funneled the energy of the spiritual vein into himself directly. Since it was on a smaller scale, he didn't need to use the crystal staff and instead directly used the ring on his finger.

This was nothing short of self-mutilation, but Dyon didn't bat an eye. In fact, he treated it like training.

With every strike, every bone in his body would directly be turned to mush, then he'd flood his body with life energy from the spiritual vein, but also allow ridiculous amounts of Primordial Energy to interweave the structure of his bones, multiplying his physical prowess with every refinement.

Elder Conli roared in anger, erupting from the earth under everyone's astonished eyes and flying toward Dyon at breakneck speeds.

He was incomparably angry. This was supposed to be as easy as slaughtering chicken, yet he had actually been sent flying by a junior?!
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The problem was that the requirements to become a half-step transcendent was to cross the barrier into a high-level dao, corresponding to the 7th-9th dao level. Although not everyone who managed to do so would reach that level, all those who had succeeded, obviously had. This meant one thing: even for a half-step transcendent like Elder Conli, the maximum will level he could use was at the dao level. Understanding this, how could dao level abyssal energy not have the power to content with him?!

However now, Dyon faced his own problem. Although his thinking speed could keep up with Elder Conli, his eyes and body definitely could not. He couldn't even see Conli as he sped toward him. All he knew was that he was most definitely headed toward him right now.

That said, Dyon didn't panic. He was already ready for the possibility that his eyes would fail him, and he also knew that his Perception's effectiveness would be halved without his eyesight. After all, it was a martial art, meaning it relied on his body. A so-called 6th sense was more energy and soul related. But, Dyon was prepared.

He disappeared again. With his thinking speed, all he needed to do was be aware that Elder Conli would attack him and he could react. While normal cultivators of his level wouldn't be able to react, he could!

Elder Conli's rage couldn't help but be stifled by complete disbelief.

Before, when Dyon disappeared, he had assumed that it was because he was careless. However, that didn't make sense. As a half-step transcendent, how could a mere boy slip by him so easily? No, the truth was that Dyon had teleported!

The purpose of the first ring Amphorae handed him was to give him the ability to use the massive teleportation formation he had laid across the entirety of the angel clan territory. He could essentially teleport anywhere within a set few hundreds of miles with a single thought. While the purpose of the second ring was to allow him to control the energy of the spiritual vein as well as the angel clan abyssal cores!

Dyon flashed around, not allowing Elder Conli to lock onto him for even an instant.

By now, the rage in Elder Conli's eyes was clear. He was sure that Dyon couldn't see him at his movement speed, but he also couldn't lock down Dyon's aura. Every time he teleported, his aura would completely vanish before reappearing. This was the first time in his life that Elder Conli regretted not spending the time to learn spatial daos. The problem was that spatial daos were much too troublesome!

Seeing Elder Conli roar with rage, Dyon's eyes flashed with decisiveness again.

He teleported, appearing to the elder's side in an instant with an attack already prepared. He swung down with all his might, not caring for his bones in the least.

Suddenly, Elder Conli's eyes sharpened. His rage disappeared with a sneer, "You're still too green!"

However, the mocking light in Dyon's eyes didn't disappear even as Elder Conli's wrinkled hand shot toward his throat. That said, Elder Conli didn't think too much of it. He only assumed that Dyon simply couldn't tell that he'd been duped yet. But, what he didn't notice was that the moment he attacked, a fourth dao array appeared stealthily around Dyon's swinging glaive.

Elder Conli's expression changed. His hand was a mere centimeter away from Dyon's throat when he was filled with overwhelming terror. His years of experience all shouted at him at once: RUN!

But, it was too late. A dense purple fog lightly grazed his finger tip, rupturing his finger in an instant and shooting up his arm with blinding speeds.

Elder Conli was horrified. "Poison! You shameless bastard!"

Despite Elder Conli's cries, Dyon's eyes became more resolute, continuing to swing his glaive. Even though Elder Conli had retreated, it wasn't far enough to escape the ripple effects.

A terrifying blade swirling with reds, greens, purples and blacks, blotted out the skies, smashing into Elder Conli's chest violently and sending him flying hundreds of miles.


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