Reaper of the Martial World
829 Second Trial 148
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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829 Second Trial 148

Dyon's eyes quickly roamed the battle field. After noticing that the Viserions had attacked, and seeing ten thousand dead men wearing robes he didn't recognize, he could immediately understand what happened. It only took him a split second to look up and grin at Veles. He was especially happy to see that the Viserion elders had taken advantage of the surprise attack to deal with Laura's two protectors. It could be said that his plan worked out flawlessly.

However… When he looked in the sky to see the old man with the darkened expression, his heart couldn't help but go cold.

In the end, Elder Conli hadn't bothered moving. By his estimation, there would have been about an 80% chance for him to save his disciple if he went all out, but he chose not to. The reason was simple: Dyon had pulled out too many tricks, making even him apprehensive.

Although it would take him a while to defeat 9 dao formation experts, "a while" was only relative to the effort he'd have to put into anything else. On top of that, he wouldn't have to fight them directly, all he'd have to do is slip by them to reach his disciple for the spears had. Even though tearing through space in these ancient times was almost unheard of, unless your space dao reached an unprecedented level, something Elder Conli obviously hadn't done, just by relying on his movement technique and superior cultivation, Conli was quite confident in himself.

However, Elder Conli thought too much of Dyon. No matter how prepared Dyon was, how could he ever expect to run into a half-step transcendent. This was supposed to be a trial! Were they trying to kill him? His plans simply didn't account for such a thing at all.

Honestly, Dyon thought that the Viserion sneak attack would have been the chess move to end this trial and send him out. But, it seemed even he underestimated the veracity of a God Level trial. It was no wonder this trial was based on time and not completion. The worst part was that since Dyon had decided to fight and not run, if he didn't defeat Elder Conli, not only would he die here, but his survival record would be a measly 7 days, not enough to be even remotely placed in the top 100.

As for why Dyon believed he would die while others were simply ejected, it was because he could feel that his real body had entered this trial. Ever since the day he took Amphorae's virginity, it was as though he had completed some sort of cycle or task that allowed him to take the gains he received here and bring them to the outside world. This meant that things like his runic flame and the Energy Core he happened to receive would stay, but this also meant that his life was on the line!

Dyon had no idea what that meant. In fact, he had been fighting the idea that this place was real because he didn't want to leave Amphorae, nor did he want the pain Luna caused him to stay, but with every passing moment, his intelligence was screaming at him to think with his head and not his heart, or else he would suffer.

Dyon stood, clutching his hand as a ten-foot-long glaive appeared in his hand. "Retreat. Now."

Hearing that Dyon's words had no leeway, the angel army could only acquiesce. Dyon had made it clear long ago that anyone disobeying orders from him during times of war would die, and he meant those words whole heartedly.

"Amphorae, you too." Dyon couldn't bear to look at her now, knowing she was feeling particularly aggrieved. After all that nonsense about fighting side by side with the one you love, you still have the face to say such a thing now? However, Amphorae could only bury her feelings. She had long since become used to doing such a thing, so she could only ignore the pain in her clenching heart and retreat behind the Angel Clan city walls.

Dyon didn't have the time to bask in his own hypocrisy. Although he empathized with Amphorae's feelings and knew exactly what she was thinking, he also knew she really couldn't help right now. The rings he had set plans to be forged were exceptionally complex. If it wasn't for the fact the Angel Clan had a time acceleration chamber, 7 days would have never been enough to form 6 of them. It could be said that they had cut it quite close.

Without the help of the ring, Amphorae would have no chance of helping. As much as she'd want to, she would only be a burden. Amphorae understood this and thus didn't bother to argue. For now, she could only watch on with worry.

In the end, there were only ten angels remaining on the battle field. Aside from those eight fighting off the mysterious clan elders, only they remained.
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"Young King do you want to?" A minister asked respectfully. They all knew of Dyon's trump card, it had to do with the rings they all wore on their fingers as well as the ring that Amphorae gave to Dyon the moment he appeared. However, they questioned if it would work against such an expert.

"As long as he hasn't comprehended spatial daos, we have a 10% chance." Dyon replied, his voice steeped in deathly calm.


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