Reaper of the Martial World
816 Second Trial 135
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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816 Second Trial 135

Bodies of saints fell without question, Viserions and Moons alike, not a single stood for even a moment. Weaker lower celestials suffered the same fate, unable to resist for. As for those above them in battle power, whether they died or not hardly mattered because not a single one of them was fit to battle even a regular saint right now, let alone the monsters of the Angel Clan army!

Laura and Veles could only watch as their warriors fell. Almost the entire Viserion army was wiped out. As for the Moon Clan, they had lagged behind because it was their essence gatherers that died earlier, so it was only fair. However, even still, they lost more than half of their numbers!

There were about 1.3 million enemies when Dyon first attacked, but now there were less than three hundred thousand!

The Angels suddenly roared, even further intimidating the remaining enemies. However, they didn't do so on purpose, it was just that they couldn't control their emotions after seeing their King display such power. Even the dao formation experts who stood behind Dyon and Amphorae were no different, and this was especially so for Amphorae's mother.

Dyon's mother-in-law had been one of the first to learn of Dyon's plans, and one had to say that she was completely shocked by his methods. But, even then, she was skeptical. After all, with her tens of thousands of years of experience, she had never seen such a thing. But, seeing it play out exactly the way Dyon described, she couldn't help but see her son-in-law as completely unfathomable. While others might not understand the sheer difficulty of what Dyon had just done, how could she not?!
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Drawing even a single one of those arrays on the weapons Dyon attacked with would have taken her at least a couple minutes, let alone drawing almost a million of them! That wasn't even to mention the fact she didn't have the ability to concentrate those arrays on such a small scale. If she had to estimate, she would need at least a couple dozen meters of space for each, yet Dyon fit them on the relatively small circumference of the spear shafts.

However, what shocked Dyon's mother-in-law even more was the fact the spears hadn't disappeared! Each and everyone remained in the chest of their target and was still completely corporeal! The level of difficulty of doing such a thing was unimaginable because from what she could tell, each was a pseudo-transcendent weapon!

When Amphorae's father looked at the back of his pale young King, the complicated feelings in his heart disappeared. He had always approved of Dyon after watching him grow up and actually used to have quite a good relationship with this son-in-law of his. It was only after he dared to disrespect his daughter in such a way that his rage reached the high-heavens. But now, he could see his daughter sitting in the position of queen, and it seemed like the young man he had put so much hope in all those years ago was finally back. It was only at this moment that he finally put down his hatred, fully willing to risk his own life for the happiness of daughter and her husband.

Of all the shocked expressions on the battle-field, Dyon was the only one who knew why he was capable of such a feat. All of the credit should, deservedly, be taken by the spiritual vein. Even it was drained after such a feat. However, "drained" was relative. It still had well over 85% of its power, it was just that 10% of such a large store of energy was an astronomical amount.

Dyon knew that if he had to support such a consumption with his own soul, it would have been impossible. He knew that his currently self could only make a few dozen of the judgement carnage arrays, at most. After all, they were capable of injuring peak celestials while his soul was at the mere lower celestial level. It was just lucky for him that his soul talent bridged ridiculous gaps, that was the only reason he even dared to say he could produce such an amount.

However, whether it be the drain on his Focus or his Presence, it was an amount Dyon couldn't ignore. If it wasn't for the fact Amphorae was secretly supporting him with her holy will, he would have already collapsed. He knew he had no choice but to stay upright, or it would affect the morale of his warriors. Now wasn't the time to fall.

In the distance, a group of dao formation elders numbering a couple dozen paled. Never in their lives had they seen such a thing. Dyon's murderous intent affected even them.

"A tiger father really wouldn't produce anything but a tiger son…" One of them said absentmindedly.

They had spent so many years fearing Dyon's father, who knew that his son was already so terrifying?!

"It looks like we have no choice but to intervene." Another said bitterly.

"Look at you all, wanting to run with your tails between your legs. My Heaven Shattering Sect doesn't need any cowards here, if you want to run, run!" A bulky man roared. Since they had used a special treasure to conceal themselves, he didn't worry about being overheard. After all, the Angel Clan elders were otherworldly existences. If it wasn't for a special treasure, how would they have not sensed their presence already?


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