Reaper of the Martial World
824 Second Trial 143
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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824 Second Trial 143

The Angel Clan army burst backward in unison, retreating without flaw.

Seeing this, the opposing army wanted to attack, but Amphorae's timing and micro-management was just too perfect.

In an instant, the Angel Clan army appeared far behind the line Dyon had drawn before the battle began. Dyon had done this very deliberately, accounting for the possibility of him becoming incapacitated during battle. Although Amphorae was very intelligent, she didn't have the same knowledge of formations that he did. It was impossible for her to understand things in a glance like he could. So, he left her a marker.

Obviously, Amphorae's mother also had this ability since she was the one who set up the formation with Dyon's instructions. However, Dyon's mother-in-law wasn't the one commanding the army. Adding an extra step of communication could make or break a strategy. This was why Dyon didn't only communicate with his leaders so that they could then communicate with their squads. Instead, he directly communicated with everyone.

The Moon Clan warriors surged forward after the Angel Clan army.

It wasn't that they were so brave, it was just that they were frustrated. They spent over ten minutes fighting with no results at all, and in the end, they were left with a measly few tens of thousands of their original near three hundred thousand number. It was completely humiliating!

However, those that remained were obviously among the most powerful of them, and with that came added wisdom and intelligence. They could tell that the angels were retreating in order to prepare for what was clearly their reinforcements.

Unfortunately, they were too eager and much too proud of their own analysis. In all of this, they forgot one important thing: The Barrier!

Amphorae hardly had to try. Using the barrier was made easy by the mechanisms Dyon put in place, allowing array plates to work like an off and on switch. Before they could even react, the Moon Clan army was once again trapped within the barrier with no way out!

Their faces burned with rage and embarrassment. How could they possibly fall for the same trick twice? If Dyon was aware of the situation right now, he'd likely be dying of laughter at their stupidity.

In truth, it wasn't entirely their fault. They had simply fallen for Dyon's schemes once again.

When the Viserion clan elder attacked, it had looked like the barrier was going to collapse. In fact, large cracks appeared in it very clearly. And after the attack, Dyon retracted the barrier!

With their knowledge of ancient clan formation, barriers couldn't be so simply pulled up and down like Dyon's could. They should require meticulous preparation. And that was even if the barrier wasn't as damaged as Dyon's was after that dao formation attack!

However, not only was the barrier still clearly fine, it was summoned in an instant! They didn't even have the chance to retaliate.

"Ministers, I'll have to trouble you," Amphorae said in a soft voice.

It was actually quite looked down upon for dao formation experts to attack celestials in such a way, especially when they were trapped like this. However, Dyon drilled in again and again that one shouldn't be worried about being shameless in the face of shameless individuals.

These people had plotted and schemed against their lovers, their mothers, their fathers, their sons and daughters. These people, for the sake of benefits, felt no qualms about annihilating an entire clan, including its old and its young. Why should they care about giving them any face at all?!

Truth be told, Dyon was even quite tempted to use poison with these individuals. If he wasn't taking the culture of the Angel Clan into account, he would have. In fact, it would have been exceptionally easy considering that along with the wind, fire and earth abyssal cores that surrounded the village, there was a corrupt abyssal core as well that was a hot bed for poisons and darkness type wills. Unfortunately, Dyon had to take into account the feelings of his people, which was also why it took him so long to find a way to add women to his army.

The ministers wore solemn expressions, but they knew that this was for the greater good. If they wanted to survive, they needed to do this.

Nine powerful hands raised, causing the dao formation experts protecting Laura to cry out in shock. But, unfortunately, it was too late. Although it would have been possible for the Angel Clan army to use its archers once again, it would have taken too long. In addition, that would have ruined Amphorae's plan to allow them time to rest. So, Amphorae didn't hesitate to use this method.

There was no suspense at all.

In the next moment, 9 powerful attacks descended upon the remaining Moon Clan warriors. Powerful as they might be, how could they withstand the attack of five first grade and four second grade dao experts? They didn't stand a single chance.

Laura could only watch as the last of her army was completely annihilated… Both her and Veles' army were gone…

Without hesitation, the Angel Clan army popped a recovery pill, relishing in the rush of energy that filled their meridians. Using the dense energy of the Angel Clan and its spiritual vein, they recovered to over 90% in 10 seconds. By the 20th second, they were in peak condition. Such was the power of a true Moon level pill forged by their most talented minister. Despite the purity only being about 60%, the pill formula was too perfect for it to matter.

It was wasteful, especially to use such pills on saints and celestials, but it was effective. They had no choice, because they were about to face the strongest enemy they ever had…
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