Reaper of the Martial World
811 Second Trial 130
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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811 Second Trial 130

"There are only a few options for how your current actions could end. You could all die, the same way those canon fodder did, or you could by dumb stroke of luck manage to breach the barrier, and then you can die." Dyon continued.

Veles' lip twitched, "You think that just because your barrier can trap those pitiful essence gatherers that it can trap us as well?"

Dyon shrugged, "I don't really care what you believe or not, I'd just rather not annihilate your branch clan in light of the relationship between your father and mine.

"But sure, let's give you the benefit of the doubt. Let's say you breach the barrier and somehow manage to kill us all, then what?" Dyon waited patiently like they weren't currently in the middle of a battle.

"Then we would have wiped away the humiliation you've levied against us, what else is there?" Veles said in rage.

"Oh? So, you don't care about the remaining 18 pages then? Considering the tome has acknowledged me and only me, the moment I die, those pages go with me. I wonder how the Viserion Clan feels about that?" Dyon said pointedly.

Veles froze. He didn't doubt for a moment that Dyon was telling the truth. He also knew that it was impossible for Dyon to have used a fake tome when he showed him those pages. The aura of a Divine level technique could only be possible faked with the use of another divine level technique, but even then, each had its own unique aura. Veles had spent too much time with the tome to mistake its presence.

"I would unlock them myself." Veles said stubbornly.

"Oh please." Dyon said, waving him off. "The only thing you would have felt when you cultivated to the 9th stage was that the technique wasn't complete, you wouldn't have unlocked a thing. If that was the method, how would I already have access to the final 18 pages?"

Veles gritted his teeth. He was an intelligent person, how could he not have understood this already? He was simply being stubborn. It was already clear to him that Dyon had once again one-upped him.

"You should know," Dyon said chuckling, "If they fail today, they fail period. Do you think that the main Viserion branch would allow the Ahpuch to run around so rampantly? Do you think that the little Moon Clan dares to encroach on my Angel Clan on a whim?

"The Clans backing the Ahpuch don't even dare to send too many of their own here because they have their own problems to deal with. In fact, I just learned a few moments ago that my father is still alive and will be released within 10 years, with two decades being the upper limit, at that time, what chance do the Ahpuch have to withstand his wrath?"
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Every one of Dyon's words were like hammers slamming against the hearts of everyone present. This was especially true for the Angel Clan members who had just heard of this news. However, those elders of the Ahpuch Clan were the truly shocked ones.

Unlike their crown prince, they were privy to the full scope of this operation. This was a given, considering they were dao formation experts, they were near the top of their clan in terms of prestige. So, they knew the sensitivity of this mission and how many schemes it had taken to prepare the Moon Clan with the capability to attack this clan.

If the Ahpuch failed, they would be without allies. The mysterious clans would abandon them in order to save face with their Beast Alliance allies, while the Viserions would likely have one of two fates: they would either be annihilated by the Beast Alliance, or they would be pulled in. Either way, there would be no place for the Ahpuch left in this quadrant or cosmos.

Even if the surrounding Emperor God Clan alliances didn't swallow up their territory, when Dyon's father broke free, without the support of the Viserions, he would have no issues running rampant, they would no longer have the slightest chance of suppressing him!

The more the elders thought about it, the more grim their expressions became. They couldn't let this day end like this!

Only by fulfilling the mysterious clans' requirements could they secure their protection. If they failed, what purpose would those clans have in keeping them around? They'd be thrown out.

"What are you trying to say? Spit it out." Veles said, clearly agitated.

"Nothing much," Dyon said nonchalantly, "Just that it makes more sense for you to come back to my side. If you do, you can not only receive your Dragon Refining Arts, you can also receive the 18 pages that have been unlocked as well."

Veles was stunned that Dyon would be so bold, but the Ahpuch and Laura were troubled by this, clearly. If Veles suddenly turned on them now, their chances of winning would suddenly be close to zero. Unlike the Angel Clan, the Viserions had a sizeable army. Although they still had less saint and celestial warriors compared to the Moon Clan who still had over 500 000 saints and over a 100 000 celestials still alive, if the Viserion numbers were added to the Angel Clan, their defeat was basically sealed!

Suddenly, what should have been a simple annihilation of a small clan had actually become the dooms day of the Moon and Ahpuch Clans.


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