Reaper of the Martial World
820 Second Trial 139
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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820 Second Trial 139

Dyon breathed heavily, looking down on the battle field around him as Amphorae's hand slipped into his. He could hardly stand, but if everything worked out how he planned it, it would be perfect.

"Little King," A soft voice rang out from behind the couple. Dyon could immediately tell that it was his mother-in-law, so he chuckled to himself. It seemed even she couldn't hold in her curiosity anymore.

"It's actually simple," Dyon said with a bit of struggle in his voice, "I call it the split mind's technique, it's the reason I can draw arrays so quickly."

The split mind's technique was actually the one and only technique that Dyon had forged entirely on his own. In fact, he had done so long ago during his Focus Academy days. By now, it had become automatic for him almost to the point he forgot that that wasn't how people usually drew arrays.

The concept itself was simple. By splitting for your focus, you could draw multiple portions of an array at the same time, thus accelerating the speed to ridiculous levels.

When Dyon's soul was at the mere 2nd stage, he was already capable of splitting his mind into 32 focused points, thus accelerating the speed of his array creation by exactly that amount as well. But, by now, with his soul having reached the 8th stage, and his speed of thought having followed right along with it, Dyon could split his mind into tens of thousands of fragments, something that was unprecedented into the martial world!

When Dyon's mother-in-law heard this explanation, it was like she had been opened up to an entirely new world, but in the end, she still smiled bitterly. Dyon's explanation was simple enough, but who could really do such a thing? The level of fatigue one would place on their mental energy doing such a thing was astronomical. It was no wonder Dyon looked like he had one foot in the grave right now.

The truth of the matter was that if Dyon's only had to draw a few thousand, maybe up to ten thousand arrays, there would have hardly been any change to his mental state. However, drawing almost a million truly wore him out.

Even so, Dyon's mother-in-law knew her limits. Using Dyon's methods, she would be able to split her mind a few hundred times. After some practice, she'd likely reach into the thousands. However, keeping up with Dyon was a pipe dream. That said, it didn't diminish her excitement. She felt that using this method, her speed in drawing arrays would reach unprecedented levels. In fact, she was confident that she'd only be slower than Dyon.

With a flash of his ring, Dyon immediately took out a pure white pill.

The two toughest things to recover in the martial world were soul power and mental energy. Although soul power used energy cultivation energies, it required a certain refinement to be able to be absorbed by the soul, this was why soul cultivation was so difficult and also why Dyon rarely used energy stones to soul cultivate. Energy stones contained their own impurities already, so it was better to rely on natural energy in the air and spiritual fruits. This made the processing the energy easier, allowing it to integrate with your Life Essence.

As for mental energy, there were no short-cuts. The only things that could recover it were exceptionally old and rare plants, or the most valuable pieces of exceptionally powerful beasts. For example, a Calming Grass had to reach 9 cycles of 100,000 years before it had the capability of replenishing mental energy. In addition, only the legendary peak True Deity class Crystal Dragons had Dragon Souls capable of doing such a thing, and even then, they had to be of at least the celestial level before they gained such an ability. Even further, not all Crystal Dragons awakened this portion of their ancient bloodline, only Legatee level characters of their clan stood a decent chance. Ice Phoenixes also used to have this ability hidden within their Life Flames. Unfortunately, they're now extinct.

Aside from a few other rare and ancient plants, there was a treasure of the 33 Heavens with the passive ability to do so. It was actually one eye of a pair. It was called Heaven's Left Eye.

The pill in Dyon's hand, however, although far less efficient than the above mentioned treasures, contained the essence of Purifying Stones. These were the stones usually used to stimulate the legendary toxin release the many cultivators sought after, but right now, Dyon was trying to use the traces of Life Will within them to hopefully push his Life Essence into helping his Mental Energy recover at a slightly faster rate.
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Dyon had actually seen this concept in the [Dao of Array Alchemy], but that was all it was: a concept. It was usually extremely difficult to infuse a will into a pill. This wasn't because it was impossible to do so, but rather because it was inadvisable.

Imagine if you were an alchemist and you infused your will into a pill and gave it to another person. If your will surpassed theirs, you would definitely corrupt that person, if not outright kill them. In addition, people usually take those sorts of pills when they were injured. How could they resist someone who could make a pill powerful enough to help them in such a situation?

The only reason people like Amphorae could use their wills to directly heal others was because they were there to personally control it. If they weren't, the risk was hundreds of times higher.

Luckily for Dyon, this pill would theoretically change all of that.


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