Reaper of the Martial World
819 Second Trial 138
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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819 Second Trial 138

"Although Elder Conli was crass with his words, this is truly peculiar." A female elder spoke out.

None of this made any sense to them. They knew that Luna hadn't betrayed them because they had their own means of monitoring her. So, how did this young King escape her influence?
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Luna's special constitution was much too domineering to be so easily dismissed. Even they would have to be triply careful in dealing with her, so how to a boy less than a century old shed three decades of her influence?!

"None of that matters," Spoke a serious elder, "We need a solution to handle the situation. We can figure out what actually caused this another time."

The elders nodded.

"I'm sure you know what our only option is." Another elder spoke out.

Serious expressions covered the faces of them all. They knew what they would have to do to solve this… But…

"There's no time to continue this. The Viserion Clan has their own spies on each planet, if they interfere, it will be troublesome." The serious elder spoke.

"I'll go." Elder Conli spoke, clearly very eager. He could almost taste Dyon's anguish already.

"Don't fool around Conli. This isn't a place for revenge. Remember the consequences of taking this action, and also remember you still want to live a life after he's free." The elders looked knowingly at Dyon's father. They knew very well after they did this, there would be hell to pay.

Their original plan included using the Energy Core to build a formation capable of holding him forever, or at least until they had the means to kill him. However, clearly, that plan was derailed. Now, even if they succeeded, they wouldn't have the time to set up such a formation because with only 11 of them, they would only be able to hold Dyon's father in place for a few hours, a day at the most!

No matter how much they wanted to back out now and say their apologies, how could they? They were already riding a wave they couldn't hop off of. The moment they threatened this man's family, they knew there was no going back.

When their gazes landed on Dyon's father, they couldn't help but shiver. "I've only stayed in this world for the sake of raising my son and protecting my clan." He spoke slowly. His words sounded simple, but it sent shivers down the spines of the elders. He was saying he could have transcended already?!

As much as they wanted to believe that he was lying, their hearts told him that this man wasn't a liar. In fact, the moment he said those words, they suddenly thought about another rumor they had heard around the time they first started their dealings with this man.

On the day Dyon was born, the surroundings of this very quadrant were thrown into an upheaval. From those close to situation, not only was Dyon's birth met with an unprecedented Heavenly display, it was also coupled with signs of a mortal transcending!

This was information that they were much too low to have full preview of. However, since the event occurred in their quadrant, they were lucky enough to snatch away snippets. Only those monster clans near the center of the cosmos would have the rights to such information usually, especially considering it was about a family as strong as Dyon's!

According to the rumors, the momentum of Dyon's birth was so fierce that Dyon's mother could no longer suppress her transcendence!

The rumor had been so ridiculous that they hadn't even dared to believe it. What kind of child's birth could be so overwhelming to cause such a thing? And, even further, who had ever heard of a half-step transcendent giving birth?! Let alone one so close to transcending!

However, although they ignored the rumor, it was nothing but the truth. Dyon's mother and father had spent their whole lives trying to have a child and were resigned to not doing so until one day they were gifted a miracle. The problem was that they were both already exceptionally close to transcending. In fact, this was the very same problem Amethyst had faced when she was trying to get revenge for her parents against the Ice, Fire and Dark Phoenixes. In the end, Amethyst managed to fulfill her wish before transcending, but Dyon's pitiful mother barely got a chance to hold Dyon in her arms before she was sent to another plane, never again to return.

The more the elders thought about it, the more they shivered in fear. As half-transcendence, most of their days were spent studying how to transcend. They knew that while it was impossible to suppress transcending forever, the actual process of transcending could be extended. If Dyon's father used the force of his transcending for revenge, what chance would they stand?!

"However," Dyon's father's voice continued to drop, as though it was trying to dunk all those who heard it into an endless cold. "It seems I've been much too lenient with your clans.

"I've never killed any of you. I've never harmed your foundations. In fact, I even let you trap me in here to allow my son a chance to temper him… It seems that you instead like to repay kindness with enmity…" Dyon's father's voice slowed, making sure they understood and heard his every word.

"Conli, go!" One of the elder's roared. It was too late for them to regret, they could only press forward as best they could. If they hurried and got the Energy Core to their Clan protection spell, they would be able to defend against Dyon's father's rage until he could no longer keep his body on this plane. But, they had to be fast!

"Take a few thousand celestials with you of the first grade, this isn't a time to worry about the Beast clans," Another elder added quickly as Conli's figure flashed away.

Dyon's father began emitting an aura that suffocating them all. It was only now that they understood that he had truly been holding back. If he had used this power back then, they would all be dead!

Dyon's father hadn't used his full power in centuries because doing so would speed up the transcending process. However, these ants had truly raised his ire.

"If a single hair on my son's head is harmed," A deathly chaos dao appeared around him, causing a dense black dao to appear behind him, shaking the very cosmos, "Not a single one of your clans with remain after I'm done!"


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