Reaper of the Martial World
814 Second Trial 133
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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814 Second Trial 133

The expression of the elder froze. Should he charge? Should he run? Why did facing a child put such pressure on him?!

However, Laura wouldn't give up this opportunity. No matter what Dyon had planned, even if there was a massive loss of life, as long as they got inside the range of the domes, it would be worth it. If they never even touched the Angel Clan, wouldn't that be too much of a joke?
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"CHARGE!" Veles and Laura suddenly roared at the same time.

Without hesitation, the million and a half remaining warriors surged forward, aiming to enter the range of the dome as quickly as possible. Considering their cultivation levels, they were much faster than those essence gatherers had been before.

There was a simple reason the barrier disappeared: Dyon wanted it to.

While the barrier allowed him to attack those within its limits, if he tried to attack those outside of it, he would end up damaging his own barrier since it only allowed things in through one side. In addition, if Dyon wanted to conjure arrays to attack outside of the barrier, the mental strain would be far greater if he had to do so through the barrier. Lastly, the barrier itself was being powered by the Spiritual Vein, while Dyon's attack was also being powered by it. There was a limit to the output of energy in order to keep their arrays under Dyon's ability to control, therefore dealing with two outputs would be too much.

In the back of Dyon's mind, he also knew that his barrier could at most withstand 3-5 attacks from a dao formation expert of the lower level, and likely not even one from one at the middle levels. Therefore, since his enemies had decided to use their experts so soon, he might as well save the barrier for a desperate situation.

"Formation!" Dyon roared. He only taught the Angels a single formation, so they all immediately knew what he meant.

In an instant, over a hundred thousand angels leapt into the air, forming up into perfectly formed squads of five. Two thrones hovered in the middle with 17 red clad elders standing silently in the air behind them.

Seeing the impeccable formation, Veles' face couldn't help but contort. Dyon had already told him about his plans, but those were things he thought just sounded nice on paper. However, seeing it deployed before him now, he couldn't help but be shocked. Just how did he manage to keep them all organized?

Dyon had actually told Veles about the communication arrays, but it was difficult to comprehend a concept you had never seen or witnessed personally. Imagine you were a person who came from ancient times, and someone from Dyon's human world tried to describe cell phones to you and how they worked with the help of towers and satellites. Wouldn't you be confused beyond believe.

However, Veles and Laura both knew that it was too late to withdraw. If they slowed and Dyon deployed the barrier again, a large portion of their numbers would be completely trapped! They could only speed forward.

That said, Dyon had no intention of using the barrier again. It had served his purpose. Instead, his mind was completely focused on the staff in his hand and his mental fortitude was continuously drained.

Less than a mere moment later, a brilliant array appeared in the air, more dazzling that even the Viserion elder's fire dao.

When those who were charging saw this, fear permeated their eyes. They had never seen an array used in such a way, so their first thoughts were that a dao formation expert was attacking. But, when they looked at the 17 Angel Clan ministers, not a single one of them was moving. Instead, their aged eyes all sparkled as they stared at the back of their young King with unconcealed admiration.

Unfortunately for those frozen in fear, the worst was still to come.

The single brilliant array swimming with blinding streaks of comets suddenly became two… Then four… In a flash, there were hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands!

The opposing armies trembled in fear. Could it be that the Angel Clan had more than ten thousand dao formation experts?! That was impossible!

However, when their eyes trained on the center of the Angel Clan army as saw a young man of otherworldly handsomeness, standing tall with his eyes blazing with a blinding white light even as his white robes fluttered in the wind, they understood that all of this was actually caused by one man!

The skies were blocked by hundreds of thousands of arrays, each spinning viciously and emanating an earth-shaking aura.

In the celestial sect, there was a well-known array known as the Weapon's Hell array. Over the years, it had become Dyon's favorite to use, even to the point where he refined it from a lower practitioner level array, to a lower master level one.

But, what Dyon didn't know until he began to study [The Dao of Array Alchemy] that was currently within his Soul Tome, was that this weapon's hell array was the simplest form of a domineering attack formation capable of destroying the heavens themselves!

Before Dyon stepped into the celestial ranks of soul strength, he didn't dare to use its true form, this was because to use even the first portion of the attack formation, it required one to be a comet level array alchemist! And that wasn't even to mention the 8 other forms!

However, although Dyon's soul was sealed, he finally had to capital to do so with his crystal staff. It was time for the world to learn of the most fear attack formation in existence.



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