Reaper of the Martial World
828 Second Trial 147
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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828 Second Trial 147

If Dyon's grand teacher hadn't been privy to the conversation between Veles and Dyon, he would have fallen out of his chair when this occurred. But now, he couldn't help but laugh just as loudly as Veles' father when he saw the mysterious clan army being massacred.

The entire reason Dyon had taken Luna with him on his diplomatic trip was because he didn't trust her. So, why would he change his mind about that so quickly? Just because he took her virginity? Dyon's thinking and mental fortitude was far beyond such things.

During his talks with Veles, after he convinced his old friend to side with him, he had already told him that he didn't trust Luna and that something would likely happen to ruin their alliance. At first Veles had been skeptical, but that was when Dyon convinced him to check on Luna and Nina.
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Truth be told, they had a grand time watching their supposed wives roll around together in bed, but Dyon was thoroughly enraged when he saw Luna steal to Dragon Refining Tome.

At first, he wanted to spoil Luna's plan right there. However, that was when he thought of the mirror he had seen on their dresser that morning. Although his soul was sealed, his Perception was exceptionally sharp, so Dyon could feel someone was watching him from within the mirror. So, he decided to play a little trick.

He allowed Luna to steal the mirror to put on a play for who he assumed were the mysterious clans elders, but was actually just Laura. That said, it still had the same effect, so it didn't matter much considering Laura reported directly to them anyway.

When Veles heard that the barbarian clans were attacking, both he and Dyon had suspected what was happening. However, he still sent all of his dao formation experts, leaving his clan completely vulnerable. This was because he needed to help Dyon escape. If there were still dao formation experts in the clan, how could Dyon have even had the remote chance of escaping? Even if he had two protectors with him, their plan necessitated Dyon escaping separately because if he hadn't, the Viserions would have had to attack the Angel Clan directly.

One might wonder why this is, but the answer was simple: It was Veles' personality. In truth, Veles would never ally with anyone to destroy his enemies, and anyone who had ever met him knew this. If he didn't attack despite knowing where Dyon was, and instead went to ally with the Moon Clan, he would have been suspected no matter how much information he handed over.

The only way to properly justify it was to attack on a day everyone knew Dyon had to be there: The very same day the Moon Clan would attack! And because he had no choice but to attack on that day, it made sense for him to let the Moon Clan know he wasn't an enemy by allying with them.

If he attacked earlier than that day, it would mean nothing because Dyon wasn't there. If he attacked later, the Angel Clan might already be annihilated and the tome Dyon "stole" would be gone. Anyone with a brain would understand this and thus wouldn't suspect Veles for attacking on that day, they would only be curious about what Dyon stole to make him so angry!

Of course, this worked to perfection because Laura knew exactly what Dyon had stolen because she had watched it from beginning to end. So, she fell for it far easier than anyone else! It was truly a master plan.

However, what made all of this perfect were the spears in the Viserion warriors' hands.

Under normal circumstances, the Viserion experts wouldn't be able to match up to mysterious clan experts. And, that was especially true of a mere Viserion branch clan on this small Planet Haven. But, that all changed because of the overwhelmingly powerful weapons that each contained the power to kill a lower celestials, cripple a mid level celestial, and heavily injure a peak celestial!

The loud screams and agonizing cries of the mysterious clans rang out. Being besieged from all sides by an army of over a million completely overwhelmed them. They didn't have a single chance to retaliate because the loud booms of exploding spears radiated over the battle field!

If one wasn't enough to kill, there was a second. If two weren't enough, there was a third!

An endless rain of attacks completely annihilated the mysterious clan army even as Elder Conli watched with horror in his eyes.

Mazino roared into the skies, erupting with endless amount of faith. He refused to die here. He had already reached over 90 tempered meridians at the celestial level, he only needed a few more centuries to reach 108, then he could perfectly step into the dao formation world like his master had. He was completely unwilling!

Just as swaths of Viserions were about to die under the waves of his fans, a piercing melody began to ring out.

Mazino slowly turned his head with complete fear in his eyes only to find a red-headed celestial beauty gently plucking the strings of a Golden Lyre. He could immediately tell that this young woman had only just stepped into the celestial level, yet her tune was able to affect him?!

In truth, Amphorae's suppression of him only lasted a split second before he broke away. But, by then, it was already too late…

Thousands of spears, each capable of killing a celestial, rained down on the frozen Mazino. Before he could do anything…. His life ended.

Just like that, the life of a Legatee was snuffed out. Even someone as powerful as him fell completely victim to Dyon's deep schemes.

And maybe it was by coincidence, but it was only after his life was snuffed out that Dyon's piercing eyes opened.


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