Reaper of the Martial World
833 Second Trial 152
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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833 Second Trial 152

Dyon's words were like a beating drum, causing the hearts of those who heard them to be filled with endless fighting intent.

The moment Dyon learned from Amphorae, who learned from Luna, that his father was alive, he had felt an unbridled joy. However, this also meant many other things. For example, the fact that his father had to be suppressed by a formation using 12 grand elder level characters.

On the surface, that information might not mean much. But, in the hands of Dyon, it told me almost everything.
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For one, this was most definitely one of the elders partaking in the formation. That meant one thing: the formation was greatly weakened, and his father might already be on his way.

Secondly, why would this grand elder come here even knowing that his father was escape once he did? The only explanation was that they had been watching this whole time and made the decision that since they had already so thoroughly offended Dyon's father, there was no going back. That meant that what they wanted here was something they could use to finally be rid of the thorn that was his father at their side.

Thirdly, Dyon was already aware of what they wanted. The first thing was Luna's primordial yin, and the second was the Energy Core. According to Amphorae, it was impossible to take away Luna's primordial yin without the Energy Core, however this information made Dyon narrow his eyes.

The reason was simple, Dyon could already tell a virgin from a non-virgin at a glance way back during his first campaign. However, this wasn't the poignant point. The true point was that he had been able to do so by sensing the fluctuations that were unique to a primordial yin. Although Dyon's soul was sealed and he couldn't sense as effectively as he had before, his Perception had reached heaven defying levels. As a result, he could already see through the fact that Luna wasn't a virgin, which means he had somehow taken her primordial yin already!

What did this all mean? It meant that Dyon had what they wanted on both fronts. And while they might not know he had Luna's primordial yin, what they could guarantee was that the Energy Core was here. In fact, Dyon suspected that the entire reason they allowed Luna to come here instead of locking her away was because she should have been the best option to subdue the Energy Core! However, for whatever reason, the Energy Core had only made itself known when Dyon broke through. It was almost as though it was waiting for Dyon specifically…

That aside, the fact that Dyon had what they wanted meant a couple things. For one, they wouldn't dare to kill him so easily. In fact, he suspected that Elder Conli would likely torture him to vent his anger and only kill him after receiving what he wanted.

However, this wasn't the only point that filled Dyon with confidence. Elder Conli wouldn't dare attack with enough power to destroy Planet Haven, because not only would that risk Luna's life, it would also risk destroying the Energy Core. Of course, Dyon knew that even if Elder Conli was a hundred times more powerful he wouldn't be able to put a single hairline crack into the surface of the Energy Core, but clearly Elder Conli didn't know this. Only Dyon, as it's master, knew its strength better than anyone. It was just that his energy cultivation was sealed, so he couldn't use it. But, that benefitted him greatly as well, because it was exactly for this reason that Elder Conli wasn't able to sense it!

As such, a few sentences laid everything bare for Dyon. Unless Elder Conli's life was in true danger, he wouldn't dare use his full power. And, even then, he would think twice, because even if he survived Dyon, would he survive Dyon's father?

Once Dyon's thoughts filled the ears of everyone present, his place in their hearts couldn't help but be lifted several fold. They couldn't fathom how a child, relative to the martial world, was able to stay so calm in the face of such power.

"So, Elder Conli. It's best you stop trying to intimidate my people and stay here obediently for my father to come and kill you. Or, you could flee and test your luck. Maybe if you're lucky, he won't find you." Dyon's gaze sharpened, piercing through to Conli's soul.

Elder Conli remained silent for a good long while before he began to laugh again. "Truly worthy of being that bastard's son." Soon, his laughter stopped, replaced by cold killing intent. "Unfortunately for you, I didn't cultivate for so many years to be a coward. I've been tempering my martial heart before your grandfather was a thought in your great grand father's nut sack. Even if you manage to stall me, I'll directly kill you then face your father's fury with my head held high!"

Dyon would have felt appreciation for Elder Conli's courage, but in reality, all he felt was disdain. This old codger couldn't beat his father, so he settled for bullying the younger generation, yet he said that his martial heart was firm?

"This is what you call a firm martial heart?" Dyon sneered. After he had heard of King Patia-Neva's story from his wives after he awoke from his coma, Dyon learned the importance of a firm martial heart, and he also understood his own path even clearer. This wasn't the place where he'd die! His own death would be dictated by his own will, not someone else's.


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