Reaper of the Martial World
831 Second Trial 150
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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831 Second Trial 150

Seeing Dyon's reaction to his laughter, Elder Conli couldn't help but be stunned. Was this measly child really planning on fighting it out with him? In his life time, even when he was Dyon's age, he stamped out all of the geniuses in his way. How could a youngster so many generations back do anything to him?

"A mere first stage transcendent weapon, and it's taken as a treasure by these fools." Elder Conli spat, looking at the nearly crippled Jabari who was still trapped in a cage formation. However, he didn't have any more time to loiter around. Although many of the things that took place took time to describe, in reality, less than a minute and a half had truly passed.

By Elder Conli's estimates, even with Dyon's father's oppressive spatial dao, it would take him hours to cross over the cosmos because he didn't have a supreme treasure to use like they did. After all, he was only human, saying he would only take hours to cross so many universes was already giving much higher praise than any half-step transcendent Elder Conli had ever met.

"I will fight him alone." Dyon's tone was resolute. "Focus on killing the other dao formation experts as quickly as possible, then get into formation."
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Originally, Dyon had wanted to attack Elder Conli together with his 5 first grade elders. However, the mysterious clans had brought ten first grade elders with them. Truth be told, Dyon wasn't too worried about it because angel bodies were a step above anything those clans could match and could make up for the energy cultivation difference, but time wasn't on their side. Dyon could only choose to take the fastest and most dangerous approach.

The faces of the ministers twitched when they heard this, but a simple glance back from Dyon stifled all of this. The look on their young king's face was truly terrifying right now.

Dyon slowly rose into the air, not stopping until he was completely eye level with Elder Conli. Although he was still a few hundred meters away from the man, he was well aware that this distance was nothing even for a saint, let alone a half-step transcendent.

Elder Conli sneered, "That weapon looks quite heavy. Doesn't seem like a boy who's still nursing can wield it."

Dyon casually swung the glaive, and although the gales created a ditch for miles to his side, he had to admit that this weapon was too heavy for him. "You're right, it is quite heavy. In this state, anyway."

With a light shrug, the aura of Dyon's body grew in devilishness, bursting through the stage of Demon Emperor's Will and resting at the first stage of the first act.

The veins of his body pulsed with gold, a tinge of red lighting his skin. His hair no longer grew in this state because he had learned to perfectly wield the excess energy, funneling it all into his body.

In that instant, his body's prowess multiplied by 8 and the once heavy glaive became as light as a feather.

A subtle look of mockery emerged from Elder Conli's eyes. Did this boy really think that this was enough? From his estimates, even his late disciple could have crushed Dyon with a single pinky, even in this state. And, that was without needing to use his faith. There was no need to talk about what would happen to Dyon if he faced Mazino one on one while the latter used his faith, the end result would be quite embarrassing for Dyon, without a doubt.

Elder Conli wasn't wrong. Mazino had been an 11th stage celestial with over 90 filled meridians. Not to mention the fact he was of the peak first grade and had master many intents. Under normal circumstances, even if he somehow magically unsealed his soul and wills, Dyon wouldn't have stood a chance, especially considering Mazino was a Legatee.

However, Dyon wasn't relying on his strength. He would never be so foolish or haughty as to underestimate a half-step transcendent. Elder Conli would have to learn the hard way that the most frightening thing about Dyon wasn't his martial prowess, but rather, his genius.

Elder Conli clasped his hands behind his back, although the loss of a legatee was devastating in modern times, it was far less devastating in ancient times because there was no limit. As long as you could pass the trials, you became one, it was as simple as that. Ancient times didn't have restrictions on the faith of clans, power spoke over everything. So, he got over the loss of his disciple quickly, Mazino had only been his disciple in name to begin with. After all, to mitigate their losses, the clan would never send someone too overly important from the younger generation, or else they would be cutting themselves off at the root.

"It must be that you don't truly understand the power of a transcendent. If I killed you too quickly, you might die still thinking you had a chance. So, considering I'm your senior, I don't mind giving you a bit of a demonstration before seeing you off. Consider it my duty as a member of the older generation." Elder Conli spoke lightly, but his every word seemed to stem of the vibrations of their hearts.

He waved his hand, causing an image of stars to appear. It was a starry sky, filled with beautiful plants colored in reds and violets and greens. However, using the memories he unlocked, Dyon immediately recognized this image as the solar system Planet Haven resided in!

"I just thought I'd make it bigger for you all, if I didn't, how would you see my glory with those pitiful cultivation bases."

Elder Conli raised his hand again. In that instant, gales that through Dyon completely off balance resounded through the planet, flattening mountains and drying river beds. It was as though all the energy of the cosmos was at the whim of his one palm.

"Heaven Shatter Absorption Arts." Elder Conli said softly, "Planetary Obliteration!"


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