Reaper of the Martial World
808 Second Trial 127
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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808 Second Trial 127

The essence gatherers froze, stumbling over each other as they pushed to stop themselves. The scene was almost funnier that when they had to squeeze around their superiors earlier.

When Laura saw this, she frowned. But, changed her tune to a light laughter soon afterward. In that instant, everyone's attention was on the silver-haired beauty in the sky.

"You're putting on a good show," She clapped her small hands together in delight. "First, you use petty tricks to force the Ahpuch Crown Prince to injure himself with his own power since you didn't have the strength to do so yourself.

"Then you made a big show of conquering the Ahpuch Glaive, when in reality, it's only because you happen to be the first person to hold the glaive and Dragon Refining Arts tome at the same time. Something, mind you, you only accomplished by betraying your long-time friend for the second time."

When Laura sound this, flashes of realization suddenly appeared in the eyes of the stalled army and murmurs began to spread through them.

That was right! The two treasures were separated for a long time now! He's not special, it's just that he back stabbed King Viserion while asking for an alliance. He's nothing but a cheap bastard who uses petty tricks!

The more those canon fodder spoke, the angrier the Angel Clan army became. This was their King! How could they stand here and do nothing! However, they remember the words of their King well. Anyone who acted out of line and not within his commands would be killed without question. This was revolutionary in ancient times, but in reality, this was standard for mortal world military affairs.

"And now what?" Laura snickered, continuing her dismantling of Dyon's façade, "You want to cripple the morale of my Moon Clan? I'm sorry, but we're not so weak willed nor weak minded.

"Today is the day the Angel Clan will be wiped from existence."

The Moon Clan army roared, their morale sky-rocketing. What did they have to fear this dancing monkey for?

They sprinted forward with renewed vigor. As essence gatherers, although they could fly, their stamina while doing so depleted much faster than saints and above experts. So, if they had to fight for an extended period of time, it was best for them to do so on the ground. Only second and first grade experts who reached the essence gathering stage could reasonably sustain flight since they had filled many more meridians with the necessary energy. Unfortunately for them, they weren't warriors of such caliber.

Laura watched this scene with a bright smile on her face. However, she never saw the look of despair on Dyon's face that she had expected. In fact, Dyon hardly reacted to her pointed words at all. Instead, he simply lifted his dark gold glaive, letting it rest on his shoulder before he turned and leisurely walked away.

"Mother-in-law!" Dyon called out to a beautiful middle-aged woman who hardly looked 30 or 40 years old, "I'll have to trouble you."

Amphorae's mother smiled and nodded lightly. Raging soul power erupted from her, far exceeding Dyon's capacity and climbing to the peak of the 12th stage.

In her hands, a large round crystal filled with comets burst with power, causing streams of pure white energy to flow from it and directly into a pit in the ground.

The bones in Dyon's feet cracked as he revolved the Celestial Wind Technique, flashing away in an instant and appearing in the very center of the Angel Clan army before reclining on a throne.

Seeing Dyon run away, the doubt in her heart disappeared and her laughter grew louder. Even Veles thought that maybe he had thought much too highly of Dyon. Maybe he was so conceited that he never expected to get caught by him anyway?

"See him run my fellow clan members? Charge forward freely!" Laura's melodious voice rang outward.

Unfortunately for her, when Dyon called out to Amphorae's mother, he had used the communication arrays he had given everyone. The opposing army didn't hear him, or else the dao formation experts would have sprung into action. The truth was that it wasn't proper etiquette for dao formation experts to jump into the fight so early, so if they saw his mother-in-law taking action, they would have tried their best to stop her before they lost too many essence gatherers.

However, Dyon had long thought through all of this. He purposefully provoked his enemies, strutting around in an exaggerated fashion. He knew well that Laura would believe Veles' words while Veles would doubt his own, that's why he didn't bother making new plans, the sowed discord by this action of his would be enough to throw their armies into chaos. Why? Because he hadn't told Veles about this plan because it was the trump card he didn't have to end up using.

As for why they couldn't see or sense his mother-in-law? Because she was nowhere near the battle field. She was within the clan's depths, standing above their spiritual vein, putting the finishing touches on a formation that used it as its power base!

The essence gatherers continued charging forward, completely oblivious. By this point, they were a mere 500 meters from the front line of the Angel Clan warriors, however, more than half of them had long since crossed the line Dyon drew. In a mere moment, they had all passed it…
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That was when a beam of energy more than a 100 meters in radius erupted from the center of the Angel Clan. As soon as it reached its apex, it split at the top, spreading out directly toward the line Dyon had drawn…


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