Reaper of the Martial World
830 Second Trial 149
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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830 Second Trial 149

The tense atmosphere was suddenly multiplied when Elder Conli started laughing with a foreboding base in his voice.

"Your father has suppressed me for almost 60 years. Now even his son seems to be trying to follow in his footsteps. To kill my own disciple before me!" Elder Conli's laughter became louder and louder, shattering the eardrums of the weak and even causing the planet itself to quake. The daos of the world seemed to swirl around him, eagerly feeding his insanity. "How brazen! How bold! If I don't kill you all, I'll take your surname for my own!"

Elder Conli's roar shattering the sky. Violent earthquakes ravaged the lands, causing a tsunami of natural disasters to plummet Planet Haven into a crisis.

Dyon's heart couldn't help but pound fiercely. A battle of 36 dao formation experts, all trying their very best to kill each other, hadn't caused this many changes to the planet. Yet, a simple laugh could?!

This wasn't simply a matter of cumulative power. The quality of Elder Conli's power was simply on an unprecedented level.

In ancient times, not only was space far more robust, even the land beneath their feet was tougher. If Dyon hadn't had time to acclimate to the atmosphere in his trial body before his true body entered, he would have also noticed that gravity was far stronger and the air was heavier as well.

The reason for this was because of the qualitative change between ancient Gama energy and modern Gama energy. As the cosmos grew older, the universes it created became progressively weaker while this change was coupled with a weakening of Gama energies, or more accurately, it was caused by it. As for why Gama energy was weaker, it was due to a lack of one specific ingredient: Primordial Energy.

As Luna said, there were a copious amount of energies in this world, many of which had yet to be completely studied, or were simply forgotten about. For example, although in modern times it was impossible to attack with the soul without putting yourself at severe risk, in a far forgotten past, energies directly fueled by the soul existed allowing soul cultivators to be revered and even feared.
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That aside, Primordial Energy is a type of primal and bestial energy that lurked from the creation of the cosmos. It had a savage and destructive aura that inadvertently tempered the universes created within it to new heights. Essentially, because Primordial Energy was so domineering, it forced whatever was created under its influence to also match up to its strength. Thus, ancient times was truly an era of suppression.

Knowing this, it would become clear why a small planet like Haven could withstand the battles of dao and celestial experts with ease while a planet of the same size in Dyon's time would have long since been obliterated.

In this same vein, it was because Dyon's Inner World absorbed Primordial Energy during his soul's breakthrough that it was completely reformed, thus giving it characteristics of ancient times.

At this point, anyone understanding this would also understand just how terrifying it was for Elder Conli to so brazenly ignore the effects of Primordial Energy. If anything, it seemed like Primordial Energy was helping him destroy everything in his path!

Something told Dyon that although Elder Conli was relatively weak compared to half-step transcendent here, back in his modern times, he would stand at the peak of the world!

The trembling in Dyon's heart stopped, becoming as still as water in an instant. The ministers and Elder Conli immediately noticed this. With their senses, they could tell that despite Dyon's calm features, waves were being sent through his heart. In fact, they were already impressed enough that he could still fearlessly stand before them. But, now? He had transcended that fear, using it to temper himself and strengthen his heart. That was something that left them incomparably shocked.

What they didn't know was that Dyon had faced impossible to defeat enemies before. From the moment the entity's mere hand from millions of miles away could make him shiver in fear and feel despair, Dyon swore to himself that he would never allow such a feeling to take over his mind again. No matter what odds he faced, even if it was his own death on the line, he would blast through all obstacles!

A golden flame endlessly poured into the black glaive, causing the veins that lined its body to pulse violently. It was almost as though the weapon had become a living, breathing beast. Even the blade extended, becoming jagged like the teeth of an ancient monster.

Its weight multiplied, skipping over tens of thousands of jin before resting at just over five hundred thousand jin.

Dyon's released a turbid breath filled with such heat that the air crackled, boiling under the pressure. There was no question that this amount of weight placed a huge amount of burden on Dyon's celestial body. However, it couldn't be helped, body path weapons were known for their oppressive weight.

That said, Dyon was extremely satisfied. This was the first time in his life that he had managed to bring out the full power of a transcendent weapon. When he had burned his soul and poured that energy into the Dragon King, he hadn't been able to release the Dragon King's potential. This was because soul energy couldn't be used to activate body path weapons, at most, it could add a bit of sharpness and power to Dyon's strike. It was like filling your car with the improper fuel, it might work, but it wouldn't be very effective.

But now, Dyon could unleash a true transcendent weapon's might.


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