Reaper of the Martial World
815 Second Trial 134
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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815 Second Trial 134

A roar that shattered the heavens erupted from Dyon's lips, immediately causing the hundreds of thousands of arrays to triple, nearing almost a million. The speed of rotation reached blinding torque, to the point where even the once clear symbols that constructed them disappeared into a blur of pure white light.

In that moment, more than 70% of the currently charging army felt an unholy aura lock onto them. It was as though their souls had been plunged to the depths of hell… As though their very existence was about to be expunged.

With almost painstakingly slow speed, each blinding disk of light in the began to produce an eerie red light at their very center, each of with was completely unaffected by the seemingly overwhelming purity that surrounded them. Instead, they emitted a murderous aura, as though devil incarnates were being drudged up from the nether realm.

The blood red light became more and more fierce, suddenly overtaking the pure white and bathing the morning air in the rich smell of murder.

The once charging army seemed locked in place, only those at the mid level of the celestial stage and higher had the ability to move freely, but even then, their nerves were fried with fear. Although they could move, their mental states weren't powerful enough to overcome obstacles they placed on themselves!

When it came to intimidation, there was no small number of techniques that made use of it, however, what was even rarer was for a cultivator to have the ability to amplify it to an even greater extent. This was because it relied on Presence!

Dyon's Presence had shattered through to the Peak of the King level. The moment he cast this attack formation, it was as though his body responded to his will to cover the skies with the palm of his hand. In one step, everyone felt as though they were looking at the will of a supreme ruler. Even if they had the will to live, they didn't dare to!

The stronger willed Viserions roared with unwillingness, erupting into their various battle forms, covering their skin with all sorts of different colored scales. However, their rage hardly put a dent into the aura of carnage that filled the skies.

Dragons were arrogant by nature, to have their lives played with like this, without hope for retaliation, it was no wonder they were angry. The problem was that even Veles' half-step King Dragon Soul couldn't hope to match up against Dyon's peak King Presence. The gap between them was too large to fill!

Blood red disks continued to spin viciously in the skies, each protruding with a deadly aura at their very centers. Inch by inch, weapons that seemed carved by the devil himself came into view, each a spear of domineering presence.

Their red shafts were all etched with eerie black arrays, but no one could take their eyes off of their blades. Each dripped with blood so dense that they never actually fell from the blade.

By this point, Dyon face was pale as the clouds that once hung in the sky. Not only did he need to lock everyone in place, he had to personally add each of those black arrays onto the shaft of each spear, this was why their appearance was so slow. But, he knew exactly how important this part of his plan was. If he didn't do this perfectly, he would fail! These people weren't his true opponents, those mysterious clan bastards who had the audacity to turn their greedy eyes on his Kingdom were!

They dared to trap his father. They dared to play with his heart. They dared to toy with the lives of his people.

Dyon had long since forgotten that this was only a trial. The feelings were too real. The pain he felt was real. The love he felt was real. And most importantly, the hatred he felt couldn't be any more real!

When Amphorae told him the truth behind Luna's story, he had been so angry that his rage could have shattered the earth they stood above now. However, he held it in. He smiled. He laughed. He toyed with this so-called army before him to his heart's content, acting extremely carefree, as though his and lives of those around him weren't weighing on his mind.
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But, the truth of the matter was that his heart was as dark as coal, but as fiery as the core of the stars in the sky!

He willed for this all to be real. He willed that his trial would leave a last mark on the annals of history. They would remember that Dyon Sacharro had placed his mark on this world. They would remember to feel regret, fear, apprehension, when they heard his name. They would remember in their next lives to never cross him or his family again!

Dyon's blazing white eyes seemed to pierce through space, turning into such a bloody red that his face seemed dripping with his own blood.

"Judgement. Act One. CARNAGE!"

In that moment, there was nothing else in the world besides endless murderous intent.

There was no noise. No cries of fear. No shocked gasps….

It was only in the moment before their lives were reaped that those who were targeted felt an endless pain erupt from their chests. Slowly looking down, it was only then they realized that a blood red spear as obliterated their hearts… Each an every one of them fell from the skies without even a shred of unwillingness in their eyes…

In the face of such Carnage, they never stood a chance.


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