Reaper of the Martial World
834 Second Trial 153
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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834 Second Trial 153

Suddenly, a vast accumulation of energy began rushing toward Dyon. At first, Elder Conli had only sneered, but as it continued to climb, his facial expression couldn't help but change. It was only at this point that he realized, he couldn't sense any cultivation coming from Dyon at all!

This truly filled him with fear, but what he didn't know was that the reason he couldn't sense Dyon's cultivation was because it was sealed. However, this truth was unknown and thus gave exactly the added pressure Dyon was looking for. Since his cultivation was sealed, and Elder Conli had little understanding of formations, it seemed like all of this energy was swirling around at Dyon's behest. Making it seem like he was also a half-step transcendent!

The ring on Dyon's finger glowed brightly, communicating back and forth with the source of Dyon's power.

6 days ago, on the first night Dyon spent in this trial world, he had spent a ridiculous amount of time scanning the Angel Clan territory and marking down notes. His goal was to understand the Feng Shui of the area, and what he found astounded him. It turned out that the Angel Clan alone had more than ten abyssal core areas in their territory alone!

After some thinking, Dyon came to understand that this was a result of the Energy Core.

Special plots of land sometimes tend toward one element or another. Most of the time, land is completely neutral, but at other times, it was a magnet for wills. Under normal circumstances, most of these special plots of land never grew into anything overly special, at most they might become a relatively taller mountain if it was fond of earth will, or a world-shaking volcano if it was more fond of fire will. Even if those plots of land managed to transcend those levels and become true abyssal cores, it would take tens to even hundreds of millions of years. However, the Energy Core changed all of that!

The Energy Core was essentially a massive magnet for all energies of the world, and that includes Gama Energy which contains all of the wills of the world. Because of this, the areas surrounding the Angel Clan which had affinity for certain elements were able to gather the necessary energy for them to evolve at a heaven defying pace. The result was that in a mere few decades, the abyssal cores of the Angel Clan had reached a frightening level!

Abyssal cores were ranked from the will level, to the intent level, and finally the dao level. The level of the abyssal core decided what peak level of understanding an individual could reach by relying on them. For example, in Dyon's universe, the Ice Belt had reached the peak intent level, which was how it was able to benefit Patia-Neva so well.

However, the abyssal cores of the Angel Clan had long since reached the dao level!

Originally, Dyon's plan was to use the concepts of Feng Shui to boost the power of his formation to unprecedented levels. But, that was when he thought of another idea. If he could use the spiritual vein to directly power his arrays, why not use the power of these abyssal cores to directly power himself?!

The issue with this plan was that it was highly dangerous. One can imagine what would happen if Dyon allowed dao level energy into his body, wouldn't he directly explode? He simply didn't have the power to wield such strength. However… What if he had a weapon that wielded that strength for him?

At first, Dyon had been planning on borrowing Amphorae's lyre. It was only after it had been created that Dyon began to think that his plan was feasible. However, he didn't like the idea of leaving his wife without protection of her own, so when he peered into Jabari's spatial ring, and found the glaive, he was incomparably excited because he finally had the means to execute his plan.

Although the glaive was only a first stage transcendent weapon, it was a body path weapon, making it far sturdier than soul and energy path weapons of its class. In addition, there were many dao formation experts who could only use transcendent level weapons. In fact, the vast majority of them had no choice. One shouldn't be fooled by the fact that only celestials could bring out the full power of a transcendent weapon, because the truth was that transcendent weapons were able to withstand dao level prowess as well!

So, Dyon no longer hesitated. His ring glowed as it connected with his glaive, filling it with an inconceivable amount of power.

Wind will. Fire will. Darkness will. All furiously spun around his blade, breaking through the intent level, then piercing through the dao level.

At that moment, three majestic dao arrays spun viciously around his glaive, one an ethereal green, another a fiery red, and yet another a foggy black.

The black glaive roared with happiness, extending its three foot blade another two feet and glowing viciously.

However, when Elder Conli saw this, he calmed. Although he didn't understand formations, he could see that Dyon was channeling an outside power source into his glaive. However, if that was the case, what did he have to be afraid of?

"I know what you're thinking." Dyon suddenly said, resting the glaive on his shoulder once again. "You think that despite the fact I have this much power, I'll never hit you, right?"

Elder Conli shook. The fact Dyon dared to say this… Could he be wrong?

"Go." Dyon said softly.

In that moment, the nine angel clan ministers erupted, flying toward the ten mysterious clan elders at breath taking speeds.

"Hmph." Elder Conli raised his hand to stop them. Did they really think he would just stand there?
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But, that was when his expression changed completely…. Dyon had disappeared!


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