Reaper of the Martial World
827 Second Trial 146
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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827 Second Trial 146

The moment Amphorae saw Mazino organizing his group into a cone shape with him at the helm, she couldn't help but look at Dyon with a deep look of love and admiration. Although, when Mazino saw this, he thought she was simply saying a final goodbye before their deaths, the truth was that Amphorae was almost too bored to bother with them. Had they forgotten that there was a barrier between them?

Despite this, Amphorae didn't put too much hope in the barrier, instead, she was sure of something else entirely. Mazino believed himself to be too smart, but his folly was that he didn't understand military tactics enough.

Dyon had grown up with a military father his whole life, despite the fact he never explicitly studied military formations, he had the art of war ingrained into him from the day he was born. Comparing him to Mazino was like comparing one of China's ancient Generals to a cadet just admitted into the army!

Seemingly without a word, the Angel Clan army shifted. The saints disappeared from the front line, appearing behind Dyon, Amphorae and the locked dao formation experts in what looked like an instant.

The celestials surged forward, forming new squads as though they were all of one mind.

Mazino could only watch in horror as the formation he was sure he had found the weakness of completely shifted. However, he had no choice but to continue forward. If he stopped now, not only would it be a blow to his army's morale, it would also become a complete mess. His formation was crudely and quickly made, it resulted in an unorganized bunch. If he stopped, they would stumble over each other in the air, leaving the angels ample time to retaliate. Even though his master's aura locked onto the dao formation experts, Mazino knew that it wasn't foolproof.

The only way to completely lock down a warrior is if your energy was on a higher level. For example, when Madeleine old master locked her down with saint energy while Madeleine was still at the essence gathering level. However, even dao formation experts used enigmatic energy. So, he was forced to use density and not quality to suppress. This meant that the angels could fight back, they were simply choosing not to for now!

This was all to say that if his army became vulnerable, his master wouldn't be able to save him in a short time because if it came to it, the angel ministers would take action. The only reason they didn't was so as not to give Elder Conli incentive to move.

An ugly expression appeared on Mazino's face, but he calmed himself. He couldn't lose his head now.

Their army surged forward, passing through the first barrier completely unimpeded, as Mazino had expected.

"Destroy it!" Mazino called out to the ten dao formation experts who were waiting in the air for this moment.

Dyon knew from the beginning that his barrier would only be able to withstand 3-5 attacks from a dao formation expert. That meant that it stood no chance against the combined attack of 10!

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Shards of violet erupted into the skies. The timing was absolutely perfect, the moment the 10 terrifying attacks subsided, Mazino burst through, brandishing two pristine metal fans embroidered beautifully with was looked like blossoms.

He was shocked to find a perfectly arranged army of 20,000 celestials. All of his plans had gone down the drain. With the addition of the women to the Angel Clan army, the original count of 10,000 celestials had doubled! And now, there was no weakness to be seen among them.

Amphorae smiled lightly as the Angel Clan army's aura rose. But, that was when something completely unexpected happened, something even Amphorae had had not a single clue about. Even in meditation, Dyon couldn't help but smirk.

"NOW!" Veles roared, startling Laura who had just begun to calm down beside him. Her thoughts rolled uncontrollably, what did he mean now? However, in the next moments she found out something truly horrifying…

Every single one of Veles' near million strong army that had supposedly died to Dyon's spear to the chest erupted with murderous auras simultaneously, pulling out the spears in their chest and jumping into the air in unison.

Mazino was caught completely off-guard. Even Elder Conli didn't have time to react properly because he knew if he did, all 9 Angel Clan ministers would immediately act against him. Even as a half-step transcendent, he couldn't kill 9 high-level dao experts in a short time even if they had no chance of beating him.

Seeing that the people Dyon had "killed" suddenly awake, and also seeing that they each brandished a murderous spear, a sudden realization hit Amphorae and the surrounding Angels. Even Veles' father who had been watching from a distance had his old eyes awaken as though he was 20 years young.

He tilted back his head, roaring with laughter, "You have a good son!" He half couldn't believe that he had been fooled. It was even to the point where his own son lied to him… It was truly a God's stroke of genius!

It was only now Amphorae's mother truly understood how terrifying Dyon was… He wasn't drained just because he had to use his judgement technique. He was completely drained because he had to split his attack into two. One portion reserved to kill the Moon Clan warriors, and another outfitted with small scale spatial array.

The very first time Dyon used this array, he had been trying to impress Madeleine by allowing them to pass through the window of his dorm room at Focus Academy. However, the second time he used it, it had been to survive a strike from Madeleine's elder brother!


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