Reaper of the Martial World
807 Second Trial 126
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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807 Second Trial 126

Dyon shook his head as he watched the ridiculous amount of essence gatherers charge over. They were practically falling over each in nervousness. For the first time, Dyon questioned whether making detailed military plans was really worth his time.

He could clearly see the saints, celestials and dao formation experts remaining unmoving. The most ridiculous part of it all was that because of what he assumed were their big egos, the essence gatherers had actually been in the back, while they were at the front. That meant the essence gatherers had to quite literally fly over and under the group of more powerful cultivators that was trying their hardest to look as intimidating as they could.

Dyon leisurely looked from side to side before he glided backwards about 3 meters. Then, he simply stopped, standing completely still. He had long since retracted his wings. In fact, he didn't even use them to fight Jabari. He knew there was a long battle ahead and couldn't afford to waste stamina on trivial things. However, he shockingly didn't retreat to the center of the Angel Clan army. Even more oddly, none of the angels had moved a single centimeter!

By now, Laura and the Ahpuch elders believed they had seen through Dyon by now. He had just spent so long putting on a show, making it seem as though they were nothing but ants, but they believed themselves to be smarter than him. They believed that Dyon only did this to raise the morale of the Angel Clan. In their minds, the truth was Dyon was simply trying to squeeze all of the hope he could in a clearly desperate situation.

Laura chuckled lightly to herself as she watched Dyon stand in the middle of the two armies, still trying to act tough. "We'll see how long you can keep this façade up for."

Dyon looked up to see Laura giggling. Despite the noise of the roaring essence gatherers charging toward him, his hearing was able to tune in whatever sounds he wanted to focus on. When his eyes fell on the silver-haired, green-eyed beauty, his eyebrows raised.

'There's something wrong with her mental state,' Dyon made a mental note of it. For a leader of such a mission to be compromised in such a way, wasn't that just gifting him more cards to use in the future?

Veles, however, was reacting very differently. For the nearly 60 years of his life, the only one of his peers he had ever lost to consistently was Dyon. Unlike most people who would feel disheartened by such a thing, Veles only saw it as motivation.

Despite Dyon's two-time betrayal of his trust, Veles still believed he knew him better than most people. And everything he knew was telling him one thing: Dyon doesn't take losses and he sure as hell wouldn't be stupid enough to spear head an attack against canon fodder so early on. So, the question was, what was about to happen?

With his brows furrowed, Veles turned to Laura, "I don't think this attack is smart. He definitely has something up his sleeve."

Laura turned to Veles, smiling a smile that didn't truly seem like one, "I ignored your comments earlier, and now I'm using my own people as canon fodder, but not only have you still not brought out your army, you insist on speaking on how I command mine? Don't you find this a bit off, King Viserion?"

Veles shook his head, not bothering to argue with this woman. He did his job as an ally by informing Laura. His reasons for not allowing the Viserion army to advance was obvious, he didn't want the lives of his brothers to be used to pave the way for the whims of the Moon Clan.

"What are you so worried about?" Laura said teasingly, "You said yourself that this Angel Clan King came clean to you about all of plans, no?"

Veles' brows furrowed even further. Was this woman thinking straight? If Dyon was as smart as he knew him to be, since he planned on stealing the Dragon Refining Arts, he would have planned for the possibility of being caught. Knowing this, why would he ever tell Veles the whole truth? He likely hid the most important parts understanding that Veles' reaction would be to join the opposing army. Since that was the case, how could Veles possibly know everything?

What Veles didn't know, that Laura did, was that Dyon never planned on betraying him. So, while Veles didn't believe everything he told Laura, Laura, who knew Luna was the reason behind their falling out, took every word Veles told her as gospel.
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"Don't worry so much," Laura said, still giggling, "By the end of the day, I might even give you the opportunity to warm my bed."

A weird expression spread on Veles' face, "I prefer my women to be solely my women, thanks."

Laura pouted, "How sexist of you. You can have multiple women, but I can't try many men? Even that Jabari Prince is more open minded than you are. At least he sees me as a challenge to conquer."

Veles didn't know what to say, so he just didn't respond. He was more content with letting Laura think he didn't feel confident enough to be compared to other men than climb into bed with such a vixen.

Suddenly, Dyon swept out his glaive, drawing a single line across the dirt that spanned tens of kilometers in either direction.

"I warn you all now, crossing this line means death. Do with that information what you will."


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