Reaper of the Martial World
825 Second Trial 144
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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825 Second Trial 144

The flames in the sky dispersed, signifying the piercing to the atmosphere as a massive silver vessel appeared in the skies.

In the next moment, over ten thousand figures appeared with an arrogant and disdainful expression on their features. However, when the eyes of the Angel Clan minister trained on the eccentric old man that led them all, they felt their hearts tremble.

'Half-step transcendent!' They cried out in their hearts. Were the heavens really ordaining the destruction of their Angel Clan?

Elder Conli stood at the forefront with 10 dao formation experts exuding powerful auras behind him. At the same time, all eleven of them stood before ten thousand celestials of the first grade.

Although Elder Conli knew he didn't have much time, he couldn't help but scan over the battle field. When he saw that there was only a single army instead of two, he could help but be astonished. It had taken him less than an hour to get here and yet an army of a hundred thousand annihilated one of three hundred thousand? What kind of nonsense was this?

Despite having personally seen Dyon's methods, Elder Conli also saw that he was very tired after completing them. After Dyon pulled out two domineering tricks, Elder Conli really didn't think he had any more. In fact, he assumed that Dyon only went so far because the Angels weren't as powerful as they once assumed. But, clearly, he was wrong!

Even worse, it seemed like they were in the same peak state before they battled! This was ridiculous!

A dense killing intent permeated Elder Conli's eyes. Even with all his years of experience, he had never once seen such a talent. Their Heaven Shattering Sect's legatee couldn't hold a candle to that devil man's son!

The moment Elder Conli's eyes trained on Dyon, his rage erupted to new heights. He dared to meditate in his presence?!

Before Elder Conli could step out, an arrogant young man with long jet-black hair and dark eyes appeared beside him. Surprisingly, despite the fact he stepped in front of the 10 dao formation experts, none of them showed any dissatisfaction despite being tens of thousands of years older and much stronger than him.

"Master, is that him?" The young man respectfully stood a half-step behind Elder Conli. Even though he was arrogant, he knew well that his master was hundreds of times more arrogant than he was. So, he had no choice but to show respect.

"Yes." Elder Conli replied plainly. As much as Elder Conli wanted to personally kill Dyon, he still had his image to worry about. Truth be told, he would rather capture and torture the little brat, however his disciple insisted on coming. So, he decided that he might as well allow it, after all, his disciple was a first grade celestial as well.

"I'll be sure to kill him slowly." The young man spoke with clear rage in his eyes. From beginning to end, Dyon hadn't even acknowledged their existence, how could he not be angry? "Don't kill the woman by his side. I prefer to humiliate him even in death."

The Heaven Shattering Sect Legatee, Mazino, wasn't a genius swayed by beauty. In fact, there were quite a few rumors circulating behind his back about what 'team' he truly played for. Because of that, he often went out of his way to ravage women to cover for it, unfortunately, that only made people suspect him even more. Of course, the long flowing hair, delicate features, and flowery robes didn't help much. If that wasn't enough, his attack weapon of choice were two metal fans. If he wasn't gay, he was doing a very good job fooling everyone.

These rumors, of course, infuriated Mazino and he had killed no small amount of disciples because of them. He just enjoyed beautiful things and milk baths were his guilt pleasure, was there something wrong with that? Why did a man need to be rugged and dirty, he preferred cleanliness.

The truth was he was angry because Dyon was ignoring them, unlike his blinded with rage master, he could tell that Dyon simply hadn't noticed them arrive. What truly angered him was that Dyon was more handsome than he was despite clearly not putting in as much effort as he had. It was enough to make him go mad!


Within the Angel Clan Dungeons, the face of what looked like a celestial fairy contorted the moment she sensed the auras of those who appeared.

Luna immediately recognized the presence of Elder Conli, after all, he had been among the elders that threatened her sister and mother.

One could see a clear inner turmoil within Luna right now. This was what she wanted, wasn't it? For the Angel Clan to lose? For her mother and sister to be saved? For her to sacrifice herself for their sake? No?

She had spent decades waiting for this day… The day the illusory guillotine that hung above her family's head would disappear… And yet, everything she had done seemed wrong.

The army she thought would annihilate the angels was wiped out so easily that it sent a shiver down her spine. The craziest part was that they had hardly needed to lift a finger the whole time! Even worse, she hadn't even assumed that the Viserions would be involved, and yet Dyon decimated a challenge that was many times harder than the version she thought he'd lose to.
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'Should I have trusted in him?...'

Luna could only tremble. She had barely known Dyon when she made the decision to betray him, how could she know that he was worth her trust? Even her own father treated her like nothing more than an object, although Dyon and his father showed her kindness she had never seen before, how could years of pain be washed away with trust so easily?

Suddenly, the shackles the angels thought had secured Luna fell away almost like that was their one desire in life.

Luna stood and walked toward the supposedly locked prison doors as they swung open to welcome her out.

Then, she disappeared.


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