Reaper of the Martial World
823 Second Trial 142
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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823 Second Trial 142

The 5 Ministers froze, each an everyone one sending a sharp gaze toward the skies. With their years of honing their perception, they could feel a terrifying aura was descending. One they didn't have the slightest chance of winning against…

A blazing flame that seemed to cover half the planet erupted from the skies, burning away the atmosphere at an astonishing rate. However, it only took a moment for those experts among them to realize that this wasn't an attack, but a ship descending!

'What kind of terrifying vessel could make such a large commotion…' Amphorae's delicate brow furrowed. She had no sure idea what her next step could be and with Dyon in meditation, it wasn't appropriate to rouse him. If she did so, it wouldn't be worth it. Since Dyon's mental energy was recovering, if he was roused now, it would be hundreds of times harder for him to re-enter the meditative state. In that case, his healing would be stalled!

Amphorae immediately calmed herself. Scanning the battle field, a few hundred miles away the dao formation group battle was still raging and she communicated with them that they shouldn't leave or be hurried with their battle no matter what happened. The last thing she wanted was for an unnecessary injury to occur during what should have been an easy fight.

However, what she did do was immediately call back 4 of them. This would force the remaining Ministers to fight one on three, but it was still within the realms of possibility. What Amphorae didn't know was that one of the 24 dao formation experts had already been cut down, so one of their ministers would only have to fight two. If they were lucky, this would tip the balance sooner rather than later.

The instant Amphorae called them back, four auras appeared unimpeded within the middle of the Angel Clan formation.

Seeing that their breathing was still steady, Amphorae nodded to herself. This was good, that meant that the fight had been going well.
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The next thing Amphorae did was to urge the Angel Clan army to kill as many as they could within the next half minute. Although the vessel seemed close, that was only because of its ridiculous size. In addition, they were only using a fraction of its top speed because if they dared to not, they would obliterate the entire planet. In that situation, what they sought would be destroyed and their whole mission would be for naught. Amphorae understood this, and thus calculated they had about a minute more, but she also wanted to give the army time to circulate their recovery pills.

One had to say that Amphorae's approach to the problem was meticulous and well thought out. Dyon would have no complaints at all.

Knowing the potency of the pills refined by the formula left by their King, the Angel Clan army no longer held anything back. It seemed like with each second that passed, another thousand Moon Clan warriors would die miserably. This wasn't just because the Angel Clan warriors were on a complete other level, it was also because Dyon's formation allowed them to work together seamlessly.

The more powerful members of the Moon Clan would often have their eyes light up when the saw a "weak" saint, but before those celestials could act, the supposedly weak saint would rotate, leaving their back seemingly unprotected. In the end, those Moon Clan warriors would die a pitiful death, only realizing at the last moment that those saints were actually protected by the celestial within their group.

This wasn't hard for the opposing army to figure out. It was clear that Dyon's formation allowed saints to focus on saints, while celestials wouldn't have the opportunity to bully them. The problem was that all those who figured it out died!

The Moon Clan army didn't have communication devices, so even those who managed to survive for a bit longer than others weren't able to spread the news. They could only lament at their misfortune and be cut down moments later.

The worst part was that they felt as though they were attacking an unstoppable fortress! The Angels never seemed to tire, and they could even break through the first line!

At first, Laura was fine with this, that was because they would eventually tire and slip up considering the number difference. However, she could only watch in horror as Dyon's formulated squads seamlessly swapped positions as though they were performing a coordinated dance! No matter how intelligent she was, she couldn't even fathom how it was possible for an army to be so organized. None of them were even speaking!

Laura thought that maybe their dao formation experts were using their enigmatic energy to send messages to each individual person, but she had to throw that idea out as well. Such a thing required high levels of control and focus, but those angel clan ministers were lightly chatting with each other!

In addition, the energy waves caused by battle could easily disrupt such forms of communication. While an expert might not find it troubling to communicate with one, two or even ten other people during the chaos of war, they absolutely would not be able to guarantee doing so with more than hundred thousand people! It was impossible!

Laura felt herself swooning, she could only look at the approaching heat in the sky and pray they could turn this around. She was so focused on her own inner turmoil that she didn't even notice that Veles had long stopped raging.


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