Reaper of the Martial World
821 Second Trial 140
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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821 Second Trial 140

The white pill in Dyon's hand used Purifying Stone essence. This, in itself, isn't what made using the Life will within safe. This was because if Dyon tried to add the essence of an aurora flame stone, it meridians would likely burst from the inside out. The reason why this method was safe was because of the nature of the Purifying Stone itself. It was very gentle and docile as long as it didn't run into any impurities.

This last caveat was why this was only a concept. Under normal circumstances, the purifying stone would react very violently within a cultivator's body, making the detoxifying process very, very painful. Unfortunately, this would be the result if the pill it was forged into had impurities as well. No one dared to use these stones in this way because no one could guarantee the creation of a pill without impurities!
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Well… No one except for Dyon.

Without hesitation, Dyon swallowed the pill, not allowing it even a moment to diffuse into his body. If it entered his meridians, Dyon would instantly be racked with pain, and although it would benefit him by repelling impurities, this wasn't the time. So, Dyon directly engulfed the pill with comet laden lights, rushing it to his mind's eye. That was the only place Dyon was certain there weren't impurities because his Life Essence was too pure.

"YOU BASTARD!" Just as Dyon was closing his eyes and sitting on his throne in meditation, a roar finally erupted over the bloody battle field that had seemingly been frozen for hours.

However, Dyon ignored it, he had to replenish his mind's strength as soon as possible, this wasn't over yet, not by a long shot.

Veles' face was marked with rage as he looked down at his dead and dying brothers. It seemed that no one pierced with one of Dyon's spears was capable of moving. It wasn't that they weren't alive, it was just that they were currently in a dream land, replaying the pain of being stabbed over and over. The lucky ones had already died, while those who were strong enough to live were being tormented in an illusion. This was truly a case where it was better to be weak.

Laura, however, was trembling. She still had a good portion of her army left, but that was only because Veles' went forward first to show his sincerity for their alliance. Even worse, the Angel Clan army had still not fought a single battel! Their only even remotely tired member was their King, but he was currently recovering safely under their protection. Was this really hopeless?

Seeing Dyon ignore him and continue to recuperate, Veles felt like he had punched into a cloud of cotton. It was the most uncomfortable feeling he had ever had the pleasure of feeling. It was truly enough to make a man go mad.

The dao formation elders of the Viserion Clan had their eyes red with rage. But, they were worried that if they charged forward now, they would be leaving their King without protection.

A holy aura erupted from Amphorae, "Slaughter." Her voice was simple and elegant without compare, however it still resounded with a dense killing intent that made her red-gold hair seem reefed in blood.

Without waiting for the remaining Moon Clan warriors to attack, the angels surged forward. However, unlike the barbaric tactics of the Moon and Viserion Clans, they were so orderly that it was almost scary. Whether it be saint, celestial or dao expert, every one of them ran uniformly, keeping their perfectly constructed squads intact and keeping the ring around their King and Queen sealed.

In an instant, the angels closed the once few hundred-meter gap to nothing, attacking with an unmatched vigor. The crazed screams of already horrified Moon Clan warriors rang outward, filling the morning air the sound of murder.

Even while all of this happened around him, Dyon was focused on recuperating. He had entered a state of meditation, clearing his mind of everything. This was even more efficient than sleeping and was a method Dyon had found in his master's memories.

Although sleep could be beneficial, even for cultivators, brain activity was only slowed during sleep, not stopped. However, in a meditative state, brain activity reached such a slow crawl that it was possible to even fake death if this state was coupled with another technique.

As for its benefits, the first was obvious: an increase in mental energy recovery. But, it also had other benefits. For example, it allowed those who were exceptionally talented, capable of cultivating on instinct, a vastly increased cultivation speed. It also eliminated the pain felt during body and soul cultivation, allowing you to completely focus on the task at hand, and thus increasing your efficiency.

One might wonder, then, how come Dyon had never used this state before? Well, everything comes with its benefits and downfalls. Reaching a meditative state was impossible for most, and often only the most talented individuals could reach that state, and even then, it took hours to reach and could still be easily interrupted. Often times, the more talented you were, the quicker you reached the meditative state. Some legendary talents could enter it instantly, making their cultivation speed ground breaking. Madeleine actually fell into this category.

Unfortunately, Dyon was cursed with his speed of thought. His brain was constantly moving and was almost like an untameable beast. He simply found it impossible to empty his mind. In fact, the only reason he could do so now was because his mental energy was completely drained, almost forcing his body into a dormant state.

Maybe the scariest part was that if Dyon ever found a way to jump this hurdle, his soul and body cultivation talent was be multiplied once again.


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