Reaper of the Martial World
822 Second Trial 141
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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822 Second Trial 141

Suddenly, 24 blazing auras appeared in the horizon, causing the 17 ministers who sat behind Dyon to unfurl serious expressions. The battle had truly been going too well, the Moon Clan had already lost 20% of their remaining warriors and the rate of loss was actually accelerating instead of declining. But, just as they were about to become complacent, 24 dao formation experts appeared out of nowhere?

What the Ministers of the Angel Clan didn't know was that those elders had been there the entire time. It was just that they had been using a unique treasure to hide. Now that they had gotten word that their clans and sects were coming to support them, they had no choice but to enter the fray. Although they feared the Angel Clan dao experts, they had no choice. If the Moon Clan lost their entire army now, this fight would still be troublesome even if support did come because they knew their alliance couldn't send many.

Seeing Dyon in a meditative state, the Ministers knew that command fell onto Amphorae's shoulders, so they didn't dare to step outside their bounds. At first they had been apprehensive about Dyon's command structure, after all, they were elders of hundreds of thousands of years old, aside from Amphorae's mother, of course, who was only a few ten thousand years old. So, taking commands from a child not even a century old was something they felt was beneath them.

However, after seeing the effectiveness of Dyon's laid out plans, and how easily their army sliced through their enemies, they had all silently assented.

Amphorae nodded, clearly pleased with the demeanor of the elders, "Those who received the formation ring stay here, the 12 that didn't, I'm sure you are more than enough to handle them."

Although Amphorae didn't have the ability to see through the cultivation of dao experts, she was exceptionally astute. If those elders had the ability to take on their Angel Clan Ministers, they would have long since attacked because they knew that time was of the essence. The fact they didn't meant that they were a contingency plan. Amphorae didn't believe that they had the ability to match up.

Amphorae's father and mother both had a look of clear pride on their faces. They understood Amphorae's analysis and felt that it was impeccable. How could they not see that this was inferior competition sent by their enemies? The 12 second grade ministers on their side could easily fight two or three of them alone.

The elders of the mysterious clans could only laugh bitterly to themselves when they noticed a group half their number approaching them with blinding speed. They didn't even have the time to feel indignant or embarrassed, they simply accepted that they were inferior and thanks their lucky stars the Angel Clan didn't have more dao formation experts.

Well… Most of them did. The elder from the Heaven Shattering Sect roared in agitation almost immediately, "YOU DARE LOOK DOWN ON ME?!"

He rushed forward like a headless maniac, looking to take down one of their numbers with a single swing. Unfortunately for him, things didn't exactly go as planned.

The elder to the far right that the gorilla-like man attacked simply nonchalantly side-stepped the blow of his axe, punching out and shattering the Heaven Shattering Sect elder's ribcage with a single stroke, quite ironically.

The other mysterious clans elders could only swallow their anger for their foolish comrade. They had lost one of their number just like that! If he had waited and allowed them to form teams, this would never have happened!

In the next moment, an earth-shattering group battle ensued, but anyone with a mind could see which side was being suppressed.

Maybe if Dyon was awake, he would have been quite shocked. The reason wasn't for the power being used, but rather they fact dao formation experts battled freely near the surface of the planet without any repercussions!

In his modern times, even celestials had to go off into space in order to avoid destroying the planet they battled above. Yet, in ancient times, the land could withstand the battle of almost 40 dao experts? In fact, hadn't Dyon just unleashed an attack capable of annihilating thousands of celestials? It was truly baffling…
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Soon, Dyon would come to understand just how beneficial it was for his Inner World that it was reformed here…


Elder Conli rushed through the expanse of space. He along with about ten thousand first grade celestial along with 10 dao formation experts stood in a silver supreme treasure, rocketing across the universe at blinding speeds that couldn't even be described in terms of the speed of light.

In the next moment, they appeared above Planet Haven. It was only at that moment that anyone observing would make the shocking discovery that the silver vessel was actually half the size of an entire planet!

Elder Conli's face was a mixture of fear with a contradictory unconcealed excitement and killing intent. As an expert and an undisputed genius of his generation, he had never been suppressed by anyone. He had spent his entire life humiliating anyone who even looked at him the wrong way. But, that day almost 60 years ago when that man came to the quadrant he once ruled with impunity, everything had changed. He had learned what it truly meant to be at someone's mercy.

Dyon's father hadn't been lying. All this time, he had only toyed with mysterious clans, barely using even 20% of his power for fear he would accelerate his transcendence and be forced to leave his son prematurely. However, this truth only served to fuel Elder Conli's hatred all the more.

There what no going back anymore. Whether he and his allies survived this all depended on the Energy Core, and if he just so happened to get revenge along the way, even if he failed and died, wouldn't it be worth it? After all, he had his own pride no matter how disgusting and twisted it was.



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