Reaper of the Martial World
817 Second Trial 136
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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817 Second Trial 136

The surrounding elders looked at this man but didn't bother to refute. The Heaven Shattering Sect of their alliance had always been the most unfettered. Maybe the only thing in this corner of the universe they feared was Dyon's father. But, even then, they didn't hesitate to provoke him again and again, causing no shortage of headaches for their mysterious clan alliance.

"If you want to charge in and get yourself killed, feel free, you brute." The elder who spoke first muttered. He found this boastfulness ridiculous.

The only reason they were able to come here was because their presence wouldn't be missed back in their clans. Basically, only they could leave without the Beast Alliance finding out. In other words, they were near the bottom rung of seniors in their respective sects. How could they be a match for the Angel Clan dao formation experts? Even if all 24 of them attacks along with the 6 elders of the Moon and Viserion Clans, their chances of winning against the 17 Angel Clan ministers was 0%. At most, they could stall them for an hour or so. If they used all of their life saving measures and treasures, they could increase that to a quarter to half a day. But, that was the utmost limit. They were inevitably destined to lose.

To put things into perspective, according to the laws of the universe, the bare minimum number of meridians you had to open during your meridian formation days was 81 if you wanted even the slightest sliver of a chance to become a dao formation expert. This 81 meridian mark was known as the lowest level of the third grade.

However, even if one became a third-grade essence gatherer, their futures were severely limited. This was because the difficulty of scaling grades in subsequent cultivation stages increased as well. In reality, even if one became a first-grade essence gatherer like Dyon, the chances of also becoming a first-grade saint were slim. It was much more likely to become a second or third grade when moving forward. Essentially, grades usually fell as cultivation progressed. Even those who managed to become peak first grade experts in lower cultivation stages would likely fall to high and middle first grade levels later on. The rarity of a peak first grade dao formation expert was at such a level that maybe only the top three quadrants of Dyon's time had one or two of them!

This was why although the Angel Clans saints and celestials were all of the first grade, 12 of their dao formation experts were only at the second grade, because your grade was based on the number of meridians you opened in your previous cultivation stage. A first-grade celestials opened 99 or more meridians at the saint level before progressing, while a second grade dao formation expert opened between 90 and 98 meridians at the celestial level before progressing.

So, why did this make the dao formation experts of the mysterious clans so apprehensive? It was because even the best of them that came this time were only of the lower second grade while the vast majority of them only barely made the cut to become dao formation experts and were at the third grade! Even worse, because their grades were so poor, they were limited to the upper heights of the lower dao formation stage and wouldn't advance to the middle stages in their entire lives because that was reserved for second grade experts. As for the peak of dao formation? That was reserved for first grade experts!

In the cultivation world, not only did cultivation stage matter a great deal, your foundation was even more important. And, the most accurate measure of your foundation was your grade! A third grade expert of the celestial level had almost no chance of beating a second grade expert and would be annihilated in the face of a first grade expert.

Not only did the Angel Clan have many high level second grade experts, they even have five of the first grade! In fact, Amphorae's mother was a peak first grade expert who had the chance of stepping into the legendary half-step transcendent stage in the future! If she wasn't still so relatively young, they would have never dared to even have designs on the Angel Clan!

"The alliance should have seen all of this already, maybe they have a counter measure prepared," Someone said carefully.

They knew that their purpose here was just as a contingency plan. After all, no matter how powerful a clan was, anyone could be overrun by numbers. The reason they were so scared of Dyon's attack was because even they as dao formation experts couldn't annihilate so many celestials and saints so easily. Even they would have to pay a price. That was mostly because they were at the bottom rung of experts of their level, but it was the truth nonetheless. However, clearly, Dyon didn't have the same worries as them.
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The truth was that the mysterious clans had sent them here to record the destruction of the Angel Clan so they could agitate Dyon's father into using some sacrificial techniques. Maybe that way, they would be able to irreparably harm him and get the things they desired. It would be like dealing with two birds with a single stone. Unfortunately, Dyon's father, a usually stoic man, was laughing like a maniac as he watched these things unfold.


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