Reaper of the Martial World
809 Second Trial 128
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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809 Second Trial 128

Before anyone could react, a dome of transparent light covered the battle field, split into two semi-spheres. The first perfectly aligned with the line Dyon drew, the second was perfectly situated before the front line of the Angel Clan warriors, effectively trapping more than two million Moon Clan warriors between the two domes. They were unable to attack and unable to retreat.

"Would you light me to attack them?" A sweet voice resounded in Dyon's ears. But, he shook his head.

"No need to waste power on these canon fodder types. We'll just slowly kill them all, it's no problem. Time is on our side, not theirs. The moment the Viserions catch wind that something is going on, the Ahpuch will suffer."

Although Dyon couldn't see it, Amphorae's mother nodded and appeared on the battle field, discreetly handing Dyon yet another ring before retreating to her husband's side. By now, Amphorae was seated on a throne beside Dyon, yet the Angel Clan still hadn't made a move.

"It's a shame that none of you took my warning seriously," Dyon said lightly to the clearly panicking essence gatherers. They tried attacking the screen before them to retreat, but they found that their attacks, even with millions of them, couldn't even leave a dent. How could it? They were essence gatherers and this was a comet level formation Dyon pulled directly from his master's memories before making modification to it. Not to mention, it was fitted with the near infinite source of energy that was the spiritual vein.

Dyon would have used a star level formation since his master new many of those as well, but he didn't have the ability. His soul was still too weak to study such a high level formation, let alone make modifications to it.

"It also looks like your leader is even more incompetent than you are stupid." Dyon continued, paying Laura back in full for her ridicule. Anyone could see that Laura had been outsmarted.

"Archers." Dyon raised his hand.

The opposing army's scare turned into confusion. Barrier worked from both sides, if he attacked, wasn't he only helping them to destroy the barrier he put up? The Angel Clan King couldn't be so stupid, could he?

However, in the next moment, their confusion and slight disdain turned into cries of anguish. The Angel Clan only had about ten thousand qualified archers in their ranks, those that studied the dao of archery, that is. That said, with their speed, even killing ten in a second was possible. Laura couldn't only watch as her essence gatherers were mowed down one by one without an opportunity to retreat. Even when they tried to escape from the sides, they found that there were barriers there as well!

They couldn't understand what was happening, how could a barrier only work from one side? What kind of magical formation was this? And why couldn't they even shake it in the least?

By now, the outside army charged forward, launching their strongest attacks to try and shatter the barrier. But, the scene of them charging their attacks made Dyon laugh so hard that his sides hurt. Even Amphorae couldn't help but giggle.

By the time the celestials and dao formation experts realized why Dyon was laughing, it was already too late.

Their attacks slipped right through, annihilating hundreds of thousands, speeding up the process of their own army's annihilation.

Soon, silence reigned on the battle field. More than two million dead bodies lay in a pit created by the opposing celestials. Before they had even fought a single Angel, they all died. Even the ten thousand archers who had been fighting recovered in an instant because they were within range of the Angel Clan spiritual vein. The density of energy they had access to far outdid all other places in this entire quadrant.

Even Dyon's grand teacher who had watched everything from beginning to end could only shake his head and sigh. One was supposed to take their trials before they became a celestial, but often time, many would take it as soon as they stepped into sainthood, this was because it was the breakthrough that provided the best power boost in exchange for time and age. Meaning, it was usually easy to reach sainthood for high tier quadrants, and it was a good power boost.

This was the best choice for many because the difficulty of the trials was not only decided by which of the seven doors you chose, but also your age. Dyon entered at 18, and was now about 19-20 years old, which was actually quite late compared to most, so his trials were slightly harder than most, although not by much. However, because of the age, very, very, very few knew much of anything about array alchemy, let alone enough to trap more than two million warriors. The level of comet level array alchemist shouldn't have been possible unless you were at least a few hundred years old!

Because of Dyon's advantage, he had basically turned one of the toughest trials of the five – a trial many only took to be a survival trial ranked by time you managed to stay alive – into nothing more than a joke!
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"Feel free to come." Dyon said with a teasing light in his eyes. "I'm not an animal, I'll allow you to take your fallen comrades back for a proper burial. They deserve at least that much for being sent to their death by their Princess, don't you think?"


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