Reaper of the Martial World
832 Second Trial 151
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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832 Second Trial 151

An energy blade tens of times as thin as a piece of paper erupted from his hand, filling Dyon with the aura of death.

The world seemed devoid of sound. Or, more accurately, all vibrations in the air were destroyed under the pressure of this one blade.

And then, it shot out. Flying at a speed so fast that had it not been for Elder Conli's projection, Dyon would have never been able to spot it.

The blade covered the space between themselves and the first planet in an instant, flying through its surface unimpeded and breaking through the other side in a mere split second…

And then it did so for a second…

And then a third…

And a fifth…

And a tenth…

By the time it flew out of their solar system, fifteen planets and seventy-eight moons had been pierced with a blade so thin that even with Elder Conli's projection and his overwhelming eyesight, Dyon couldn't see the damage at all…

And then… Destruction descended upon the world


The first planet burst apart in such fine dust particles that it was swept up by solar winds in an instant. The trail of destruction was never ending, an entire solar system of planets eradicated with the wave of a hand.

The angels could only watch numbly. This wasn't modern times, destroying a planet would take everything even an early dao formation expert had. Even worse, the had to entirely concentrate their attack in one point, aiming for the core of the planet and relying on its reaction to succeed. And yet, this half-step transcendent did so with a wave of a hand?!

"That was about a percent of a percent of my power. I'm sure you don't need me to explain to you that I didn't use any wills. In fact, I used the Earth circulation method of the technique instead of the Heaven. It could be said that I held back quite a bit. So, tell me, will you slit your own necks for yourselves, or do you insist on me doing it?"

Before the angels and Viserions could despair, and before Laura could even sneer at Veles who had now captured her, clapping interrupted all of their thoughts.

Elder Conli's brows furrowed, "What the hell are you doing?"

Dyon shrugged lightly, placing his glaive on his shoulder in a relaxed manner. "I'm only admiring a jumping clown. Was your intention not to perform? I was only expressing my appreciation for your show."

As Elder Conli's face turned from red to purple to blue to black, the sounds of stifling laughter could be heard. Although they weren't terribly loud, with his cultivation, how could he not have heard them?

A blast of heat suddenly overwhelming the planet, causing trees to wither and catch fire. Even Dyon's skin couldn't help but blister in the heat. If it wasn't for the protection around the Angel Clan, Dyon doubted that the saints could have handled it without severe pain.

How cruel. Despite the planetary explosions being so far away, how could the destruction of so many leave Planet Haven completely unaffected? The truth was that such an explosion should have taken Planet Haven with it, however, there was a very specific reason it hadn't. And that reason was why Dyon was so confident.

Dyon's clothes burned away to reveal a skin-tight armor underneath. He couldn't help but feel remorseful for all the innocents that much have died under this wave, but he didn't have the time to worry about it. At the very least, most cities had protective formation, and even though they weren't as good as Dyon's, as long as they could stand an attack or two from a saint, it would be enough to survive.

However, now, Dyon was truly angry. All to intimidate and show off, this Elder Conli had essentially sentenced millions to death. If Dyon didn't play with his life to death as well, would he still be a Sacharro?!

"Don't be so quick to anger." Dyon said with a cold light in his eyes. "If you wanted to display your power so grandly, what you should have done is blown this planet up directly, but you can't do that, can you?"

Dyon's words caused Elder Conli's eyes to narrow. His lips twitched, but he didn't respond.

"That's okay, you don't need to respond. I'll just expose some of your oh so grandiose lies.
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"I know you expect people to believe that you didn't save your disciple because you didn't have time to, but the reality of the matter is that you didn't dare to.

"I know you want people to believe that you supposedly used a percent of a percent of your power, when in reality that's also far from the truth.

"I know you want us to quake in fear and submit willingly, but unfortunately, you don't have the qualifications!" By the time Dyon had finished, his voice was like a resounding boom filling the air. The gales erupting from his lungs directly cooled the blistering heat, sending relief through the planet.

"So, how could I say the truth for you since you won't?

"The truth is you didn't dare output enough power to save your disciple. The truth is that you used at least 10% of your power. And the truth is the one who'll die here today will without a doubt be you!"


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